M009 E18 MID 7″ ANDROID 4.0.4 REVIEW

he has is Mypasswordismgs4 i had a review for tablet that i stated was the M0009 (M009) mid 7 inch capsitive touch screen now there is many device names for this so i’m
not sure if there’s any difference but that’s what i’m going to be titling as so, when ever you first turn on uh… its a little laggy uh… and by the way just so you know that little the thing thats following my finger um… that that comes with it but its not its not like enabled right when you first turn it on but you could you can set it but it’s not automatically enabled but anyways this is not the stock rom that came with i mean this is not the launcher that the tablet actually came
with uh… its actually the uh… its called apex launcher which i just prefer better their animations and i love animations, that’s
all it’s about so lets go on to some testing so let’s just do a quick google search uh… and uh… for testing reasons im going to get out the stock the stock keyboard the instead of using my uh… API keyboard uh… that was the wrong thing………. thats better so as you can see uh… stock keyboard is a little short uh… but lets…. lets search china stock updates china stock updates, i dont know why im searching this, i am cause i have nothing else to search its just for testing reasons, so… and by the way im running on high speed internet, so thats the speed of the internet uh… not exactly sure, i dont have a wifi testing app, but uh yeah it does have multi-touch and acually supports up to 5 fingers and no it doesnt really matter right now so, you got zooming which is pretty smooth a little laggy, but its okay its not bad uh… and the browser does slow down the device a little uh… and also uh.. im not sure if its cause all the…… apps i have but…. like the ram isn’t at full capacity like, see so im just ganna houston just clear out my ram and i found a root and if you wanna root this tablet i figured out how to root it, it was complicated cause its hard to get the drivers for these things especially for me cause i acually undownloaded (uninstalled) something uh… but i got uh… my device rooted now uh… i got super user uh, i also got this root browser i was going to do somthing
but i figured out i wasnt able to do it uh… so, and then we got, lets do some spec review, specs lets just review on some specs, so im going to go into my system settings lets go down to about tablet uh… we got so we’re running off android we got android 4.0.4 uh… and uh… its just a kernal uh… model number Q88 lets go to status (babble babble) the batterys a horrible thing, it only lasts about 3 and a half hours on lowest brightness witch it doesnt get that low of brightness and also with wifi off the mid tablet still doesnt last that long but it lasts up to 3 hours but with it on it only lasts like 2 hours without charger of coarse and like there’s no bluetooth there’s wifi but… and theres no 3g which i can care less about the 3g, bluetooth is a little its not (more babbling) (babble babble) (babble babble) uh… developer options is actually some cool things that you can do
in here um… you could strict mode flashes whenever somethings not working right pointer location see i got two things now uh… thats really annoying i just turned off that little touch thing (babble) um okay and yeah uh… (babble) lets test out our 3d and speed of our tablet which im which yeah after this were going to be testing the camera (left off) (left off) (left off) (left off) (left off) it’s responsive you should sell it into my camera where
i did that but yeah the three-d_ banks and responsiveness is really nice so i can really don’t
like it that like when i read you a football you
know phone you like that but on the city tonight and just to be transferred and that’s
not really ended than anything i have a temple play personally boat employment on this does support three sixty view
sega twisted all around and less john mica android phone out uh… and by default lol tend to use to where the hangout is bolat it will be on the right not bottom right and that’s the default
whenever it’s elect andrea on hank uh… no not happen uh… entrance on like not really meant for talents but uh… heavy-handed in the launcher i
suggest apex loan churches just like they’re not uh… another talent though the transition like transition its own serif transition uh… and store him ending uh… final test is there can and feeling i’m missing mom and thank
you uh… and even if yes uh… really active three of you and beef and here that’s how bad the cameras point will light weekend either unclear but the camera is really really bad rights and and telnet about an hour and restore it it’s maintenance and here’s so let’s do speak and and and all and uti might be might stand from can uh… fifteen telnet about an hour and restore it it’s maintenance anders so let’s do speak and and and all and uti might be might stand from can uh… fifteen coming here no it doesn’t have a gps i don’t think uh… and also and of and home whenever it said that this is a one
pointing excel is actually zero point one make pics insurgency bears the for uh… karema passengers for uh… mama she reforming the online may have been and remain uh… alexander lebed you i’m not sure uh… so that like in uh… because it just i can find
one day and i feel the on new year’s worries but now they send me back on remote
compete but yeah guys here is that in my hands and knees for
instance tracked papers trap but not terribly money s if you wanted to decent more is on and so these him decide away only review seetha runs and if you want me to and altogether root tutorial honest on the
specific tablet and also tell us that are like it that will possibly run with
it needs actually now that i’m very pleased legend for eric is if you know and
sometimes people actually have driver problems and also i’ll give you the toy line when on another video with the reveal
also tell you had a gate uh… but they had a gay clockwork money recovery which are just being there are
quick just show you a dozen ling bore competition lake and let me uh… backing out so there’s
really no point to a tissue the head so that if you have fixed for that ladies uh… that an and usually three buttons on it was just
uh… that use my mom and and and is school it experiments select uh… but there is no back button so whenever you wanna go back when we want to go back you can’t do freakin uh… hold down there the power button to get added that to
read to you devise because is no way on this stuff he copper mine without you talk with mom without going on note whatever that means without going onto that and going into a country but that is it gets a search for
information that is so long conditioning is magic and and that is my fair share the and last
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44 thoughts on “M009 E18 MID 7″ ANDROID 4.0.4 REVIEW

  1. 1. Something like arm v7 2. Yes it is preinstalled 3. I'm not sure but ill let you know when I figure out 4. In better light the camera looks cartoony and a little unclear but it will work with Skype.

  2. sorry guys i will no longer be able to make any videos about this tablet for awhile because the screen is shattered and touch screen will not respond even if i use a mouse for some reason

  3. all you have to do is go on the play store and install skype, i wont be able to do anymore videos on this tablet untill it is repaired if it does get repaired

  4. I ordered this tablet from eBay and I'm exited, i would be tankful if you do a video showong how fast is it, how much noise this can make and the size please

  5. I'm getting one of these in just a few days. (Maybe even a day) Except, it doesn't exactly tell me it's a m009 e18, but they look the same, have the same specs so I expect it. (Chinese made… D:) I would help by making a video to explain what it can or can't do but honestly I'm camera shy and I don't have a ready camera… I could use the tablet's camera and use a mirror, oh that'd be fun. Not on YouTube too much so Idk if I can get back on any questions. Oh, and how's the repair going?

  6. i just received mine and i'm not thrilled. i set the pattern password and locked myself out accidentally. i entered the same google account info that i've been using for the past four years, and it says that it's invalid. i'm pissed!

  7. you know i tried that and it woulde'nt work, so woulde'nt gingerbreak and this other won, but i guess thats an easier way that works on sum like that 1 i guess

  8. I guess it doesn't matter if it is rooted or not. It came in the same style box as the one you unboxed in your video.

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