Hello, Welcome to Elif’s kitchen Today We will again offer you a different and beautiful jam shelled tangerine jam I want to share the recipe. To be informed of the new recipes, be sure to subscribe to my channel and open notifications by pressing Zile. 1 kilo of small and thin-shelled mandarin As you can see in the video, I’m taking the green parts. then about 2 tablespoons up It’s in the water I’ve loaded. He waited for 5-10 minutes, then washed it nicely and put it in the filter. Then in a large pot I’m throwing tangerines in the water that I’ve boiled? I boil it for about 5-6 minutes after it starts. In this water, to keep the mandarin from release the bitter water I’m doing it. See the pain of yellow water in this process. Then I get yourself a strainer. I’m boiling clean water again. I’m throwing the tangerines in it again. I boil it for about six minutes. This time I’m putting the tangerines in the cold water. My mother’s water goes the way it goes, it’s a very mild pain, it’s very mild, never mind it, but if you don’t want any pain to leave You can repeat this process 4 times. Then I make the syrup of my jam. I put 50 kilos of granulated sugar in a sprawling pot. I’m adding a glass of tangerine juice. We stir occasionally over medium heat, allowing the sugar to dissolve. After my sugar melts I’m going to throw tangerines in it. First How much are tangerines, cutting in half of the buildings we boiled without squeezing? The more beautiful it would be if it was small and thin-skinned. If it has a nucleus in it, I’m weeding them out. Tangerine Casting syrup sugar value so that it contains I added a very small amount of butter with the tip of the teaspoon I’ll add the butter to make the jam too foaming and clear, then the tangerines into the syrup. I’m adding. after it starts to boil short on medium heat near I leave it to cook, i take the foam on the jam from time to time. a teaspoon of lemon salt wiping close to getting from the stove I add the juice of half a lemon and keep cooking the jam? I’m setting it on fire. It’s on every surface. Look, as you can see, I’m getting foams easily. Then I get angry again under the stove. I’ll cook it until the jam has the consistency. I’m taking it into a small ceiling to look at. I’m putting it in the freezer and cooling it down. Look, the consistency is darker. I’m getting my jam from the stove now. I cooked the jam for about 45-50 minutes. Since my own jam allows, you should adjust the cooking time. Look, you can see the cooled version, my jam is served. Ready for. It’s a very different and beautiful drink, and if you like to try different jams, i strongly recommend that you try it in this jam. I Make it easy for those who are coming. Enjoy it. I’m waiting for your likes and comments. For watching my video Thanks.


  1. Παρά πολύ ωραίο γλυκό μανταρίνι elifin!!! Με τον ίδιο τρόπο φτιάχνω το περγαμόντο ( γλυκό) .θα το φτιάξω τώρα που βγαίνουν τα μανταρίνια! με αγάπη και εκτίμηση!!!!

  2. Καλήμερα θα μας τρελανετε με τις υπέροχες συνταγές που μας δείχνετε σίγουρα θα τη φτιάξω γιατί τρελενομαι για μαρμελάδα μανταρίνι και πάντα την αγόραζα, τώρα θα τη φτιάξω συγχαρητήρια μπράβο σας

  3. Ellerinize sağlık 😋 nacizane bir tavsiyem olacak reçel yaparken tahta kaşık kullanmamak gerekir çünkü içine koku girebiliyor reçelin.💕💕🍃

  4. Allah razı olsun sizden öğrendiğim reçelleri yaptım satıyorum çok tesekkür ederimmm yolunız açık olsun

  5. Elif hanım bugün sizin kanalınızla tanıştım çok beğendim abone oldum. Yanlız birşey sorabilirmiyim? Reçelin ağzını hiç kapatmadanmı pişirilir?

  6. Selam ellerine sağlık tariflerin çok güzel anlaşılır şekilde anlatıyorsunuz sağol yeni tariflerinde görüşürüz inşallah canım

  7. Τέλεια θα την κάνω με μανταρίνια από τόν κήπο μου ❤️❤️ Ευχαριστώ πολύ. Ανδριάνα ❤️

  8. Τι μεταφραση ειναι αυτη….αλλα ντ αλλον γραφετε….που να βγαλεις ακρη να κανεις την συνταγη…το διαβασατε πριν το δημοσιευσεται;

  9. Обожаю варенье из мандарин. Спасибо большое за рецепт!!!! 💞🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  10. Azerbaycandan selam olsun.Cox guzel olmuw.Mandarınlerı 4e bolub etdım bende .cok guzel oldu.Tewekkur ederım sıze🤗👍

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