Loosu Ponnu | Ft. Sampath & Indhuja |  Madras Meter

* A vacuum hums at a distance * * bell chimes * * more bell chimes * Oh! lord. My next movie should be a success. Hello, Sir! What is this? Resume. What is your name? Neela! Do you have prior experience in acting? I have done theatre, short films and web series. Sir! So, you have not acted in a movie? mmm…hmmm Why? About that… I didn’t find any interesting roles. What kind of roles do you like? Balumahendra sir…Balachandar sir…Manirathnam sir Powerful charecters like the ones in their movies. So, that means you haven’t watched any movie in past 20 years. Who is your favourite female actor? Like…who is your inspiration? Ingrid Bergman! Don’t you like any ‘Female’ actors? Sir! Ingrid Bergman!! I know ma…Berg ‘Man’ The one who made movies like Seven Seals and Persona. Even i follow world cinema! Here…the script… Can you read Tamil? I’m a Tamil girl only, sir. Do you have any doubts in the script? A lot… What?! What is the character’s full name? What does she do? Anjali, college. Which college? College. What is the character arc of Anjali? Very interesting script… it took 8 months for me to finish… * clears his throat * Hero…is trying too hard for Anjali…out of love She dislikes him to the core But in the climax… knowing his good heart… She falls in love with him. But why does Anjali fall in love in the climax?! You…are insulting him so much. Still he never gives up and persuades you out of love! So, he is stalking me?! No, no…He is not stalking. He is sincerely following you (out of love) Where is the character arc in this? In the first scene…you literally spit on his face. In the climax you hug him. isn’t this enough?! What is Anjali’s Ambition? Look…The hero is fighting for an important cause and Anjali helps him for that cause What kind of help does she do? When the Hero is in extreme emotional stress… She comes in his dreams… * breaks in to a song * * breaks into chorus portion of the song * She dances for a peppy song like this one… Can we read the script? Go to the 4th page… Is that it? This is enough. Read… What is the situation? You don’t know to cross the road… You are blowing bubbles out of fear… Hero helps you to cross the road. Okay?! Come…say the dialogue mmmm…. Hey…Can you pick me up and go? Don’t you want to cross the road or not? Yes! Hey…Can you…Sir? I have a doubt. What? How old is Anjali? 21 She is 21 and still doesn’t know how to cross the road? Even if she doesn’t know… Why should she blow bubbles… What ? Look ma… It is not enough if you watch only Bergman’s movies… You should also watch Kajal Aggarwal’s movies Kajal…Aggarwal… mmm… * pout face * Yes…yes…yes…that piece with little more cuteness and little bit of excitement… Hey…Can you pick me up and go? say it… Hey…Can you pick me up and go? No, ma. This is not it. Do it with action… bubbly a!! * blows imaginary bubbles * Hey…Can you pick me up and go? Super…Super…Super… increase that ‘bubbly’-ness little more… Hey…Can you pick me up and go?!! Do you want to become like Hansika or not? ha..ha…Cut it! Hey, how was the audition? it was the worst… What happened? Hey, Can you pick me up and go? Are you okay? Hey..Can you pick me up and go?! Hello? Hello! Doctor? Little more excited… Little bubbly… Little more cute…

100 thoughts on “Loosu Ponnu | Ft. Sampath & Indhuja | Madras Meter

  1. திரையின் இந்த 'லூசுப்பொண்ணு'
    இயல்பிலிருந்து வியாபாரத்திற்க்காக எவ்வளவு வேடிக்கையாக விலகி உள்ளதோ
    அதே அளவு வியாபாரத்திற்க்காக இயல்பிலிருந்து வேண்டியவகையில் விலக்கி உள்ளதுதான்
    திரையின் அந்த 'வலிமையான பொண்ணு'
    லூசுப்பொண்ணு பிம்பத்தை ஐ பகடிபடுத்தும் அளவிற்கு 'வலிமையான பொண்ணு' பிம்பத்தை
    பகடிபடுத்துவது கிடையாது.
    ஆணை பற்றிய படங்களையெல்லாம் ஆணாதிக்கப்படங்களாக காணும் மன நிலை தான்
    பெண்ணிய படங்களை மட்டும் பாலின சமத்துவமாக காண்கிறது.
    ஆணை பற்றிய படங்களுக்கும், ஆணாதிக்க படங்களுக்கும், பெண்ணை பற்றிய படங்களுக்கும், பெண்ணிய படங்களுக்கும், பெண்ணாதிக்க படங்களுக்கும் ஆனா வரையறை மிக சந்தர்ப்பவாதி தனமாக வரையறுக்கப்படுகிறது.
    வரையறுப்பவர்களை புரிந்து கொண்டால் வரையறைகளின் அர்த்தம் விளங்கும்.

  2. Enna dash da ithula iruku… waste of time… itha wish pandra kuttam vera… thu… poi useful ah ethavathu try panunga thalaiva

  3. Edhu yenamo tamil cinema heroin pathi solra mari eruku… but loose poonu ila. .loosu script, loosu director, yedhuk Edhu purila..

  4. 2:00 – 2:25 connectivity missing. Mr. Sampath wears specs in one angle and not on another angle. Be careful we're not just watching we(audience) started listening. Otherwise a good one. Keep it up

  5. 😊😊😬😬… . It's Troll to all loosu ponnu character in Tamil industry,🤣🤣… Indhuja… Awesome acting…😎😎

  6. Vera level serupadi for stereotype tamil writers who gives loosu ponnu roles for actress Kajal Agarwal , Hansika marana kalai 😂😂😂😂
    Actually it's irritating to see Stalking shown as love , loosu ponnu shown as cute indha kandravi ellam epo mudivuku vara podho
    Hatsoff to the makers of this video

  7. Ingrid bergman
    பொம்பளைங்க யாரும் பிடிக்காதோ😂😂
    I love her acting in spellbound,notorious and indiscreet

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a Tamil film but this sketch was well written and acted so I still get the message.

  9. Everyone went to watch meyadha maan for priya bhavani shankar but fell in love with Indhuja . indhuja is one of beautiful actress . love this skit

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