Dear! Go to this rice shop on Natesan Street in T Nagar… …and specifically ask for Ponni rice variety And then go to Ranganathan Street and get 2-days’ stock of fresh vegetables… Then come over to Mother’s Dairy on Pondy Bazaar. They sell fresh cow’s milk there. Get that as well. Will you remember or should I write it down for you? Instead of going to a different shop for each of these items if there was a single one-stop market where we could buy them all won’t it be superb?! If in future, such a place does come up it should be aptly named, ‘Super Market!’ This man who so casually predicted the “supermarket” idea way back in the 1980s is my dad – SellvaMoney! My dad is a Nostradamus! Hello! Sir, I want to sell my car. Ok. Give me details. It is a 1989 model car, Sir. This is the car I drove for my first meeting with Janu kutty, Sir. Who is this Janu kutty? What do you mean, who is this Janu Kutty? She’s my wife, Sir. Sir, Sir, I don’t require all these details. Janu Kutty and I…Anyway, how much for this ad, Sir? It’ll cost you 10000 rupees, Sir. What?! 10000 rupees a?! This is daylight robbery! Sir, Measure your words, Sir! Hello. Be respectful. Sir, I wasn’t being disrespectful. I said, measure your words before placing the ad. Fewer words means Lower Ad Cost. Oh! I see! Then, just put “Car for Sale” along with my phone number. That would cost you 500 rupees, Sir. What?! 500 rupees a?! Then do one thing. Just put my phone number alone. Sir, what about other details? They’ll call this number, right? I’ll give them the details myself. You miser! Wasted my precious time. Sir, do you know why I paid spot cash and bought your bike? Great looks? Superior mileage? Nice performance? No Sir, none of those. It was the bike description you gave on OLX. Sir, I’ve never seen a person describing his love for a bike so beautifully. I was so moved by your ad description that I decided I should buy this bike. Sir, in fact, I wanted to describe it even more. But then decided against it fearing that I’d be tempted to buy the bike from myself. I can understand that, Sir. Sir, pls care take of my “Rocky”, Sir. Since his childhood, I’ve always raised him with full tank. What a medical miracle! Dad says Goodbye, Rocky! Take care of him, Sir! Sure Sir. Bro! You called him Rocky! Where is his key?!

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