Mailbag Monday #68

oh wow that there beer is called living
in Arabica from devil may care brewing a soulful brown ale with cold brew coffee
and whoa man can you taste the coffee in that Wow
yeah the other Beer of thiers that I’ve tried also was sort of a pun on a James
Brown lyric but this one is living in Arabica very cool but as important as
beer is I have mail to be opened so let’s get on with it first one says LED
module that scalpel is still stupidly sharp they’re close it’s an LCD module
it’s another 1602 LCD this one looks like it’s blue yeah
oh I already have a blue one okay I thought I was buying darn well and the
blue ones are nice but I kind of was hoping for a different color one I guess
I knew 1602 sixteen by two character LCD display module controller blue Arduino I
got mine from xnj 2016 or something like that I got it at auction for dollar 68 I
think it was he’s currently got a few on there for
sale and on auction but at a higher price and with a stupid amount of
shipping so I’m going to link you to this search listing started by a little
shipping and price lowest first pricing shipping Louis first yeah which is how I
always search eBay okay the next thing in says those LED module
popular choice no it has LEDs all right okay what is this guy oh this is one of
those light pole voltage tester Bel Air so basically this one connects to the
plus and minus of a multi-cell lipo pack and then connects to each of the
positions in between the pack for the higher voltages they go together in
series don’t have any kicking around here it doesn’t matter they just go
together in series and then this one can this guy can monitor the voltage of each
individual cell plus the overall package and will scream an arm through these
little buzzers here if any of them go below the their low voltage cutoff
threshold which can be handy and I am planning on building a multi cell pack
as soon as I get everything that I need and a bit of time so this will come in
handy for that too and one indicator one to 8s lipo I see on my own battery
voltage tester low voltage buzzer alarm from this excellent I have trouble with
some of these Chinese names this guy here 2016 I paid a dollar 66 I did not
pay any shipping at all so things have changed since I purchased it as it says
up here so what do we say here for one to eight series lithium battery accuracy
0.01 voltage plus or minus group display voltage five to four point zero point
five to four point five that’s for individual cells and total for the
entire pack is 36 volts o our voltage setting range either off or to two point
seven to three point eight volts for a low two point seven five is what I’ve
seen for the lowest of the low voltage cutoff before you start damaging the
battery so that’s reasonable a low voltage
cutoff a 3.8 it’s pretty high but whatever face up the pin against thrown
the battery white plug Oh on the left side so there is a wiring harness that
can go with this or you can just wire straight to it
I may have to look up the wiring harness just to get their color code figured out
but it shouldn’t be too hard to do actually that wasn’t too hard and I
didn’t even have to go online to find it the P note is marked right on the end
there so the most positive of your pack goes there the most negative of your
pack was there and then the connections between the first and second so go there
second third third fourth fourth fifth six six seven seven ten eight and then
yeah so that’s pretty straightforward and I’m gonna have to find a manual for
this guy I guess to explain how many different presses the button it takes to
get into each different mode to set the alarm on and off and change the
threshold voltage and stuff that that shouldn’t be too hard to find these
things are pretty common what do we have here solder peeps it says okay hmm
okay the middle strip extrapolating up you’re soldering between with themselves
to create a pack hang on yeah this is the stuff that would normally in a pack
be I guess spot welded between one cell and the next one to create the series
connections that make up the pack okay so as you can see I’ve got some cells
handy that I’ve salvaged for my experiment in building a pack for my
salvage drill I’m not expecting anything amazing because after all it is salvaged
cells but pre obviously when I’ve built up a couple
power banks from kits I’ve used bits of brass strip and soldered it on and that
works saying but I figured I could find some of this stuff cheap since it is the
official stuff that is either you’re supposed to use if you’re doing it
properly I’m still not gonna do it properly because I don’t know a spot
welder I’ve seen a few people experimenting using super capacitors and
stuff but that didn’t work all that well for them I may just try soldering this
again and risk overheating these yes I know I’m putting myself at risk
2/3 metres 8 millimeter pure nickel plate nickel strip tape for lithium 18
650 battery spot welding tool I got this from pretty line which I’m sure they’re
reputable high-tech seller of things I’m fairly confident that I chose from this
list three meters a point one millimeter and eight millimeter wide and yeah there
you can see the application of it there they’ve got some some packs paralleled
up you can do all kinds of things like this build your pack however you want it
can be a little fiddly things that I’ve never worked with the nickel before
hopefully I can I can solder it because like I said I don’t have any welding
spot welding tools wow that’s almost as janky is what I envision myself doing I
probably won’t use masking tape though at least go as high tech as capped on
the next thing secrecy Stamper that’s interesting I remember this and it’s
pink oh nice isn’t that the traditional colour well big quiet sort of started
that tradition so how do I open this there we go okay I remember this thing
now so what it’s for is basically it does that only I don’t need to do it by
scribbling with sharpie you just do that and roll it on
and it sort of obscures the stuff there okay um a bunch of what’s already in my
mailbag stash has got that on it but once we get a little bit further ahead
in the future I’ll start using this thing I’m guessing that’s fairly cheap
most probably in an auction because I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to look
for something like that color roller messy code self inking stock stamp
privacy confidential seal guard from leb Plus at 2016 this was at all her 30 free
shipping and I was wrong that was a buy it now it wasn’t a an auction I guess I
was looking through LED pies and spotted this thing anyway not too much to say
