72 thoughts on “Man strips to show you loose skin after massive weight loss

  1. He is a very big example that no one can be fat, if they do want to be thin.

    Respect from me.

    All you need is some operation to remove the skin that you do not need and off you go to a new life.

    Good luck.

  2. such an amazing story?
    how about the story where dude sat on his ass ate 3 birthday cakes a day and became 350 pounds? oh lets forget that part, him losing the weight is amazing?

  3. For all you hypocrite bastards, saying "eww gross", "I will never be fat".  I hope you never get an illness/ disease that causes you to blow up. I commend this man, for making this video. Took a lot of courage! My husband weighed 340 and had lap band surgery and now weighs 170! And he is sexy as hell… He too, has some loose skin and I still love him! Plastic surgeons are expensive and it's considered cosmetic.  So remember shallow people, Beauty is skin deep.         ** And inside every heavy woman or man is a hot guy or beautiful woman dying to get out.

  4. Attn:  Any plastic surgeon watching this:  WHY hasn't one of you stepped forward & volunteered to help this man pro bono?  Don't you have enough tens of millions of $$ already?  Cmon… one of you doctors.. have a heart… do the right thing.  This guy did the hard work… give him the opportunity to live his new life happily.  

  5. I have a dear family member that lost massive amounts of weight. She ended up with alot of excessive skin, way more then these people. Her Dr wanted the extra skin removed because it was still straining her organs. The insurance company refused to pay for the "cosmetic surgery". Her Dr told her to put some of the weight back on, as the folds in the skin were having blood flow issues. Well- thanks to the greedy insurance company, she is back to her full weight. 

  6. Matt, You are totally awesome!
    I also lost 140 pounds and have more loose skin!
    Thank you for sharing.
    You are an great person.
    Thank you

  7. battle scar? you're proud?  Son, a battle scar is going to iraq and getting shot or half way blown up and living.  A battle scar is NOT turning into a fat blob and then becoming NORMAL.  You should be ashamed of that excess skin.  You did it to yourself.  It's good you're back to normal though.

  8. this guy has some well defined muscle under all that skin. I mean it's amazing you can just see it as he pulls on that skin. and here I complain about losing 20 lbs.

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  11. This is one of the things stopping me from really trying to loose weight…I think I've gone pass the point of no return where I will have so much access skin…I can't afford insurance and I'll never be able to save 22k for the surgery…

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  13. I'm as big as he used to be weight wise, how come I don't look as big as him? I'm about 360 but my calf muscles are not big at all, my thighs are still pretty muscular from when I was very athletic. My inner thigh/groin area is pretty chubbu though… I don't really have boobs… this is the biggest i have been, I have gotten pretty big since high school.

  14. omg! guys how will he loose all the excess skin w/o surgery? curious as heck… I wanted lipo but I know THAT happens… and adomino plasty is outta my money range. :/

  15. He should get his loose skin removed and have it fried up into some pork rinds. It would be delicious and it is the definition of recycling.

  16. Need more muscle! Drink a lot of water to hydrate the skin too/use moisturizer. I'm in a similar position; I'm 26 now but when I was 16 I went from 185lbs to 135lbs in a year and I STILL had bitch tits and belly fat. Now I'm 247lbs and have to lose it all over again but I can't even bench bodyweight or chin up so need more muscle!!!!

  17. Few poeple that lose that much weight also put on the muscle this guy has, wow! Impressive chest and delts, and then the camera scans down to his quads (1:19), wow! Good job!

  18. Dam no muscle bro im 329 but i have alot of muscle i been witking out for 8 years streight i kust never did cardio

  19. its just skin, he's so right it IS like a badge of honor or battle scars. never be ashamed of such an accomplishment! our bodies are just rentals, take care of them and remember you are the driver not the vessel. and what a guy taking up a voice to share that this is common- its not bad or ugly. its our skin! its truly amazing what we can do with it and should be worn with pride

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