Luis Galarreta: “Quieren Meter Presa Nuevamente a Keiko Fujimori”

or muñante with national solidarity and
Lucia Vitesse candidate together for Peru debates tonight about a
claim that sounds around the world to whom will you give your vote good night i’m omar mariluz if this
he is right today let’s start with the political issues
let’s leave this for the second part of the program because if there has been
news in the political arena we go with one more social issue and not
I know if I even say it in character social but with a public illness
living in the country for several years now and I wanted to start this with a figure that
really gentlemen is scary a few days of finishing 2019 according to figures from
the ombudsman to date are going 168 women killed 168 feminicides
according to figures from the women’s ministry and vulnerable populations are 160 in
either case we are talking about the record figure record number
in 10 years how we combat this problem as a bar we went a few hours ago
we could say a 28 year old girl in loreto isabel alvarado a journalist
strangled beaten and pulled by her couple felipe santiago caceres a man
41 years old this is what I mean when I say when I talk about a health problem
public and this I want to touch on the debate that we have prepared for today with
Alejandro Muñante Candidate for national solidarity with the number 10
that induced the candidate vitesse by together for Peru with the number 14 that
it is important and this analysis table look to touch this topic because I understand
that there was a controversy let’s say Alejandro because you have denounced
just this march or this manifestation that occurred a few years ago
days in the park than in a manifestation of I understand and do not want
say only women but an outrage that we live as a society that is
we have to stop killing our women we have to remove from a
way that macho chip that we have in my head then it surprises me
a little bit and I don’t want to monopolize the debate because you have to debate
I’m surprised a little the complaint I want understand how about thank you so much for
the invitation first of all thanks to that we have brought this
report mainly because attending to the experience
international we believe that every person has the right to protest
can make a fair claim against a problem that does not hit every day
as you well mentioned the subject of violence against women is a drag
that we are still having as society and we hope that
I can finish one day the problem is that this type of manifestations
precisely what we don’t do not that they fight violence against
the woman quite the opposite what use is use these figures these
scandalous figures to prioritize or put a political speech before
precisely leads to a manifestation of this kind that brings as
consequence the commission of crimes such as occurs has happened for example in chile
It has happened in Mexico where these exist exhibitionism where this exists
apology of the crime of abortion where there is damage to public property and
private have seen we have seen that they have painted churches
thank god it’s in this opportunity in the city of lima is not
He gave just for this complaint preventive that alerted
authorities and led to the existence of a very large contingent of police
I think more numerous than my own protesters who prevented
precisely that they approach the catholic church that is there in the
Kennedy Park and they avoided this confrontation these blows yet not
they prevented one these protester hit a woman in front of the
feminists themselves who claim to fight for violence against women now
just for you to answer looked and leave the points that you have
indicated in your complaint that filed a preventive complaint
says crime of obscene exhibits crime of aggravated damages and crime of
Apology for abortion is not damaged aggravated effectively attempt against
a church you the complaints for those three cases
crimes led please good many thanks for the mitation love many
thanks to rpp for guaranteeing a debate space height one space
debate where we too we feel safe the women that we are
justly and denouncing violence against
we are just denouncing rape culture is
systematic rape this sexual harassment this stretch that women come
the outrage that you mentioned to principle is something we share many
the majority I mean almost all women
Peruvians on this unfortunate figure that as you yourself said to love
exceeds any record of years earlier and regretted that a candidate for
congress because the congress are going to make laws and represent all
Peruvians and Peruvians are not worried for femicides don’t be worried
by girls exposed not to harassment sexual harassment is not
concerned about the safety of Peruvian families if not worried
for the women we went out to report this violence for women that we
we say no because we want to be free because we don’t want to walk in the
street with fear then what to me surprise and that I will do very very
Sincere, it scares me, it’s not that they have congressional candidates who want
intimidate with legal arguments the manifestation because being in
any manifestation is a manifestation that travels the world and that
travel the world denouncing machismo denouncing that it is women who
they die at the hands of their partners that it is women who are raped
sexually then what is left very clear is that the candidate before
