Lose those last few kilos! 10 tips to get over a weightloss plateau // Rachel Aust

Hey guys today. I’m doing a quick little chatty video for you, and I’m going to tell you my top 10 tips… Oh There’s a lot of alliteration here for getting over a weight loss plateau if you’re new here My name is Rachel Aust and don’t forget to subscribe I feel like everyone who’s watching this video probably knows what a weight Loss plateau is if Anyone doesn’t it’s when you’ve been losing weight, and then all of a sudden. It feels like you know you’re still exercising You’re still eating healthy, but the weight is not budging now. I’m not just talking about the weight on the scales I’m actually talking about your body fat percentage as well If you’ve been following a diet and exercise routine for a while And you see that your results are starting to slow down or the scale isn’t budging anymore that is completely normal A lot of weight loss programs aren’t going to tell you that because you can’t sell a weight loss program by saying yeah The stop losing weight later on but that’s a totally normal human process But that is what happens if your body does this it’s functioning Correctly because if you think about it your body will adapt to almost any situation that you put it in Except for a nerve pain and try to breathe underwater, you know I’m talking in General Situations like if you move into a house that’s next to a busy road When you first move in it that traffic noise is going to drive you insane two months later You don’t even notice it’s there, and then someone will come over me like oh it’s loud in your house And you’ve totally zoned it out same thing happens like if you move to a location that is cooler and at first you are Freezing all the time then eventually you are climate eyes to that new location that you’re in the body Needs to adapt to whatever situation you put it in so when you’ve been following the same food plan for a while when you’ve been following the same exercise routine for a while now by this I mean the exact same routine like you’re doing pretty much the same exercises You’re not changing the weights if you’re lifting weights, you’re not changing your repetitions That’s when your body’s going to get used to it So to take my own weight loss as an exam the first month that I started weight training I lost 11 thats centimeters from my waist alarm, so other areas of me lost weight of course, but that waist measurement was like Straightaway, and then when it finally came time to me trying to lose my last 3 kilos that took six months the closer that you get to your target the harder It’s actually going to be I’ll take you through some things but I’ve learned now this is out of my own practice and out of journal articles that I’ve read from my nutrition study and I will talk you through the best way to overcome a diet plateau my number one tip would have to be a mindset I think it’s really really important for you to stay on top of the game mentally learn to relax about it a little release that anxiety and just believe in yourself and believe in the process if you Continue to progress and you continue to eat better food And you continue to do more with your exercise is going to happen might not be overnight But you will get there eventually And if you think you’re going to fail you probably will a lot of people set themselves up for failure by thinking Oh, I’m not going to be able to do this or I’m not going to be able to lose weight I’m going to put weight back on if you tell yourself, but that’s going to happen then that’s going to happen Number two is how much you’re eating you could be overeating or you could be under eating Do you have my get lean nutrition guide? It’ll show you roughly how much you should be eating give you a Calculation for you to do so you can figure it out And it’s just good to every now and again check up on what you’re eating. I don’t count calories Every day, it’s just a hassle Every now and again though I’ll put a day into my fitness pal And I’ll see how much I’m eating roughly just to get a good idea whether I’m on the right track or not if you’ve lost A lot of weight, but you haven’t gained you know an excessive bodybuilder amount of muscle You may need less food to keep your body running, or if you are to lose weight And you’re eating too few calories, so I see a lot of diet plants are only 1,400 calories 1200 Calories or even less which is in Same your body can’t function of that little food and you will actually be surprised when you start eating the right amount of food So for me I had to get up to 2,000 calories to shift those last three kilos which sounds really counterintuitive But it’s not if you’re not feeding your body then it’s going to think there’s no more food coming And it’s going to try and hold on to what you’ve got my third tip would be to increase your workouts now I’m not talking about exercise longer each day or exercise more days in a week I mean increase the intensity of your workouts for my strength training. I’m so following the get lean Mesomorph guide now they’re designed by body types. I’m a mesemorph so that’s one that I follow I Increase how much weight I am lifting and every now and again I increase the repetitions That I’m doing that guide will show you exactly how to do that, but that’s what I do So you’ve got to step it up as often as you can get stronger And you will get fitter number four if you’re finding It’s one particular area that will not go away. So for example. If it’s the backs of your arms over the tops of your thighs Or if it’s your belly, you should go get a hormone panel test run by a doctor They can see if there’s any hormonal imbalance which is causing you to hold the weight Same thing goes if you have an underactive or overactive thyroid That can be altering of what your body is going to be doing with its weight You can’t always out train your chemistry, so it’s a good idea to get those things checked up if you’re finding There’s just one particular area. That is not budging we recently did a blog post on this so I’ll link that in the description box if you want to have a read of the Different hormones and where they affect your fat storage number five is to zigzag your calories I’m huge believer in this if you’re training You need to eat more if you’re not training that day You need to eat a bit less if you do decide to count calories I would recommend counting on a