Man Travels 2,400km & Wears Bear Costume to Surprise GF, Sees Her in Another Guy’s Arms Instead

Finding out your other half has been cheating
on you isn’t fun at all and this poor man was heartbroken when he saw his girlfriend
with another guy. In a Twitter post that has been going viral, the user shares several
photos of a guy dressed in a teddy bear mascot and facing another couple.
Based on the caption of the post, the guy wearing the bear costume had been in a long-distance
relationship with the girl, and he had decided to surprise her. He had reportedly travelled
over 2,400km to give her a surprise, but he was the one that got the nasty shock in the
end. He saw her in the arms of another man and
without saying a word, he took off the head of his costume and stared at the cheating
couple. She noticed someone staring and turned her head to look, which was when she noticed
her boyfriend standing there. The photos show him walking off without a
word as he puts the head of his costume back on. Probably to hide his tears! The girl
chases after him, but he flings off her hand and continues walking. Later, she looks like
she has caught up with him and is hugging him, but he seems to be unresponsive. It
is unclear whether they got back together after that. A picture speaks a thousand words
and the poor guy certainly looks sad! From the photos posted, it looks like this
incident happened in China and there were reports that the guy had originally travelled
there to give his girlfriend a surprise on her birthday but this has not been confirmed.
The photos are believed to have been originally uploaded on Weibo, and netizens who saw it
sympathised with the man.

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