Madras Meter | Pandu | Selling Then Vs Now 3 | Month-End Woes | Tamil

Phew! It’s month-end again! What do I do for money? Ah! Son’s piggy bank!No! He has so dutifully collected all those coins given back in shops as change. I should not take his money. Wait, Why not? It’s my money, after all! Lakshmi… Yes. What? Where is our son? He is outside, playing. Must be back in an hour. Ask him to take two hours. Hmm Ok. Also, tell him, Daddy said “THANK YOU!”Ammma! It’s month-end… And I don’t even have 3000 rupees in hand. Arrgh. What to do? Babloo… Dei, first remove that mask da. How many times have I sent you to shops to buy stuff? Haven’t I always let you keep the change, buddy? Can you bring me your piggy bank now, dear? Go fast. I will get you a new mask. Hey where is the change da? I see only chocolate covers here… Uncle, which shopkeeper gives exact change these days? They give only chocolates. Sigh. You could have at least kept some chocolates for me, right? Go back and lie down. Ahh. These mobile phones! What are you searching for? Mom, I need some cash. Can’t ask you or dad either. What other option do I have? Hey, you recently upgraded your mobile phone right? What happened to your old mobile? It’s lying right here. You have 5000 bucks (price of the old mobile) lying on the table.. Why search for 3000 bucks beneath the table?

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