Man downs three bottles of vodka in one go

So this man says that three bottles is nothing for him. That he will drink em down without a problem. So now is the time to drink! Here we go! Now is the time to drink. Now we need to wash it down! That went down good! Yeah, now we need to wash it down! Holy shit, it flows well! Yeah, it flows neatly. Now let’s have a snack, shall we? – Right?
– Yeah… That’s exactly right! Let’s have a snack! Holy shit, entire three bottles! And now I… That went down good, didn’t it? What’s up? You said you were gonna be alright for at least half an hour. Damn, Trokhin became tipsy! Trokha is drunk! Ok, let’s end this. Holy shit! Holy shit! Things got rolling…

100 thoughts on “Man downs three bottles of vodka in one go

  1. wtf man i saw this video somewhere related to "fastest drinkers" and i didnt even know hes straight up chugging vodka.

  2. Дедули что опять воды налили место водке
    Мой дедушка царства ему Небесное
    Пил залпом только один раз когда умерла его бабка

  3. How old is he and I’m know where close to the drinking age but I would throw up and get drunk very fast maybe

  4. He definitely died unless he went and got his stomach pumped or vomited out around two bottles. One handle of jack will kill you if you chug it in 2 minutes and jack is def stronger that what’s he’s got.

  5. This is clearly just a bit of fun… bottles not filled to the right level, tapes on top were loose, he wouldn't have felt the effects that quickly, he was sick because that amount of fluid that quick will obviously cause that. This was H2o in my opinion, god help him if it wasn't

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