Lose Two Pounds in One Sitting: Taking the Mioscenic Route

“Lose Two Pounds in One Sitting:
Taking the Miocenic Route” The Paleolithic period,
the stone age, only goes back about
two million years. Humans and other great apes
have been evolving for the last 20 million years starting back in the
Miocene era. We hear a lot about
the paleolithic diet, but that just represents
the last 10% of hominid evolution— what about the
first 90%? During the Miocene era,
the diet is generally agreed to have been a high-fiber,
plant-based diet. For the vast majority of
our family’s evolution we ate what the rest of our
great ape cousins eat— leaves, stems, and shoots
(in other words, vegetables) and fruits, seeds,
and nuts. Anatomically, the digestive
tracts of humans and our fellow great apes
are very similar. In fact our DNA is
very similar. So what do they eat? Largely vegetarian diets with
high greens and fruit consumption. Just largely vegetarian? Yeah, chimpanzees have been
known to hunt, kill, and eat prey, but the intake of
food of animal origin by chimpanzees is at a
very low level, with only 1.7% of
chimp stools providing evidence of
animal food consumption, based on eight
years of work collecting nearly
2,000 fecal samples. So even the most carnivorous
of great apes appears to eat like a
98% plant-based diet. We may be closest to
the diet of bonobos, one of the less known
great apes, who eat nearly exclusively
plant-based diets as well. Even our Paleolithic hunters
and gatherers must have been done an
awful lot of gathering to get upwards of a
100 grams of fiber a day. So what would happen
if you put people on an actual
Paleolithic diet? Not a supermarket-checkout-
aisle-magazine paleo diet, or some caveman
blogger diet, but an actual 100 plus grams
of fiber diet. Or even better a
miocenic diet, taking into account the
last 20 million years of evolution since we split with our common
great ape ancestor. Dr. David Jenkins and collegues
gave it a try. They tested the effects of feeding
a diet very high in fiber, we’re talking 150 grams a day, far higher than the recommended
20 to 30 grams a day, but 150 was what like what
populations in rural Africa
used to eat, populations almost entirely
free from many of our chronic killer diseases like
colon cancer and heart disease. Look at this. They were not
messing around. So what did you have
for lunch today? Oh, a pound of cabbage. Certainly just eating a lot
of fruits/veggies/nuts can’t be very satisfying. No, it got the maximum
satiety rating, 3 out of 3 by every one of
the ten subjects. Why? Because all the diets
were designed to be weight maintaining. They didn’t want weight loss
to confound the data. And so to eat a full day’s
calories of whole plant foods they had to shovel in about
11 pounds of food a day, not surprisingly resulting
in some of the largest bowel movements ever recorded
in the medical literature, in the men exceeding
a kilogram per day. You know how some people
on weight loss diets lose like two pounds a week? Well, here they dropped,
two pounds in one day. But that’s not the only
record breaking drop. A 33% drop in LDL cholesterol
within just two weeks. Even without any weight loss. Bad cholesterol levels
dropped a third in two weeks— that’s the biggest drop
I’ve ever seen in any dietary intervention, better than a starch-based
vegetarian diet, better than a low saturated
fat American Heart Association-type vegetarian diet. A cholesterol reduction
equivalent to a therapeutic dose of a statin drug. So one needs to take a drug
to get our cholesterol levels down to where they’d normally be
if we ate a more natural diet. We’ve been eating
100 grams of fiber every day for millions of years. Similar, to what’s eaten by
populations who don’t suffer from many of our
chronic diseases. Maybe this shouldn’t be called
a very high fiber diet. Maybe what we eat,
should be considered a very low, an extremely fiber
deficient diet. Maybe it’s normal to eat
a 100 grams of fiber a day. Maybe it’s normal to be
free of heart disease. Maybe it’s normal to be
free of constipation, and hemorrhoids,
and diverticulitis, and appendicitis,
and colon cancer, and obesity, and
type 2 diabetes, and all other the diseases
of Western civilization.

100 thoughts on “Lose Two Pounds in One Sitting: Taking the Mioscenic Route

  1. Where is the grocery list for this diet? I want to see if I could even achieve that diet with the stores around me.

  2. There's something very interesting about guerillas in zoos. A zoo got some guerillas for the first time and all the guerillas got very weak and could not climb anymore and the zoo was very concerned so they called the zoo that they got the guerillas from to see if they could figure out what was wrong with them and the other zoo asked what diet they were on and the zoo found out that the guerillas HAD to have their bamboo or they would become very weak and once they got them back on the right diet the guerillas were able to climb again. Well I wonder if that same type of bamboo would be beneficial for us so that we might be stronger as well.

  3. One of your best videos Dr. Greger!

    Please stop confusing people with the facts. It makes people very uncomfortable when you expose their baseless beliefs to the light of knowledge.

  4. The life expectancy of a paleolithic man was early 40s. Why do we look to the past to justify modern diets? I think if anything can be learned, it is what not to do.

  5. >> Lose Two Pounds in One Sitting

    This sensational headline just seems so irresponsible. And the great apes spend the whole day eating and foraging … most people I know don't want to do that.

  6. 11 pounds of veggies a day! Sure you won't die of metabolic and chronic diseases, but you won't have any teeth left; or if you teeth don't wear out, your mandibles will be Mr Olympia in size!

