11 thoughts on “Luminosity Earrings

  1. Sweetie you are so good with color!! I'm new to beading and the one thing I REALLY struggle with is the color palette. Would love to hear how you do that. I'm not born with this talent as you are. Thank you. These earrings are gorgeous!! I'm going to make these for sure. Thank you. You are AWESOME!!🌈💞🌹☯️❇️☮️💜🙏

  2. Wink wink my birthday is Dec 25th..haha . How did you know I needed a simple earring to make for my thingy in oct ..my brain hurts. Love this thank you for sharing…Hope you have a wonderful day ..watch for the postman hahaha

  3. ooh Alicia these are gorgeous love the color i am a fire opal girl & love swarovsky crystals just like you 🙂 your videos are amazing & so easy to follow i always wondered why my projects always broke using bicones now i know why the reinforcing makes a difference i see. cant wait to try these & your ring as well. Thanks for the amazing videos 🙂

  4. Lovely earrings! New sub here 🙂
    The cool bracelet you're wearing at 13:57 … have you done a tutorial for it? If not, pretty please?!
    Edit: found it here, thanks!

  5. Omg Alicia you haven’t taken it off yet 😂 tooooo funny. Can’t wait to make these beauties…. still on the mend here 😡

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