He is not interested in the safety of Peruvian families no
security interests the welfare of women but I think I think I am a
hypothesis grab our fight and fair demand to live without violence
to be known and to make a show Alejandro Pleasant as you like to
understand the logic behind what you ask what you think the origin is
let’s say this high rate of feminicides that exist in the country and that
there are true truths also in Latin America and apart from that of
diagnosis that you make like you you plan to fight just is the weight
he is the high level of feminicide that in the country I looked at this before
answer your question what also to me it surprises me and what it fears scares me is
that the lady here is fighting a fallacy a straw man is not built for
say that as I oppose the march esthetician feminist and I’m at
favor of the rapists I am in favor of the aggressors and is this debate this
speech is already obsolete and people are has realized who really
represents these radical groups the day of the
march the day of the march they beat a lady who was there on the march
during all these protesters and none of any of them
claimed for this fact then it is not come here with this speech say
who defend women do not defend to women because when women
Christian when the woman is conservative when the woman is in
against abortion when the woman is not of lefts because they don’t
they protect but they do protect the woman who they are from your group group that go out to
manifest to exhibit i don’t I explain how they are going to reduce the
Femicide rates thus showing breasts like they are going to reduce up to 6
Ministry claiming for legal abortion how are rates going to be reduced
of femicide burning and painting churches like what is the origin let’s say
of these high levels of Femicide in the country on
origin we go to statistics more than 95 percent of cases according to ine
and points out that the aggressor in this case of women is the husband the
cohabiting he is cohabiting the brother from uncle grandfather and that the vast majority
of cases present within the family home this
means that the origin of those of this problem is the destruction of
family ties the disunity of of the family when you don’t attend to the
family as a center and core of the society then begin to
manifest this type of violence the violence against the referring machine
to attend that the woman has to attend the man the woman has to attend to
his family not he is what he does the state what the state hasn’t done
sorry is precisely to look for policies family strengthening when this
does not exist then the family is weak and is entered in chain is approved by
the medical science that I want I want to finish then when it exists
in this type of violence is the manifestation of one of the treatment of
family union and not only manifest the woman Lucia too
against children and men Alejandra argues that this has to do with the
current era that the family is getting disintegrating I understand why what
they heard this argument before by new trends the new ideas that
they make us say they generate more number
separations what is the baby’s posture a family problem
there would also be victims men are and what usually and what the figures say
I don’t say it Lucia didn’t say a group he doesn’t say it or parties together for him
we don’t say it we say it the national statistical institute e
inei computing the instance of the Peruvian state that
responsible for evaluating and seeing the figures in Peru 65 percent of women
Peruvians ever in your life have been victims of a type of physical violence
sexual psychological or economic on the part as the lord of his partners said
or of your ex partners then it’s a family problem is violated is killed
hit the whole family is not a problem of a violence that is
segmented and that is directed towards women for a macho culture I don’t
they heard any approach of candidate how to fight the
feminicide of how to fight the rape is more and what I
concern is that for example on your list goes as a pink candidate
who takes care of how we know all peruvian and peruvian armor
piggybacking like hinostroza that negotiated with the freedom of a rapist from a
11 year old girl then I wonder as Mr. Muñante has
self-proclaimed also representative of all Christians I have many
friends I have family people more after this debate I’m going to a
meeting with the ecumenical collective of Peru that supports together with Peru no and
he was another proclaimed representative of all Christians but nevertheless in
the list not with pink covers that blind every year he has been a congressman
to judge caesar hinostroza who publicly all Peruvians and sorry
we heard the audio that was negotiating the freedom of a rapist of a girl
11 years to a child that could be my work that could be a member of
any of the families that see us now Alejandro you recognize so that
be accompanied by the replica you you recognize that there are anyway in not
only male Peruvians but also in women
a macho chip that is still many of us we have stereotypes about
the roles that women must fulfill inside the home
you recognize that we are still with a mentality a bit outdated by
course of course it’s not the myths that I want to tear down tonight
we are not told that we do not we recognize machismo that doesn’t
we recognize in defense against woman we believe there is no violence
