Lose 10 to 17 Lbs. Guaranteed –  Magic  7 – Day Weight loss Plan

Hey, Everyone welcome back to Cookingarounds Channel. Ok, you asked for it you are going to get it now. You want something fast, you want to lose the weight. Well here is my new Plan. 7 Day Soup Diet recipe. Just absolutely awesome. And I gurantee you that if you do this correctly with-in 7 days you will lose 10 to 17 pounds. But NO cheating, so Here we go. So let’s start with these fresh veggies we have all these goodies here I am really excited, we have fresh tomatoes, we have red bell peppers. and we have some pepper and and some other spices here and we have low-sodium veggie stock. This will be awesome with these beans This will be absolutely awesome. So Please look at my Blog below and you will find the directions to follow this recipe. Diet, correctly with-in the 7 days. Let’s get going. Ok, grap yourself a large pot, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil. You will see how easy this recipe is to make. Now that the oil is hot, let’s add 2 cups of diced carrots. Now let’s stir this and let this go for about a couple of minutes. Now add 2 medium red bell peppers. Awww this is going to be awesome. Let’s also stir this for a couple of minutes. 5 stems of green onions. Now here is the good part, add 1 bunch of celery tops and leave some of the leaves in it because it is good for you to. It also gives it a bit of colour. Also more nutrition to your soup. Stir this for a couple of minutes and I shall be back. Now for that rich taste add 1/3 cup of tomato paste Now stir it really, really well because I want that tomato paste to incorporate with those veggies. Ok. here we go. Now add 3 cups of sliced tomatos, I am using vine tomatoes. they are awesome and fresh. Now add about 2 cups of green beans. Get this thing mixed really, really well again we are almost coming to the end now. Ok, we are finished with our veggies add 3 cups of tomato paste. Check this link here and see how to make it Homemade. How much water do you add, by my pot, right up to there Now add some water until I reach about 1-inch from the top of my pot. This also depends on how thick do you want your soup. Do you want it thicker or thinner. you will have to make a decsion on this part right here. How you want it. And no, we are going to give it a little stir. Increase the heat. So as it is heating up let’s 2 tablespoons of mustard. Here I am using dijon mustard. You can use your favorite mustard. Whatever you like And we shall be back Now to spice it up 1 teaspoon of chilli. 1 teaspoon of ground cumin. For some color and looks. 2 teaspoons of sweet paprika Now the fat burner 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. or more if you are on the brave side. Now here comes the fresh ground pepper Here I am adding about 1/2 teaspoon of pepper but you can add as much as you want, Go ahead and make your day. To make it rich tasting, add 2 Tablespoons of dried veggie stock Now this has to be low-sodium. Very, very important. Now, give it a good stir. With the heat still on high. Let’s now. Cover it. Now we will wait for it to reach a boil and once again, I promise you, I shall be back. Ok, I am back. It has been a few minutes and it has started to boil again give it a little stir. Now once again I want you to Cover it And grab your handy dandy chicken, or any timer and set it to 30 minutes. Now if you are sensitive to the fibers in the veggies, I recommend that you set it to 40 minutes. So, lets get this thing cooking, And I shall be back, and the chicken has an eye on you. Ok, we are back, it has been about 30 minute. Let’s take a look at the soup and see how it is, awww, look at that. is that not awesome. Nice and thick and rich just nice fresh veggies, just take a look at that. Just see how that looks, don’t you want to just dig into that. and this is going to help you lose all the weight. trust me, this will just shed all the pounds off, now Let’s taste it and see how it tastes. remember that this is for you not for me. For me it is absolutely perfect. But Now as per salt, this is for you to lose weight, So, no, no, no No salt. please be strong here. if you want, add more spices, make it stronger or add more fresh pepper or any other types of herbs. it is whatever makes you happy. So, this is basically it. Please check my Blog, with this link. Follow my recipe of losing weight for 7 days. Please DO NOT cheat. And remember, if you follow it you will lose a lot of pounds. Because this will burn fat. The more you eat the more you lose. All I can say now is thankyou very much from From Tony and Cookingaround. Goodbye.

54 thoughts on “Lose 10 to 17 Lbs. Guaranteed – Magic 7 – Day Weight loss Plan

  1. I sure do appreciate you sharing this video. My first (3)days on this diet. I lost a total of 10lbs.. at the end i lost 18lbs. Yes this soup diet truly works!!!!!!!❤ Thank you sooo much.!!😍One more thing.. I didn't cheat👆

  2. That sure didn't look like tomato paste he added when he did the 3 cups of tomato paste. 'The first time he put in 1/3 cup of tomatoe paste it looked like it but not whern her did the 3 cups.

  3. You said tomato paste twice when was out the jar or can and the other one was pureed in a blender what was pureed in the blender?

  4. Salt has nothing to do with weight loss. Excessive amounts of salt may cause some water retention. Water loss is not real weight loss. Fat loss is true weight loss

  5. Not sure I could do that for breakfast and I have to have something in my stomach to take morning meds. And why would coffee affect this process?

  6. you will lose the weight and then you will put it right back on again because it can only be followed by most people short term.

