84 thoughts on “Lucid Air 1000 HP – 350 Km/h (217 mph) TOP SPEED – TOP LUXURY Electric Performance Car

  1. well it is fake… it cannot go fast even in the video, even with after effects applied… this is another electrical slug with no performance at all…

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  3. Well they did strip the interiour… Don't think that it's gonna be that fast with the whole "luxury experience"

  4. is that a tall gear? will it be slow 0-100 mph? will the motors and batteries overheat like tesla? vaporware like the ff?

  5. 217mph… Very cool. And very useless. It looks like a great concept for a car, but anyone over the age of 30 (who are most likely able to afford it)can realize that there's almost no where in the US to go anywhere near this speed.

    Unless you plan to spend your weekends at the test track…

    Most normal people want an electric car that makes commuting in traffic tolerable and takes the drudgery out of driving with little compromise in comparison to gas cars.

    NASCAR needs 200+ mph…. And that's about it.

  6. '
    dont need it…
    not worth it…
    once accident flat tire and big crash so badly many pieces aparts…
    dont be risk lose life

  7. this is ugly as hell … i hate the future if it's gonna be like this … damn i miss those w123 and w116 …even the w140 and w124, the car was art now it's just a product to sell …and these ugly fucks from the future are taking away everything it's got soul like driving making everything easy soft and automatic …i would like to drive and repair and admire not be driven like an idiot lmao.

  8. 300 km/h how long? 20? 30? 40 km? So useless for high speed like Tesla. When will they start building cars for the masses?

  9. The future is taking away the element of driving. In 20yrs time all the cars will look the same and be completely autonomous, the passion for cars will be long gone. I'll stick to my dinosaur powered beast for now..

  10. It's for rich people. So the majority won't be interested in buying it.
    Make a commercial car for the every day people stupid fucks.

  11. Ahahah Tesla Racing Channel I'm pretty sure this video comes out in your page but you just try so hard not to watch it.

  12. Bullshit .. I do not appreciate their work electricity has other uses, which means that it is not only excessive in traffic.

  13. U had 9 min to tell me about this car, i got a top speed and a hp number as well as its a space saver… whats the 0-60…what is the ft lb of torque… whats the MSRP… car commercials are bad but they only have 1/18th the time

  14. Im 16 and i wish i could kill myself because the future of "THE CAR" is dead. People dont realise that in an average life of a car (about 6-7 years) electric cars cause more pollution. I've seen teslas runnin vanity plates sayin LOLCO2 but where the fuck does electricity come from? Your mother? It too requires burning of coal which causes pollution! Yes there are alternate sources like water and sunlight but those just dont produce enough electricity! In tue next few years as majority cars are going to be electric thus electricity prices too will rise! Idk when people will realise this and just let us car guys have fun with our v8 growls and turbo wooshes. God bless non car guys!

  15. This car looks amazing but they just need to redesign the front bottom opening. it needs to flow with the car. My favorite car so far is the Tesla model S

  16. The only thing that's keeping me from getting a electric car is the taxes in my country.
    The most basic version of a Tesla is around 67K euros ( with governmental "help") . In America is around 35k

  17. question??? does it make sense that a car can drive 217mph by a highspeed max of 65mph on an US HIGHWAY??? ??????

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