/ Hello there. Its Nichole Kellerman here and we are on to another episode of Health
Nugs. So, today’92s little nugget of health information
I got for you is how to lose 10 pounds this month (or in 30 days). And Im telling
you that this a small, tiny, little step that you can take that will literally make you
lose 10 pounds in 30 days this month. So my step mom has done it. Shes actually the one who is really getting started into
health and nutrition and all that. She told me that she started doing this after she had
her second baby. And she said she gained 30 pounds. And she said she can literally sit
there and watch and blow up. And this one thing that she did. She changed anything about
her day. She changed everything about her exercise regimen or how much she moves her
body. She said she did this one thing and it literally the pound started shedding off.
So am I building up some anticipation? Are you wondering what this is? Well hold on and
someone wants to say really quick. lose 10 pounds this month George just really wanted to say
and I want to share with you the new haircut I gave him. I gave him this haircut. Pretty
good huh? I think I did pretty good. Its not really vision out. Now its good. I
really just cant seem because she so black sometimes. Face them on this side. hes
not that so happy. Hes kind of shy. Okay. So this one tip. One tip. Ready?
Use SMALLER plates! Its so small. Its just a tiny step
but it makes a huge difference. Huge. So wherever your small plates are, make them
reachable and always grab them. And I want to challenge you. Over the next week. I challenge
you to just use small plates and I guarantee your pants will going to fit a little bit
looser. Your shirts will fit a little bit nicer I guarantee it. Because it has
been proven that whatever is in front of us, well eat it. We just will. And I am just
as guilty as this as well. So I use smaller plates for anything thats really unhealthy,
thats not-so-healthy. Thats not like a salad. I used smaller plates, smaller bowls
and it works like a charm. lose 10 pounds this month So in the comment section below, I want to
know, how do you do this. How do you use smaller plates and notice the size of your pants,
how do your clothes fit in. Or any other little tips that you can give and all the other ladies
watching this video on how to make a small tweak that makes great results in weight loss
schools, I want to really hear about. I want to know. Let me in on the secrets.
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weight and feeling your best all the time. I hope you have a great rest today and I will
see you later.}

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