Low Water Pressure To House

alright this video here is going to be
for everyone out there that’s having out water-pressure issues this here is device you can pick up at a
home depot or lowes or any of hardware store it’s a water pressure gauge that will
help you determine how much pressure you got going into your home and you can see
that you can install it right outside your outside of holes faucet now this is an area where the climate is
a lot warmer that’s why you do see the pipes outside here out on the outside
wall that get cold enough to freeze now my up in other cities where the
temperature drops pretty glow you might not find this but you will find outside
faucet and we’re just going to put this pressure gauge here and this is where
the bulk of the pressure before it gets to your house if you see this it’s kinda
it’s kinda hard to see the reading on it it’s over 60 pounds which is pretty good
pressure come into this house the issues will come when you have less than 40
pounds if it’s less than 40 pounds you might want to call the water department
and see what they can do to help you create the pressure going into your
house now if you’re having more than 40 pounds pressure coming into the house
and you’re still having issues with the water pressure in the house i would
recommend that you check your pressure reducing valve if you’re anywhere in a
cold climate and you do have a basement you’ll find your pressure reducing valve
down there I wouldn’t to recommend trying to adjust
it i would just recommend that you haven’t replaced on and if you don’t
have a place in the basement where are you don’t have a basement another place
you can check for your pressure reducing valve is in your utility room wait you
might find the hot water heater and the furnace if it’s a one-story house
without a basement replace yourself and also you might want to check all the
aerators in Europe faucets right tip a faucet unscrew the area and see if
there’s anything clogged narrators up and what you’re seeing we do here is tightening up the packing
nut to the outside faucet because there’s a small drip and just by
tightening this packing that this will stop that leak ok the league slap thank you for
watching clamtxt.com

10 thoughts on “Low Water Pressure To House

  1. Hey man question…. what if someone has low water pressure when two showers are running the same time? What does that mean and who or how can someone go about fixing it. Thanks

  2. we have an old mobile home with serious water pressure issues…..if you turn on the outside bib there is zero H20 in the house. there is barely enough pressure to fun a shower. we live in an area that has extremely high iron levels and have a multi stage filtration system. we are also on a well, which appears to be functioning well (lol, no pun intended!) where do we go from here? suggestions……

  3. I'm in an apartment. It's pretty early in the morning right now. My pressure is all of a sudden super low. Temps are cold outside and there's more than 10 units in the building. I did have a new water heater installed, but I can't seem to figure out why my cold and hot water is SUPER low throughout the home. Could it be other unit that is causing my problem or is there something I can check?

  4. The kitchen faucet and restroom faucets have really low water pressure. Even the toilet is slow to flush and fill. Any advice?

  5. The water pressure throughout the house seems fine, with the exception of the kitchen sink. My husband has removed the aerator, but found not sediment or obstructions there. Coincidentally, the kitchen sink is located where the main water line comes into the house. What could be causing the low pressure?

  6. You gave a few good tips of items to check for possible pressure problems, however, there's a lot more to it.
    To begin with the pressure reading without flow taking place(called the static pressure) is only half the picture. The important pressure, in conjunction with(when compared against) the static pressure is the pressure while flowing(called the residual or dynamic pressure).
    When your getting low pressure at you showers or faucets, etc it when it's flowing. In other words you could have high static pressure but still have pressure issues when flowing. This would typically be due to a restriction somewhere in the system. One example being what this video mentioned, POSSIBLY a faulty PRV(Pressure Reducing Valve). PRV's typically do have an adjustable range.
    Another thing, you could have high city water pressure when it's NOT flowing but drop substantially when flowing at various flow rates. This would indicate a possible restriction in the city water supply line or lines that are not large enough, etc.
    There's a lot more to it but the main thing to remember is static pressure alone is only half the story. It the flow pressure that is important to you.

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