Making Slime With Giant Balloons! Giant Slime Balloon Tutorial

Wooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh So cool That was amazing Oh my God, I tried the hardest Hey guys, welcome back to our channel! I’m Mary, and I’m Izzy and today we’re gonna be doing another making slime with balloons challenge But today we have GIANT balloons The shape of them looks so awesome So how this challenge works is we have all our slime ingredients into our balloons and we’re gonna hold it over our container and we’re gonna snip them or cut them at the bottom for all the slime ingredients to fall out So let’s make some slime Ooh, I got a gallon of clear glue! Look how heavy this is! I’m gonna have my dad help me. He’s gonna hold it when I cut the bottom so it doesn’t go all over my face Dad, can you help me, please? Don’t jiggle it! I’m not cutting it Oh I see a hole in it It makes holes. Why don’t you just pop it where it’s thick Pop it where it’s not thick. I mean pop it where it’s not…yeah Look at it, look at that! That’s so cool, I’ve never seen anything like that Oh my God, look at the balloon, guys! Look how big that was! Okay, guys, I got a gallon of school glue, it’s really heavy Hey I got a bubble right here. I’m gonna call my dad cause it’s super heavy You ready? Yeah. Oh, I got it Dad’s so lucky! He didn’t even get it. It must’ve all went in the bucket That scared me! Replay me screaming At least you didn’t get your face It got my lips My God, guys, that was so awesome Good part is barely any of it went on the table Yeah I didn’t think it would all go in the bucket Next is paint. I wonder what color I got Ooh, it’s so jiggly. I think you got maybe red It’s so dark you can’t see what color…I’m gonna have dad help get this part so I can cut it good and hopefully not get it all over my face. Dad, can you come and help me hold it, please? When I cut it It’s so liquidy Okay, you ready, guys? Ooh, I got black. Black? Oh yes Wow, that looks so cool! Oh my God, look at that, guys, look right here. It’s like a pattern of scales or something it looks so cool I wonder what color you got, Izz Okay, guys, here’s my paint. I think I got red, but i’m not sure. Dad, can you come help me? Ooh, dad! Okay guys, let’s cut it Don’t jiggle it Oh, green! Lemme try to cut it more Cut it more, it’s gonna explode I know Oh my God, look at this, guys, it looks like baby food Next up is shaving cream, look how cool this looks, it’s a clear balloon, you can see it Oh it’s deflating, hurry Izz Hurry, hurry! Did you pop it? I’m not sure, it’s at the top, though Think i’ll brace cause I know it’s gonna pop everywhere I know it’s gonna pop It was cool It got on the camera! Oh it got on your slime! Look at this fluffy — I just wanna touch it! I know, right? Look at the balloon Oh my God, it didn’t get on my hands You got some shaving cream on yours Next is activator! Okay, dad, can you come and help me, please? Okay, you ready guys? Look at the balloon. I love when you write the words on big and when it pops it still has… It looks so pretty Look at the slime. I know, that looks so cool It’s like some crazy Halloween slime Next is my activator! Look at that! It’s so squishy Okay, you ready? It don’t wanna pop Okay, it only took you one century It only took you one month Look at this one, guys. This one never exploded Let’s turn it into slime! Wow, this looks so cool! Guys, now it’s time to cut the slime Can I try? Sure Wonder if it will cut this Oh wow! Wow, look how fluffy mine is! Mine came out a really really nice black, it does look pretty cool…or grey Next balloon is foam balls! Wow, it just moved! Wow, they’re colorful! Dad, can you help me, please? You shake it and then it stops moving and then they move So cool! That was amazing! I tried the hardest! Look at the balloon, it’s still all in one piece Next we got orbeez, guys, this is so heavy Wow, that looks so cool! Can you help me? It’s super heavy Oh my gosh, look at that My balloon Oh, there’s orbeez in here now That feels amazing Okay, let’s cover all the orbeez with the foam beads Okay, let’s mix in the orbeez and foam beads The orbeez are making it stringy Look how cool that looks It’s making it so sticky Dad’s helping me work it cause it’s really sticky I think it’s all drippy now, it’s like glue The slime always comes out different when you make it with balloons So different. There’s so much orbeez on the bottom I’m gonna put mine on the table and dump it out I think mine is too drippy Mine’s really fluffy so i’m gonna leave it in the container Let’s pop the slime! Or i’m gonna pop it My hair, Mary, can you get my hair? Put it in the back. My hair, my hair! Can you get it? Keep it up there cause it’s gonna go with all your other hair Yeah, makes sense Did I get you? Yup Mary, can you put my hair back on the wall? It won’t stick Thank you Smells like ooey-gooey, guys Slime, yeah slime It’s so sticky When you make slime with balloons sometimes your measurements are a little off Wonder what would happen if I jump in this orbee Woah, it sinks right through without popping it Oh, well now it popped We’ll try it again. How many orbeez can it take and then pop Okay guys, so this, when I made a bubble, it could handle 2 orbeez then popping. Let me try more 1..2..3..4.. Ooh, five orbeez and then it popped Okay, 1 orbee, 2 orbee, 3 orbee… Aah, eight! Woah, I made a bubble Okay, ready. 1 orbee, 2…3… I don’t know how many, oh wait, it already popped Bye guys! Thanks for watching! Please remember to give this video a BIG thumbs up and Subscribe! Bye!

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