Lizard EATS Guppy!

How’s it going everyone today. I’m at a
friend’s house who also raises guppies. He has eight outdoor tops ranging
between 30 and 50 gallons. He also has this very energetic and lovable Labrador
Retriever. He has two different guppy strains. The first one is the dumbo
mosaic guppy and the second one is the dragon guppy and one male black Moscow
guppy. Here’s the male dragon guppies. He’s been breeding these guppies for six
months. These guppies have really nice red tails,
lots of iridescent on their body, and dark pectoral fins. In this tub he has
his baby dragon guppies and up on the wall is a very hungry anole lizard.
There’s a lot of these lizards running around people’s yards all around here.
They are really brave and you can get really close to them before they run
away. Getting back to that lizard on the wall. I’ve always seen these lizards around my fish tubs but I never really knew if they ate the guppies or not. But he
finally made his way to the rim of the tub. He’s waiting patiently, waiting
patiently, and strikes. He got his lunch. So, this confirms to me that these
lizards do eat our guppies. Here’s the video in slow motion, eyeing
up the guppy, perfect strike. Now let’s take a look at it in reverse and there it is. I guess everybody has to
eat to survive. Thanks for watching.

53 thoughts on “Lizard EATS Guppy!

  1. First off I will say his guppy strains are beautiful showing Asian Genetics too but yes never trust lizards they are adaptable in water and several species do eat fish and insect larvae by these types of tactics. Is this species of Lizard a native or is it exotic and invasive ? Wonder if they are and you catch them could they not be put back into the Reptile Keeping Hobby?

  2. OK, thanks HH I always wondered if the Anole that get stuck in my tubs are going after the guppies. The water level in my tubs are lower so they can't get out and I thought they wanted a drink of water! Now I know.

  3. HH nice to see u still going i still got mine in 25 gal drums .im not sure they are slowly dying one every 3 weeks. so far its been 3 weeks not sure whats happing and they are not that old maybe 8 months.take it eazy aloha from your neighbor in Maui

  4. In slow motion 1:30 the Anole appears to come completely off of the rim, grab a guppy, and then magically bounce back to the rim?

  5. 🌵I imagine if there were no vertical climbing surface such as a wall or bush near your tubs the lizard couldn’t get to the rim to eat.😋🌵

  6. wow, everyday you learn something, never knew they did that, i do see a few lizards around my ponds. Thanks for the share

  7. Linda a criação, realmente essas ninféias ajudam muito na criação, lagarto danadinho em KKK, like sempre amigo !!!

  8. Excellent video. !!! congratulations !! Very smart the lizards. Here in Brazil we have problems with some Bentivi birds. 🙂
    Let me ask !! Which can be frayed or broken tail.

  9. Noooo! I have many of those lizards in my backyard. Also a female just gave birth to like about 6 babies couple days ago! 🤗

  10. Ahora entiendo​ que pasa con mis guppys que desaparecen ..Con frecuencia veo gecos" sobre mis tinas y en más de una oportunidad de me han desaparecido guppys como x arte de magia ..Lo que no se es si lo gecos tambien los comen ..Debo de decir que son muy grandes

  11. Cool Vid! I enjoyed this one. Your friend has plenty of guppies! The anole shows amazing adaptability. I'm sure it's instinctive prey and probably preference are insects. But looks like with the rim of the tub making a good vantage point, and water lily pad, serving up fresh sashimi, that guppy was too hard for the anole to resist. By the way, that precision strike looks very practiced.

  12. I recently have set up a tub like this. I've had two sparkling gourami dead out of the water. I cant decide if my cat got them or the parameters or something else is off causing them to jump. You have any problems with cats?

  13. உங்கள் மீண்களுக்கு புழுக்களை நீங்கள் உணவளிக்கிறீர்களா?

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