Lumē  | How to Apply Stick & Tube

– Lumē is unlike any other
product on the market today. So there’s a couple things
we’d like you to know before you get started. Lumē is water-based so
it rubs in like a lotion and it doesn’t stain your clothes. A little Lumē goes a long way. Just enough that rubs in
clear in four to five seconds gets you on your way to
72 hours of odor control. For underarms, apply Lumē every day until you’re odor-free for 24 hours. For everywhere else, under breast, tummy folds,
between our legs, even feet, just two to three times
a week’ll do the trick. For the stick, just twist
up two to three millimeters. That’s enough to rub in clear
in four to five seconds. For everywhere else, just swipe
the top with your fingertip and apply externally. For the tube, just a
small pea-sized amount and you’re good to go. The getting started process
can take up to two weeks. And once you’ve been
odor-free for 24 hours, you can experiment with
how much and how often to apply Lumē to fit your lifestyle. And soon, you’ll be taking advantage of the 72 hours of odor control that everybody’s talking about.

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