even against women and that’s a absolute lie we what
we want is that if there is a machismo but that is not the only source of
violence against women and is precisely what the gender approach
does is deny hide the other sources of violence
strong as for example the issue of of the temple the subject of disorders
psychological themes of tradition theme of lack of economic problems problems
with child custody problems of play zeal of these types of that
generates the lawsuit that is then generated the violence then there are other sources
which are also direct to this one to these feminicide figures and that is what
practically the gender approach makes and in what we have heard from the
miss that is to say that it is only machismo what
that causes violence against woman and this is not true at all
Femicide case files are has evidenced issue of repeal issue
of a control of lack of control of temperament and many more things than
precisely the gender approach what does is hide to continue empowering
this ideological discourse and of this way to continue subsisting of the state if
we attend to those other sources I am sure that violence against
woman that would shrink but it’s not functional to this speech because of what
otherwise I could not continue living the state next year the state is going to
generate more than 500 million soles to boost from the topic of sale
against women much of that budget is going to go just ongs
that prepare and train to function about gender approach an approach of
by the way obsolete obsolete already figures are showing us the same
miss just mentioned figures the genius approach is present in the
country of more than a decade say you there’s a solution
we have seen we have seen that better of course that’s a point that’s a
interesting point that would make us lucid rebata not because one of the
criticisms that you have heard in particular this year
It is precisely that which has been increased the budget to combat the
violence against women there is a gender focus policy you are looking for
let’s say teach the little ones to the biggest announce exact achieve is
actuary unfortunately the results that we have seen this year have not gone from
hand with with those good intentions from the executive this just
by sectors like the one that represents the Mr Muñante precisely because they are
sectors that have taken over institutions as the congress that hinder the
gender approach that have hindered for example it has had to take
until courts of law that the gender approach reaffirms in the
national educational curriculum we need to raise children and
girls knowing that they are on equal opportunities and equal rights
we have to banish like yourself you said the chip is not that mentality
where children are the strong and the girls are the ones who keep quiet
nice not because it’s that chip that makes the adult believe no longer man of
the adult and woman that man is above the woman
that the woman has to obey him and is that which prevents leaving circles of
violence the problem of machismo in the peru feminicides do not have as
cause mental health or think like that is first
demonize those who have a problem of mental illness which is a
mental illness bipolarity the depression anxiety not all
anxious people who have a depression people who are bipolar
or suffer from schizophrenia are violent that is not so no and by and by and by another
part what is done is hide meter under the carpet poor ideology and now
I will explain that to put under the eagerness by ideology a public problem
we are facing a public problem on problem in peru is not women
who decide to protest because they are raped they are killed by the public problem in Peru
is this every day 10 teenagers are victims of
rape is the public problem in Peru and I talk about ideology of
part of the lord very tall and on behalf of with whom the posterist who has not
said absolutely nothing either submitted proposals on how to fight
gender violence violence against women in the feminicides of
for example mrs nelly pictures that decided not to vote for the bill
that didn’t allow rapists have prison benefits because in
the bill said the word gender that’s not an ideology that’s a
Alexander dogma a replica but accompanied already with another subject that also
it is a matter of debate and controversial the abortion issue 112 points that also
is being discussed in several countries in latin america that have us approved
others do not and it is always debated in Peru like this that please also us in
solidarity and at least in my person Of course I have proposals for
stop or to try to stop the violence against women in principle
is to radically oppose the approach of gender because that’s exactly what
allow this sexist violence and continue
performing the second is can’t exist in your criminal code that the crime
of rape is less punished for example that a scam a fake
of documents we are going to propose A little bit of law to increase these
penalties precisely to punish those rapists thing that just be
miss miss when they make their protests and go with the spanish albert
of abortion and say nothing about to rapists not then too
we want to present a little law that just punish with much more
weakness to rapists too we want to propose a bill that
increase the penalties of intentional homicides everyone at least 30 years old be a woman
man can not exist these sorrows disproportionate to a woman when