about it other than what I’ve already demonstrated so well there’s two colors
available and I guess I must have asked for a random or not specified so random
it was Pink’s a good choice so Auto Parts trim can my auto mechanics in my
audience guess what this thing’s gonna be it’s a spudger a plastic spudger okay
that part’s fairly solid so you know the it’s a little bit thicker at that end
than this spudger and this one is fairly flexible or is these other ones they’re
a little bit thicker so it’s thinner yeah the pry bar end is thinner than
that it’s a little bit wider there it’s a little bit narrower there that should
fill a gap in my sponging capabilities Auto removal opened tools door clip kit
panel trim radio – audio installer from SC Auto Parts I got this at auction for
13 cents and he currently has won an auction right now and it’s only a penny
but there’s a day left and I’m recording this few days before you see this so it
will be done but I’ll put a link to this auction anyway you can use the search
terms to find and something more current but these
things seem to be on available all the time and for cheap oh goody
this part is compatible with sixteen thousand and fifty two vehicles
including this massive list nice to see a wide compatibility for fricken spudger
guys geez you know what that went by just a little too fast let’s grab
another one this is LED module and LED module what
do you want to bet there’s an LED on it no see different modules one in wrapp
and one not in wrap so what does this one have to say for itself it doesn’t
say anything but we can be pretty sure that this is probably either step up or
step down to five volts for charging phones and things I’m guessing let’s see
what the other one is and then we’ll go to the listing since they came together
they’re from the same seller obviously and they should be easy to find that is
almost the same thing just slightly smaller form factor on the board that
one see anything oh that one does see anything on the bottom okay DC 6 to 3 2 volts do you see you see you
see oh it’s a quick charge compatible charger oh that’s ok and it uses the
various different formats QC and QC t that’s the qualcomm protocol but samsung
has their own protocol and apple of course has their own protocol and
various other phone their manufacturers because nobody can comply with African
standards everybody’s got to do what they do their own thing so I’m guessing
that these are probably very similar okay the first one that we looked at
c 3.0 2.0 USB fast quick charging module DIY charger board phone charger car from
this guy again wow i bought a whole bunch of stuff rolling he must add a
bunch of auctions on right around that time anyway currently going for 328 with
shipping i paid a dollar 70 without shipping at auction supports a variety
of mobile phones qualcomm huawei integrated media techs android and apple
charging yeah so all these damn companies just will not comply with a
single standard they off and build their own annoying so it is 8 to 24 volt input
buck converter the input must be higher than the output probably by a bow to
volt and a half or two volts and since the quick charge protocols will go a
little boost up to 12 volts for charging and need at least 15 volts for your
input to to do the fastest of fast charging which is a little bit more than
you can get out of your lighter plug in your car most of the time you can
usually get about 13 and a half or maybe 14 volts depending on what your
alternator is doing but you’d still be able to get to one of the steps i think
there’s a 9 volts 9 or 10 volt step that you’d probably be able to charge at
otherwise you could connect it to a laptop charger which usually runs at
about 19 volts and you’ll be able to get your fastest of fast charges output
adaptive 3 to 12 volts according to the protocol although what the hell 3 volts
will be useful for it don’t know t vs over voltage tube tube usually tube
means LED in bed chinese translations but i’m guessing maybe that’s just an
over-voltage diode i don’t know anyway packaging codes one new did you start
digispark kickstarter no no it doesn’t you lying bastards and the other one QC
3 to the same description exactly but a slightly different product right
now there so again this guy he’s selling it for 315 plus shipping I got this one
for dollar 78 at auction when I bought it with Free Shipping and I’m guessing
this says all the same things down here but who can tell oh there we go yeah I
could run it through my my load tester I’ll do that later I’m not going to do
it during this video I think this video is starting to get long now
initially it was being makes it short and now it’s too long whatever there we
go yeah that’s pretty much all the same things there’s all the different
protocols again yeah at least it’s got that correct this time well as usual
quite a wide variety of things some that we’ve seen before like that one we got
several different of but the rest of these are all new items that I’ve never
played with before so that should be fun in the future let’s go through the
shipping times the lipo voltage monitor took three weeks the spudger took five
weeks the privacy guard thing took five weeks the nickel strip I think was the
winner took 28 days no it wasn’t the LCD took three weeks that was the winner and these two charged modules took one month
minus two days so 28 ish days again cool I know I’m going to use all of these
things at some point the my new phone and most of the I think almost
everybody’s phone and how we now runs quick this these quick charge protocols
so having a few of these things around is probably going to be useful like I
said I was gonna build a battery pack for my my drill that currently has neck
heads in it so that should be interesting and that goes with that this
will make an appearance in future mail bags well you won’t see it necessarily
but you’ll see the results of his activities spudger always good to have
those round and any thank you for watching as always
I appreciate that comments and questions down below you
know the drill oh I’ll respond to pretty much anything
down in the comments I’d love to have a conversation about these things and your
experiences on them especially things like this that I haven’t played with
before what else oh yeah patrons thanks guys um thanks for
preventing me from going broke doing this
I keep seeing from my my statistics and stuff that an awful lot of people seem
to like these meal bags and know I’m ordering this stuff anyways so why not
show you right thanks for watching Cheers