  7. I did this to prove it was B.S. I started this past Monday, July 22. I weighed myself twice to make sure I had the number correct. I was at 240Lbs. I ate this soup every day, two to three times a day. I ate nothing else except a hard-boiled egg and a baked potato for dinner twice during the week. Other than that, just the soup. When I weighed myself this morning, July 27 I weighed in at 228Lbs!
    I checked it twice, so it is correct. I'm making another batch for this coming week. I'll post my results next Saturday.

  8. Hi, can you eat avocados on Days 3,4,5,6 & 7? And can you substitute skim milk with almond, cashew, coconut or oat milk?

  9. Why do you talk to your audience like youre talking tofirst grade kids? Remember you're addressing adults!!!!

  10. I'm 5'3 tall and 127.8 lbs. Gonna get shopping and try for a week and see if this works for me:) i'll give an update!

  11. Two weeks and I'm at 226 from a starting weight of 240. I have only dropped 2 lbs the second week, but that is with no exercise and I have been sneaking in some hard-boiled eggs between meals.

  12. I'm the biggest sceptic when it comes to overnight weight loss diets. So to prove this one won't work I just cooked a big pot of this soup and I'm starting bright and early tomorrow Monday Aug t, 2019. I need to drop 10lbs so I can make it to Meps! Wish me well people! I'm more nervous about walking around with a stinky farty bum bum! 🙈

  13. OMG I will start this first thing Monday morning. It looks like you can't go wrong with this because it's all Fresh Vegetables. Can't wait to start! Thanks.

  14. I have a wedding next week and need to loose some weight fast. I only have 7 days. So, I’m going to give this a try. I’m going to fast today, so will start this tomorrow. I don’t care for tomatoes but at this point may this is what I need to fight weight loss resistance. I hope it works!!!!

  15. No calories of course you lose weigh and the sec you eat something with calories you will put it all right back on SMH

  16. Back in the 80's this was call The Dolly Parton diet. Only difference it had cabbage in it. I called it the malnutrition diet lol .I was young and thin now i'm taking it seriously.

  17. I have eaten a soup similar to this one for the last few months. Cheap, easy to fix. Nutritious. Keeps the pounds off without a lot of effort. I eat all of this I want…all the time.

  18. O.K. Three and a half weeks in, I seem to be holding steady at 225/223lbs. I have been eating more fruit but other than that I have stuck to the plan. I made the mushroom soup, that is very good also.I'm saving a ton of money on food too.

  19. Yea. More realistically, you’ll loose 7 to 10 pounds.
    Ate nothing but this soup for 8 days and only lost 7.
    So don’t get your hopes up. You will loose weight, you won’t loose 17 fucking pounds.

  20. I just lost 19lbs and still losing. Thanks so much for this recipe. I’m definitely gonna try it. Have a wonderful day!😊

  21. I'm intrigued by the "no salt" warning. Salt doesn't contain any calories, and the "water retention" claims are true only if you're suffering from dehydration. When you get dehydrated the body holds on to salt (the so-called "salt that we get too much of in processed foods". While we do get too much salt in processed foods, the body retains it only if it needs it – otherwise, it uses what it needs and discards the rest, just as it does with any other nutrient that is eaten in excess. And the reason the body would need it is to absorb water from food when you don't drink the water you should).

  22. Made this it was delicious! Used 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne wasn’t to spicy. Added chopped fresh rosemary and cilantro and cooked as directed for 30 minutes! Bravo thanks!

  23. i cooked a soup – recepee from YT with nearly the same ingriedients this morning evening – instead beans i used cabbage.
    its the best cabbage soup i ever had – and when i am ready with my big pot – i will try your version with beans instead of cabbage.

  24. Made this last night started it today I don’t know but the soup is spicy for me I’m trying I’m still hanging in there but it’s really 🥵

  25. You want to lose weight by losing fat. Skipping salt just means your body will keep less water. That is, less salt means weight loss by losing water. (You bind less water in your body).

    And adding chili as a fat burner is just a myth.

  26. i was guided by God to your channel , im soo happy to find this,, i can;t wait to try this ,, ii suffer with hypothyroidism and even thryoid pills arents helping me , i have lost a few pounds but only from extreme dry fasting for a few days but one cannot keep that up for long,,, so i need to find some healthy foods that work,,, im soo sure this will work for me ,, and i love all the ingredients in here soo it will be easy and love love llove soup soo its all a bonus for me ,,,, tried the cabbage one years back n didnt have much results , this one looks way more yummy and easy to do ,,,, im soo extrememly excited to do it ,, and i will no problem follow it to a T,,,, just water fasting n soup all day i need to lose 40 lbs i plan to do this until i lose all of it ,, thanks soo sooo much for this 🙂 God Bless

  27. So on one of the days it says i can have a steak… can I season the steak like normal? Salt pepper and garlic powder served with a bit of butter?

  28. On the 4th day only lost .4 pounds im following it exactly idk if it's because I'm not drinking enough? I just made one big pot do I make more to eat more? Somebody let me kno please

  29. Help! This soup is making my head ache and making me need to pee a lot, strange sensations in my bladder region. I’m on day two of the diet. Is this normal? Why is this happening?

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