44 thoughts on “LIVE Test of the Boeing Starliner Abort System

  1. This new space craze is super boring and is gonna end pretty fast with some dead millionaires splattered on the ground

  2. Guys, it is time to show the new technologies to the world, things like TR3B, the flying disks from the S4 part of the Area 51. The things you are showing now are from the past century.

  3. Is it me or it didn't go according the plan cause if there were people in that Starliner they all get cancer from this nice orange hydrazine cloud

  4. SpaceX still did it better. Less expensive and without lots of Government bribes. And MUCH better footage. I mean I know Boeing has been stuck on old tech for decades, but can you please stop using potatoes for recording?

  5. Turn off volume, turn off annotations
    4:25 Animation of sequence, with text descriptions
    11:00 Vehicle being loaded
    18:25 Animation of flight, from vehicle POV, with text descriptions
    23:30 Turn volume on. Full flight starting from L -1.
    27:00 Go about your day.

  6. Hm. 3 seconds from zero to actual ignition, only two chutes, a hard landing and a serious cloud of hypergolic fuel… ? Not good…

  7. That orange cloud of death around the capsule as it was falling is a bit of a worry. Hope the vents are not open at that point. Could have an Apollo Soyuz issue (the 3 Apollo astronauts almost got asphyxiatied due to the oxidizer getting drawn into the cabin due to a configuration error.)

  8. That is one really big cloud of toxic gas hovering right near the capsule. The capsule was also bathed in it most of the time, they must need a really large decontamination effort before they try to get the crew out or even approach it.

  9. There is nothing better than after an imminent death, the capsule take you away from that danger and gently deposits you (as it can with 1 less parachute) over the ground, there you experience the excitement of a new life full of possibilities, so you open the hatch, you take a good breath of air, but one of those new possibilities at 29:34 fill your lungs of hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide in order to experience a more painful death that the one you escape for 🙂

    I don't know why they call those propellent more "reliable", today all main propulsions, escape thrusters or RSC should use hydrogen or methane + ox with laser ignition or just sparks.

  10. Pretty significant failure of of 1 of 3 main parachutes. They only had 2 main parachutes deploy, it was supposed to be 3. They will have to figure it out (and they will) before this can fly people. As you can see the system is designed to be survivable if 1 of the parachutes fail luckily.

  11. Clever use of toxic gas to protect the capsule should it come down in "unfriendly" territory. OTOH, it violates several international treaties 🤔

  12. Hope there is a good explanation for the 3+ second delay between "zero" and capsule movement. That's an eternity in an emergency. I realize it's not an automatic trigger but still doesn't make sense unless someone missed the "go button."

  13. The commentators talking like it was a success.
    The mission failed. One of the three parachutes did not deploy. It then descended into a toxic gas/smoke cloud. Also 3 seconds from “go” to launch. And 2 chutes means a hard landing. Very hard.
    The parachute failure means a probable 6 month (another) delay.

  14. That video footage was about on par with an 8 year old kid with a camcorder that didn't know what was going to happen… Absolutely shameful.
    It is almost as if you didn't want the public to actually see the test… which is essentially what happened.

  15. Boeing supermodel was great, but where did NASA find that homeless guy? All he needed was a cardboard sign reading NASUH…

  16. The female commentator is high off of opiates. Just listen to that raspy voice and those eyelids just wanting to close.

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