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  1. why someone buy old hd44780 lcd if same cost or cheapen have i2c and lot better no use many wire, but working same and cheapen.,only idiot orden old today.

  2. I weld cells with that strip and 2 wires from a 12v car battery. I hold one wire on the strip while pressed against the cell and tap to other wire on for a mili second. Sparks fly but it works. And the cats run off into the bushes.

  3. 14:38 One of these protocols, I don't remember which one, connects battery almost directly to charger to minimise heat and losses, so probably for that.

  4. I use 130 salvaged cells in my ebike, just ticked over 2000km. Still going strong. 13s10p pack 19Ah. 500W motor. 40km of range on throttle only..

  5. That battery strip probably is nickel coated steel, not pure nickel strip. Hard to test this as both get attracted by magnet, if I remember correctly, VoltLog tested some of these by making them rust.

  6. I love mailbag videos! I keep thinking of those quick charge modules, but I doubt my iphone will play nice with them – even if they have the right spec.

  7. Hi, I've been meaning to ask, seeing it used in other videos: that current limiting power supply on your desk, it looks like a kit? Where did you get that? It looks useful. 🙂

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    Please keep them going and you will have many happy subscribers.
    Have a great week,

  9. I have quite a few of those lipo monitors and they are very handy in my RCs. I run a separate lipo (from the motor/servo) to power my LEDs. These will let you know when to unplug the lights so you don't over discharge them.

  10. I've got and use several of those quick charge modules, the first green one to be exact. works well at 9v 1.4a quick charge 2.0 to my samsung galaxy s7 with not too much heat.
    I'm loving your channel, gives me a strong vibe of Julien Illet meets AvE 🙂 I hope your videos become more popular as more people need to watch your stuff
    Best wishes from Australia

  11. I could have used that "auto removal tool…" thing when removing the badges from my friends dodge 2500 recently while doing the body work, I just made a garrote out of two screwdrivers and mig welder wire to remove them but it left quite a bit of the foam tape they use for mounting. Come to think of it, I'm gonna have to find a suitable replacement for that tape to put them back on after I do the painting, perhaps part source or ukrainian tire has something…

  12. That's quite a collection of screens! Also, a lot of people make spot welders out of microwave transformers. That's a fun project.

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