  7. Not sure about this. Starch has proven much more satisfying and satiating to me than fruit, veggies, and nuts.

  8. Didn't our brain size increase exponentially when we started introducing more meat to our diet? I'm not denying the benefits of eating a lot of veggies, I've just read some studies claiming decrease of grey/white matter in strict vegans over long periods and that eating a veggie centric diet with little bits of meat is optimal.

  9. i love shitting out huge giant vegan fiber enriched shits from my anus. it reminds me everyday that i am a superior healthy vegan human being whilst the rest of you are faulty drones…….

  10. A tub of fiber powder is about 600g of fiber. So I'll try to go through my tub in less than a week and see what happens…

  11. Are you saying a raw food diet: fruits/vegetables/seeds/nuts are the best way to go for optimal health?

  12. I am from south america. I tried to eat meat free meals for a while, i
    could make  only 2 days without meat and feeling bad and sick, that was a
    torture. MEat is really the food my stomach likes and stays satisfied
    along with plants, but meat free dishes leave me sick very fast and very certanly.

     I think its all in the genes, some people are carnivorous in their DNA and cant be well on a
    plant only diet. Others might have genetics/DNA for herbivore and tolerate more meat free dishes. IS that right?

    Why meat free dishes make me so sick?

  13. I hope someone puts together a shopping list or meal plan so I can understand what to eat in a day to intake 100 grams of fiber

  14. Such quality work, brilliantly presented and interesting. Great work doc, I have changed my life and your work was, and is, a big part of it. Thank you.

  15. "generally agreed"?…seriously Mike…stop spewing your "religious" dogmas on evolution.
    Stick to the facts…scientific studies on nutrition.

  16. I'm going to throw the towel into the ring and say that diverticulitis is not diet related.
    I don't doubt that it compounds a lot of health issues when combined with a traditional western diet, but the cause? I don't think so. I have had diverticulitis diagnosed when I was 13 and not due to problems, but because my mum was concerned that I was always so skinny. A barium meal X-ray showed DV but I have never had any symptoms whatsoever. I have a fibre rich diet with lots of greens and nuts and fruit and pretty much always have. Sure I have a bit of meat but it's maybe 20% at most.
    Open to discussions, let's get this out there. 🙂

  17. I think I in relation to this chanel fell victim to the known automatic unsubscribe bug, but I managed to notice so I resubbed. Huge fan of Dr. Greger and his work, thanks for sharing doc.

  18. so, would it be perfectly healthy to have about five or six rather mushy shits a day ? just wondering, cos doctors always tell you that more than two times is unhealthy and your shit has to be a perfect sausage.

  19. It's kinda funny. I've got diabetes type 1 and after telling my doctor that I'm going vegan she was so mad! Obviously, she doesn't know what she's talking about.

  20. Thank you for these videos! Your breakdowns have perfect explanations, and I like how you connect the dots from start to finish of a point. People need to be more informed of the BPA, and other preventable things in the western diet! Great way to help make a change 🙂

  21. Who can afford to eat 11 pounds of vegetables and nuts a day! How much time out of the day did they spend eating? If you break 11 pounds of food a day down even into 6 meals a day that is just slightly shy of 2 pounds of food 6 times a day! I could not shovel that much food down. I have a hard time eating 1 pound of food 3 times a day. Imagine the wear and tear on teeth and the muscle in the jaw. I have no problems with the diet's ingredients just the amounts. Plus nuts and seeds and expensive as can be it would be cheaper to take up a Porter House Steak diet or to buy pot than to buy that many seeds and nuts! Raw Almonds run $14.99 a pound. Finding Walnuts raw or otherwise in Michigan is mission impossible if you live outside of Detroit, Grand Rapids and maybe Lansing. I have relatives that live in California and California is not like the rest of the USA. I am trying to move to plant based diet or at the very least 70%-80% plant based. Variety and quality of produce is terrible where I live and completely unreliable.

  22. I look forward to each new video. Have recently started on a plant based diet and already seeing and feeling good results. can't hardly wait for my next Dr. checkup abd a look at the blood work changes. Thanks for all the work keeping us healthier and informed.

  23. As I looked at this list there were no whole grains and other than peas, no legumes either. Just fruit, veggies, and nuts.

  24. Won't that much fiber dehydrate the human body to life threatening levels? Or did they balance out their water intakes with the water present in the produce they ate? Would that be enough?

  25. Brilliant!

    Is this authentic paleo diet sort of a Joel Fuhrman diet?

    I've heard our brains grew larger with the discovery of cooking to "pre-digest" some of the things we were eating… and perhaps made root veggies palatable and safe?

  26. Haha. i love this video. It usually pops up on my lunch break when I'm watching YT, and usually after a massive bowl of greens and a side of lentil soup.

  27. LDL is not a cholesterol
    Fox is smarter than rabbit, as is lion to a wilderbeast.
    Our brain evolved only when we started eating flesh.

  28. What a fantastic Video!!!! One of the best in fact I ever checked in years. Thank you Dr. Greger you are saving and improving lives to many people!!

  29. Absolutely fenomenal explanation. Purely scientific a no bs about how eating plants will help the planet and bla bla bla. I am a huge meat lover and this is one of the first videos that treats the issue purely on realistic scientific natural assumptions. Well done! 😁

  30. I appreciate the work you have done to show that the Genesis 1 diet is the healthiest on the planet.

  31. You’re telling me cavemen had access to pounds of vegetables and fruit everyday? Sounds like bullshit.

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