he will be killed let’s say this his penalty be 20 20 25 years already a man
for the same circumstances it punish with 68 years this can not
exist our criminal code has to have penalties matched so that it
sanction the same because all life is valuable and also the subject
of sexual harassment against women we will also present a project of
law that obliges private organizations whose
framework of the law of prevention of sexual harassment they investigate
cases of sexual harassment then of their private entities they what what
which turns out that they inform the ministry expected work
our is not competent to investigate a criminal situation
what we are going to propose is that these reports are submitted
immediately to the public prosecutor so that they do not pronounce themselves to see crimes
this what we are going to do against totally abortion then i’m
against abortion of course Lucia following our proposal is to say the
decriminalization of abortion in case of rape not because
we can continue to allow the state pursue the state criminalize women
to relatives of teenagers and girls who they decide not to continue a pregnancy
product of a violation I think like father of a family I am a child’s mother
not as sister of my family too we believe that we cannot have a state
that does not take care of the health and life of a woman who has suffered over not
a rape what ends happening is that these women these girls
and teenagers if they decide if their family decide and support them to finish a
pregnancy product of a violation their families are persecuted their families
they are judicially hoisted and if they don’t have money could not even die in a
miscarried abortion then I don’t I can I can not understand how not how
defend the family and not defend the decision of a teenage girl
not to continue removing product from a violation one last super ball
fast because time is gone but about marriage marriage
between people of the same sex what do they think what proposals are there about super
fast but well in principle we believe in the marriage as is
recognized in the constitution and in the block in the constitutional block the
international treaties recognize the marriage between a man and a woman and
I think that as it is recognized is that fulfills a public purpose the subsistence the
subsistence and state development because where marriage is formed
citizens and regarding the issue of that of abortion that in the area what we
has presented is a trojan horse because in reality
what they want and what they are looking for and what I have checked from your facebook account
and from twitter because we are always updating the one that is supporting the
legal abortion until even 9 months of gestation then that
it’s simply a trojan horse of that they are presenting Lucia yes I
it seems that the mourning lord is in war and the first victim of a
war is the truth then I would ask him also to
I like to wallpaper many people and I also send a notarized letter to
carmen gonzález likes the right to honor you will know with power I can not imagine
how will it be being converted or for round your question
omar and I thank you yes marriage eg yes because love and the
right to love and be recognized as families in peru the families are
miscellaneous they are not ideal families is that sometimes
we always see mom dad son there women who raise their children are the
parents who raise their children are the grandmothers that a in charge of grandchildren and
if you allow me excuse me How would the waltz go? I’m going to quote that
we like both Peruvians and Peruvians love is not a crime because stadium toilet coming from a person who
love and that exalts fidel castro and is seeing that guevara poem all
homosexuals in concentration camps good good and this areas take your
own conclusions of this heated debate between repeat numbers and
Alejandro Muñante candidate names by national solidarity with the number 10
Lucia the candidate vitesse together through Peru with the number 14
obviously they are in positions diametrically opposed you define
look for research and vote with knowledge let’s go to a break I don’t know
go because we come with the secretary general of popular force luís de la
straight to me in Lima seven out of ten women
suffer from mild sexual abuse the men who do believe it is a bad
less let’s show them that they are
wrong and see the presents and liberia which is a mother we detect continuously
street gamblers summon their mothers we explain the severity of
case and they agreed to participate we make up the rejuvenated ones and
we change the lighting the rest and see what about the camera that the fire that remains
get in is already advancing what a nice pant king are now well s at your side a year whose
how beautiful not only therapeutic look then before I’ve come to see thanksgiving and a
little leaf with all the women how are you if you are a stalker don’t wait for you
let’s bet your mother to start to respect women ultra product advertising
processed induces our cycles to their habitual consumption these products
increase the risk of obesity generate bad eating habits since
childhood and increase the risk of early onset of diabetes and others
serious diseases in adulthood one in six children in Colombia who
excess weight is enough do not eat more lies or your children leave them they leave with the keys of the day

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