m to km (How to Convert Meter to Kilometer)

In this video I’m going to go over how
to convert meters into kilometers but the steps I’m going to use can be used
for any conversion problem as long as you use the numbers that are applicable
for your problem and so step one is to get the conversion ratio and so for all
these conversion problems we’re going to have two units and you just have to know
from either memorizing or looking it up how many units of one equal how many
units of the other one so for this problem a thousand meters equals one
kilometer and so step two is to write your given number as a fraction so the
given number is just the number that we were given in the problem so for this
it’s eighty four thousand and four hundred meters and so remember that we
can write any number as a fraction with a denominator of one and also that we
have to include units and so unless it’s explicitly written as a denominator the
unit is going to go in the numerator just along with the number so our
fraction looks like this so step three is to write the conversion ratio as a
fraction and solve so we pull down our number and we know we’re going to do
some math here and we use our conversion ratio from step one to figure out what
to do we want to just base this off of cancelling out so we need to cancel
meter and end up in kilometer so to cancel meter I have to have meter down
here because it’s already in the numerator right here which means our
left-hand side a thousand meters is what goes in the denominator and that means
that our right-hand side one kilometer is what goes in the numerator and now we
know a bunch of stuff we can see we’re going to cancel out meters that’s what
we wanted we can see we’re going to end up in kilometers also what we wanted and
we can see that our math is to divide eighty-four thousand and four hundred by
a thousand so our final answer is eighty four point four kilometers I hope this
video was useful if you just learned how to convert I have a long conversion
video that goes over how to convert any units and also does lots of practice
problems and as always happy studying hey I hope you liked that video please
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as always happy studying

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  1. Your video topics are way too simple. Please get more complex and work through a chemistry textbook.

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