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Blockages in the lumbar spine! Many suffer. Pain in the lumbar spine, almost everyone. We show you a Faszienrollmassage, totally efficient and short and two exercises. Thus, the pain is usually already in control and you are again freed from your pain. Let’s look at just how it comes to blockages in the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is so many people of the area, really suffering caused and for many it goes so far as to say: Mr. Liebscher-Bracht, I have such a belt here, a stiff leather belt. I feel like I break down. So completely blocked. Because every time prevention, with every movement, they feel they break. So strong are these forces. Where the forces come from? The professionals of you already know it. We sit too much, and when we sit too much, it will forward ever shorter. The hull is pulled forward. Back is strained. Now at the lumbar spine halt rather the erector spinae in the lower area. The swell properly. When the masseur goes in, he despairs. He comes with his fingers no longer pure and must take the elbows. So hard is the tense until this leather feeling arises. We solve the now easy. Jutta shows it to you again. Jutta, please take the Medicare part. Looks! Importantly, used a role with such a hollow in here. If her should not have, Then take a rolling pin and wrapped it here and there and let the center free. Because here you vertebral body and the spinous processes can beautifully pure project, without you there gets any collisions with the role. Sets it to you, whatever you use there. and begin relatively wide at the top. Because you need so the place to there. Now you sit you with the coccyx it. Then support the side with your hands and getting a little better up the legs. Then you can control it better and then you roll slowly forward. You know, we roll slowly, that the pasty mass is compressed between the cell of the Faszienfädchen. really nice to make room and get the cells back food and the waste can be transported away. All these effects, we do so almost in passing as a side-effect to with the result that all the muscles a bit loosens and dissolves. You see, Jutta has now gone down, has aligned the angle We do it now for the show a little faster. And then maybe get on the elbow, the angle noted more down kommt.Ihr yes, as the erector spinae be squeezed right. does not roll back and forth. Because if I want to make a room clean and wipe back and forth, then is there a pile of dirt and there a pile of dirt that gets us much. We want to create out of the room the dirt. So always in one direction and slowly. This is our special Faszienrollmassage. Until we are in the thoracic spine, perhaps even a bit higher. Because you know, the fascia pervade throughout the body. And then you can stop already. You could imitate again itself it still the same calmly. Then come out times. Roll away and we start with the first exercise. We now go only once to the front. Please go on all fours. Now, if you aufesetzt hands, the hands rotate ungefährt 45 degrees outside. Yes And then you come with your blocked lumbar ever further downward. As far as it goes. Stop by Jutta. It may be, you already notice it is so blocked that it’s not going on here. Then you let the blockade time to dissolve and the longer you do it deeper as you go down. No matter where you been, go once to your endpoint Jutta. You’re pretty well stretched. But please do not according to the motto: So you have to do that. But as far as I can. important now. Let the bar go down. One of the most important exercises for back pain in the lower area !! In LWS blockades, disc herniation, disk protrusions, etc. This is the practice that since most has efficiency. Pushes you down so that you realize the most. It is optimal if you notice it here that it does hurt a bit. Not afraid. Make sure that the bar is as far as possible down and not the stomach to come down. Let it dangle. And now we do not turn a strain Burner. Leg times your right knee slightly outward Jutta. And now you realize if you do it right at home that the basin is slightly to the left. This you get more intensity purely in the left iliac wing. So you do it even for a minute. So before can sag, then one minute like that. On the other side then again exactly the same. Other knee out put. Now you have also seen good as it is deep here. Shares this video! Shares it necessarily, because so many people have problems here. Who need to know that. Help us spread the how easy it is to deal with such complaints. Always go down further. Beautifully pure breathe. If the shoulders that was not uncomfortable, because you’re simply not as fit, then just go out and go back inside. After 3, 4, 5 or at least 6 days, you can keep the usually. And then slowly back out. Yes. Now you go nocht times on all fours. Now we mobilize the times very briefly a little bit. is not one exercise to but just feels good afterwards. make time times really a cat’s back and straighten up and lower back down. Beautiful by reducing down. and even more time to get out to the top and stop to come out with the upward. Slowly relax again and now sit down please. Face dort.Jetzt we forward all freed. No, sit down and stretch legs forward. Exactly. Now we have done everything forward freely. Now we make the reaction back out. All these counter tensions that ensure that we do not run all the time bent forward. let your knees slightly outward fall, dragging both feet and move forward. Jutta is very deep. Depending on how far you come to the point where your pain at the 10 comes just stop and breathe pure. ever pure boost two minutes that everything here is beautiful dilated. that everything is stretched nicely. Here, where the belt hangs. Which is now simply pulled apart, the fascia will be longer. The yield, which is said to begin to flow in the Faszienforschern. The muscles that have too much tension that solve their tensions. Because the body noted that there should be more space, so it responds. Let you have 2 minutes goes well into the expansion. and after 2 minutes you come up Perpendicular. And now we rotate again and get to his feet. Edged with the left hand to his right knee and take the right arm to the back right and turns to you as far as possible to the right. Maybe even supported and with his hand on the ground to try to step up the rotation even further and continue to pull you over Nocht. Really nice reinziehen in the rotation. The more than a minute on the right side Back and run a minute on the left side. so make the leg that you can check out here prefer the shoulder and also reuse the floor. Perhaps is with you also a couch or something, by which you can purely draw you further into the stretch. attract even really nice time in the opposite side. Then slowly back. So always 2 minutes and then we had the knees out – again a minutes. The other side, again one minute.
2 minutes after the front stretch, then the rotation, one minute each to the right and to the left and then the spine is free. But of course repeat every day and not stop the exercise. And sends around this exercise because this exercise sequence is completely relaxing for the lower back pain and liberating. The need to know everyone who has to do remotely so something. If you liked the video, then we look forward to a thumbs up. Subscribed channel, that you missed a new video more. Until next mal.Ciao.

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