weekly basis rather than on a daily basis. So [you] have your target for the week and then You’re going to divide that between the different days So on the days where you’re doing a lot of training you’re going to have the high Calories and the days where you’re not training. That’s a lower Calorie days but at the end of the week it should still all add up number six is get more sleep according to a study in environmental health perspectives in 2010 a lack of sleep has been correlated with health disorders metabolic disorders Hypertension and a whole bunch of other stuff that you don’t want when our internal clock is disrupted then so is our Metabolism and the study was showing that when humans and animals were exposed to more light When their body was about to start falling into us like ready to go [to] sleep, but you know at night getting tired When they were exposed to light then their brain reset that clock and it kept them up for longer and it meant that they were sleeping in later into the day and Think about it. What most of us doing when we’re off we’re either on the computer on our phone watching TV And you’ve got that light hitting you and you could be interrupting your sleep pattern but some notes here Jotted down they came from a journal article that I was reading so I’ll go through these so Studies show links between shorter disrupted sleep are linked with metabolic syndrome which has a variety of symptoms which can lead to heart disease stroke diabetes including high triglycerides and cholesterol hypertension Insulin resistance and glucose intolerance so in November 2001 there was a study that was documented in Occupational and environmental medicine, and it showed that shift work is so people who are working at night or weird? I had high triglyceride levels and lower concentrations of good cholesterol in their body and there was a study reported in 2009 in the journal of endocrinology and metabolism and after sleep-deprived episode so what they did they had people just following their own regular diet and Then some of them they deprived them of sleep for a bit of time, so those ones who had the sleep deprivation After the periods of time where that did that they showed increased insulin resistance? So nobody was a lot more southern when it came to foods that are high in sugars and high in carbohydrates It couldn’t process them as well, and they showed a decreased tolerance for glucose if you’re having trouble sleeping I do recommend switching off your devices at least an hour Half an hour before you’re going to bed give yourself some time away from the screens and go and reset either read a book or just do something that doesn’t involve a Screen and technology in your face bright light get away from it 7 is eat more quality food So a mistake I see a lot of people making is setting themselves a calorie limit and filling that Calorie limit with rubbish What I personally like to do is just eat high quality food So I’m talking a lot of fruit a lot of vegetables a lot of whole grains and legumes so not Being that sort of thing when you eat this way, you’re more Not subjecting yourself to tons of sodium which can make you hold water you’re not subjecting yourself to a lot of bad fats And you’re not subjecting yourself to refined sugars the saturated fats in the refined sugars They’re the ones that are going to make you crave those foods again and again and again because you’ll spike And then you’ll fall and then you think that you need that food again to get your energy levels back up But if you start eating more wholesome food you will actually find that your energy levels will be higher And they’ll be very very steady if you’d like me to form some what I eat in a day videos let me know in the comments, and I’ll definitely get around to doing things like that So you can see what sort of trees that I like to be eating throughout the day number eight is drinkable water Not only does your body sometimes mistake thirst for Hunger But also we need water to regulate a lot of the processes in our body is essential. Physically if you’re not hydrated You’re not at your peak when you start to lose water your endurance drops And you’ll actually think that you’re doing a lot more in your workout Then you actually are they’ll also probably find that when you are hydrated you’re not going to be craving things like soft drinks and juices And stuff that’s filled with sugar Number nine is build more muscle because the most effective thing for burning fat is muscle You’re going to increase your body temperature when you have more muscle you’re going to be able to eat more food And you’re not going to store as much fat if you are making sure that you’re keeping up with a strength training Routine girls Seriously, please don’t be afraid of lifting weights, I Lived really really, heavy ways and by no means do I look like a bodybuilder if you do have more, muscle, Mass Then you are going to continue to burn more fat even when you’re just sitting around Because while you’re doing cardio exercise which is fair enough like going for a walk going for a run the calories you burn of Those calories during the exercise alone if you go when you lift weights, you’ll still be burning calories afterwards This is why I think it’s important to look at your body fat percentage Rather than your weight because muscle does weigh more than fat even though it looks slimmer And my final tip is to not give up if you found that you’ve hit a plateau Don’t just think that you’re not losing weight anymore Don’t think that your body is stuck where it is because it definitely is not So just make sure that you change something up in your routine I’ll try and put a few resources for you in the description box. So that you can help yourself out Remember if you do want me to film anything like what I ate in a day Or if there’s any other concerns you guys have let me know and we’ll try me Videos or blog posts or something about it if you did find the video helpful though, I’d love it If you’d give it a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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  2. Thank you! I would like to lose about five more pounds, but really it's not the number on the scale I care about. I care about feeling healthier and stronger. My "stubborn fat" is being, well, stubborn, but I made a couple changes and I dropped a pound shortly after I started those changes.

