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[police radio chatter] [beeping] – Wanted person possibly. This red Chevy car. Red Chevy Cobalt. – Additional alarm. – Hey! You have ID? – Yeah. – Is this your car? – Yeah. – OK. Who’s in the car with you? – Does he have ID? – Let’s go talk to him,
make sure he’s got ID. You don’t have your ID? – You don’t have anything
that’s got your name on it? – Reason why I’m stopping
you is somebody’s got a warrant associated
with this car. So I’m going to need
to get your name. – Huh? – Alex. – Is there any
marijuana in this car? – There is? All right, appreciate it. It’s just yours? Any more? – You on probation or parole? – Yes.
– Huh? – Yeah. – You are? All right, step out here. – Why you got me on TV, bro? – Just turn around. Turn around. Turn around, dude. Don’t do nothing stupid. Don’t do nothing
stupid, you hear me? Don’t do nothing stupid. Do not freaking move. – Do you guys want to
answer any questions? You don’t want to answer
any questions at this point? – All right. Have a seat in here for me. We’re going to conduct
a search in your car. The driver said there’s
some more drugs in the car. He’s not sure what
they are, so we’re going to search the vehicle. – There’s a blunt. – That’s all these
guys do is smoke dope. Unopened Cheetos. – Is that what it is? – Oh, he’s going to get
charged with that too. That looks like it’s
pharmaceutical grade, too. You don’t get this prescribed
to you in this quantity. This is what the pharmacist will
make the prescription up out of, and poured in
a smaller bottle, usually with your name,
a traditional medicine bottle with your name and
your information on it. These are just straight up
pharmaceutical grade products. I’m just trying to
figure out how to get the seat to come back forward. This is probably some of the
concoction that they made. More than likely with
that codeine stuff in it. So on the back
seat on the floor. Bruh. – Yeah, just– I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what this
is, but it’s heavy. Oh, wow. That is going to be probably
the most meth I’ve ever got on a traffic stop myself. That is clearly two one-gallon
tubs of what appears to be a crystal methamphetamine. These guys are running
some serious dope. I identified the driver
who is wanted on a felony probation violation warrant. So he’s in custody for that. The passenger is going to be
arrested for the marijuana that he had. And they’re both going to be
charged for the approximately, I would say, four
pounds of crystal methamphetamine that we
found in the vehicle, as well as some pharmaceutical
grade liquid codeine, which are felonies. – Yeah, we already
wrote a Miranda. They don’t want to talk. That’s cool. I’m going to turn this over to
our drug investigators that’s with the sheriff’s
office, but it’s a pretty good lick on an
otherwise unassuming warrant.

68 thoughts on “Live PD: Two Kilos of Meth (Season 2) | A&E

  1. 1:13 his hands are behind his back as he stood there 🙄🙄 black ppl who yell racist if that was a white cop and a black guy

  2. 1:11 "Don not do nothin stupid. DO NOT DO NOTHIN STUPID…"
    He already did. Warrants associated with the car, a half smoked blunt, bottles of codeine, 2 kilos of Meth, on probation… If they were any more stupid, they'd need to be watered.

  3. About 4.5 lbs of meth and 3 pints of lean, maybe half ounce of bud and driving a hot car. “Aye bro you tryna spark this blunt?”

  4. Codeine Phosphate Syrup w Phenergan {added as an old-skool anti-abuse deterrent} listed as a C-V? It's been a C-III for decades? Unless State v. Federal CS List, But a pharmaceutical bottle usually has the Stamp indicating Federal CSA.

  5. They should of both failed to Identify because they didnt commit any traffic infractions there was not probable cause to search

  6. Why choose Wockhardt lean ? Why not Caraco and Hi-Tech ? Those two got the best taste ever Especially The old school Caraco Green Promethazine with Codeine ! <3

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