Loose Skin Removal Surgery Surprise for Man Who Lost 170 Pounds

now I do know all those weight loss has left you with some challenges what’s what’s that I have experienced some loose skin I have new skin on my arms my chest my stomach my back and I have some new skin on my thighs and I won’t honestly like most people I’m like I don’t like it well hundred and seventy pound weight loss not gonna get that’s a lot yeah you know we see weight loss people all the time but 170 is is a major weight loss and we know that is going to leave you with significant yeah especially for people with autism like hey I love my routines but so it makes it so hard for us to change our routine change our diet let alone anything else what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re exercising does the skin get in the way no normally because I don’t pay attention I just focusing on the workout I love oh obstacle they seen I just can’t do that I won’t go on American Ninja Warrior hopefully next year I’m training I’m not as strong as I want to be yet but I know in time I will get the strength and the muscle mass to prove myself ready for mount midoriyama you’re doing it the right way because everything you’re saying it’s like you’re taking it in steps you’re like with a diet I didn’t try to do everything at once I did it in steps with exercising you’re doing so you’re doing it right right like I did I didn’t even get a weight loss surgery that’s what my dad got to be a loss surgery because he wanted to lose weight he lost 50 pounds and then put it back on but then because of the weight loss surgery he had a no soy in his lower intestine it was a same spot that they kept him open and I’ve heard some people who go through there also is calling from being it from my past surgery and my mom knew for people who had the bypass surgery and all them survives but my dad I can’t even begin to you how proud your dad would be of you for everything that you’ve done yes if you could you would like to address out loose skin wouldn’t you yeah I honestly like I said before I don’t like my loose skin it has tightened up a bit but I’m hoping in the future I can get weight-loss surgery not weight loss ot removal surgery I want to wait to see how much it can tighten up wheel it has tightened up some my chest is hanging down more I want to lose a little bit more fat on my stomach and gain more muscle I really don’t know where my life’s going with Tom’s – my my loose skin but I can’t wait to find out well I want to introduce you to someone because the future is now board-certified plastic surgeon dr. Michael Nicoli joins us in the audience sitting next to your mom and I know he has something he’d like to share with you yes I mean I’ve seen your video I’ve talked to a number of people and you’re kind of a giving guy I mean you want to teach people similar circumstances that you had in your family you worked at choc Hospital it seems like you’re truly a giving type of person and and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon and we have a group of plastic surgeons and the name of the group is cosmetic care and we would love to give to you some free surgery what do you think I’ll be excited we are excited for you just been an honor and a pleasure to meet you off all the great work you look here we look forward to hearing update packing before thank you so much to you and all your partners for offering this service truly inspirational you

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