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    If I was you, I wouldn't have this background music so loud. It is hard to watch, because it is competing with your voice. 😉
    Better without…

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  11. Sleep has been a hard one for me. I got my thyroid checked because my doc thought that could be it but my bloodwork is fine. Still can't sleep for more than three or four hours at a time! I've had so many people tell me to try this thing that worked for them, but nothing seems to work.

  12. You've changed physically and mentally so much and I'm proud of you! You've motivated me during my journey ever since I discovered you in the beginning of 2018. Love you Rachel!

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    As for sleep, I have a toddler so he wakes frequently and that can't be helped.

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    I started eating healthy a mounth ago and I started to eat less but no change.😢
    Wtf problem with my body?

  24. Yeah my problem definitely is eating to little I I thought 1300 cal was enough but I feel fatigue even after 2 days ima try 1500

  25. 1. ( 2:35 ) :the right mindset
    2. ( 2:16 ):how much you are eating- too much/too less
    3. (4:25 ): increase the intensity of workouts
    4. ( 4:59 ): hormonal imbalance
    5. ( 5:45 ): Zickzack youre calories ( day with training=more calories, day without training= less calories)
    6. ( 6:15 ): get more sleep
    7. ( 8:39 ): quality food
    8. ( 9:41 ): drink more water
    9. ( 10:11 ): build more muscle
    10. ( 11:06 ): do not give up

  26. I'm pretty small (160cm) and don't have a physically demanding job, so my RMR is around 1600/1700 kcal. If I eat about 1400 kcal per day, that puts me just into the caloric deficit range and I'm pretty satisfied and not hungry. Are you saying that's unhealthy and unsustainable? Or was that just a statement true for larger/more active people?

  27. Does anyone happen to know approximately how much of a weight difference there is in between the pictures in the thumbnail? Did she happen to post it somewhere or can I look it up somewhere?

  28. If you feel like your diet isn’t helping you loose weight anymore try doing it WHILE FASTING!!! like 16/8. You don’t have to do it everyday just 2-3 times a week and it should help

  29. i already lost so much weight i just have to loose 1-2 kilos and im good but i just cant lmao its annoying asf

  30. I was shocked when she said 1200 calories was littleXD ( i dont workout though, cuz i dont have time) cuz I am eating 1000 calories haha, but my weight has now stopped, so im considering going down even more in calories! btw loved your video, thank you so muchhh!:) (

  31. Believe in yourself & have a mindset for Heathy Life Style:

    We all fail at some stage but that makes us stronger to get up and start doing again and learn from our mistakes.

    Some tips for Healthy lifestyle
    * Get quality & enough sleep (body actually recover well & encourages weight loss)
    * Less stress, Meditate more, laugh & relax, smile as much possible, talk good & positive, avoid arguments, Gratitude and Love
    * Drink more water (add electrolytes & Himalayan salt, ACV, cream of tartar, Magnesium)
    * Eat Quality foods (avoid carbs & sweet stuff as much possible)
    * Add workouts & HiiT to your routine & intensity of workout and lift weights
    * Must walk minimum 10k steps
    * OMAD one meal a day early evening
    * Zigzag your calories, no starving
    * Drink green/Matcha tea, ginger lemon & cinnamon, Kalonji/Black seeds oil, Husk & Sena
    * Add Avocado, Kale & plenty Salads (Use Nutritional yeast on salads)
    * Use pasteurised poultry & eggs
    * Use grass fed Meats & Cheese
    * No Snacking
    * Avoid MSG salts & fast foods
    * Avoid Sugar & sweat stuff
    * No Soy, No Corn, No Canola, No Dexta,
    * No grain: wheat, rice, Pasta, Cereal
    * No Fruits till target weight then moderation (add more barriers)
    * No Milk (Only almond milk unsweetened, Cheese & Cheddar.

    Salmon/Mackerel/Tuna (wild caught)
    Beef (grass fed)
    Chicken (free range)
    Bone broth (free range)

    Brussels sprouts
    bok choi
    Collard green
    Beet green
    Swiss chard
    Ginger & Garlic
    Organic Olives
    turnips & all kadoo & tori

    Blueberry (frozen)
    Pomegranate (only if you making desert)
    Figs and dates (only in ramadan very few)

    Pumpkin seeds
    Chia seeds

    Avoid & caution
    Avoid MSG salts & fast foods
    Avoid Sugar and complex/processed carbohydrates
    Avoid GMO fruit/veg
    Avoid Protein fed soy & grains & steroids
    Avoid all processed oils, Vegetables oils & margarine.
    No soya oil, canola oil or corn, dexta

    Use & consume
    Quality Sea Salt(Himalayan salt)
    Quality Olive, Coconut oil & Avocado oil
    Grass fed butter & Desi Ghee
    Organic cheese & Cheddar
    Try to eat organic veggies as much possible.

  32. This is day 50 of my videos from you and I'm progressing well with practicing and practicing and implementing what you suggest (at least a few tips a month I practice). THANKS. this subject of "the last 5 pounds" is a HUGE one for soooo many people (and then… yes, keeping that last 5 pound loss OFF for longer than a month). GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!

  33. i have reached my plateau phase. its really hard for me. I hope i am strong enough to continue this diet🤞🏻😥

  34. How can this video have almost 900 dislikes. I’ve been lifting and living healthy 30 yrs of my 48yrs of life and these tips are spot on. Nothing can compare to weight training.

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