Maionese de Bacon – Como Fazer Maionese da Gordura do Bacon

Hello friends of the Ogros S/A channel. Are all welcome! I’m Baco. Today I’m here to make a Bacon Mayonnaise. Simply the best mayonnaise in the universe of all time. And with this mayonnaise, you can do various things. But, especially today, in the second part of this video. We’ll use her to make a cassava salad with mayonnaise. Something very similar to the
Potato salad with mayonnaise. So now let’s see this alchemy and
turn bacon into mayonnaise! Here are all the ingredients that we
let’s use for today’s recipe. On this side are those of mayonnaise. And here’s the mayonnaise salad. Are they: 1,3 pounds of bacon. 2 eggs. 1 lemon. And a pinch of black pepper to taste. Here we have: 2 pounds of cassava. And parsley and green onion to taste. One important note is that you choose a very fatty bacon. For we are going to need the fat that will be his to emulsify the mayonnaise. So now we are going to prepare. To begin with, we will bite the bacon well. Next, we’ll fry the bacon until
extract all the fat. Use low heat so you do not burn the bacon. After the bacon is well roasted, we will separate the fat from the meat with the aid of a sieve. And here is the part we are interested in to emulsify mayonnaise: the fat of bacon. This is a romantic fat, it goes straight to the heart! And do not worry, we will not throw the bacon away. Then we’ll use it too. And to start emulsifying mayonnaise, we need to let the fat cool. Stay warm. Let’s start emulsifying the mayonnaise. In a blender we will put: 2 eggs. 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Black pepper to taste. Let’s put the cover bigger. Let’s turn on the blender at the slowest speed. And place the bacon fat on the wire until it gives the mayonnaise point. The mayonnaise was ready She looked very creamy. The smell is very good, too. Here you can use it to make a hamburger, to pass on the meat or to make a canapé. But we’ll continue and now make the mayonnaise salad with cassava. We will begin by cutting the cassava, leaving it in smaller pieces and putting to cook. Let’s cook on the pressure for 40 minutes. After the cassava is on the spot. Let’s open them and remove that filament. Then we will chop the cassava. In pieces the same size you would make a potato salad with mayonnaise. It is time to end our alchemy. Let’s put the cassava. The parsley and green onion. The bacon. And the mayonnaise. Just mix it up. And ready. We have a
manioc salad with bacon mayonnaise. Now just enjoy it. And if you liked the video today, you know, take a like down there. See you next Thursday.

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  1. oi Baco,
    muito boa essa receita de maionese…parabéns pelo canal…quer participar de uma comunidade onde todos os canais se ajudam…acesse o link

  2. Baco quando você for gravar a próxima vez com ovos eu doo uma dúzia de ovos de galinha caipira. Com a gema colorida!

  3. Você conhece a famosa BATATA BOMBA, uma explosão de sabores? Veja:

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