Marble Race: Marble League 2019 E5 – 5 Meter Sprint

Coming off the Crazy Cat’s Eyes’
redemptive victory, we move now into a classic event, the insanely fast 5-meter
Sprint. The Savage Speeders still hold the top
spot in the MarbleLympics standings, they can even be thrown them here inside of the resplendent Seven Seas
Stadium. Galactic, Green Ducks, Jungle Jumpers, who have the lead right now, is anybody
going to be able to catch him? Green Ducks, they take the lead. In fact, Jungle Jumpers falls all the way
back to 3rd place. And we’re being told it is a photo finish. Looks like a tie, Jungle Jumpers and
Team Galactic actually, for 2nd place. Ooh, we’re going to have to see the finish
line cam if we have it. Here we go. Ooh, that is awfully blurry. *chuckle* I think maybe Team Galactic
got it? Oh, that is so difficult to tell. 1 thousandth of a second! Team Galactic gets 2nd place and will
move on out of the first heat. Savage Speeders, Indigo Stars, Leading the way right now, Mellow Yellow
fights back. They’re going to take the win in the 5-
meter Sprint in Heat #2. Great start by Indigo Stars. But right about here is where they start to
lose out, they’re maybe bumping into the walls just a little bit too much. Meanwhile, Savage Speeders can’t get off
the walls. And they fall all the way back. Mellow Yellow made it to the final and
also very close to the overall MarbleLympics record as they’re a little
bit more in the tank for the final. Hazers, Raspberry Racers, O’Rangers, and
the Midnight Wisps. Midnight Wisps get out of the gate well. O’Rangers, big lead, Hazers on the far
side. Can they challenge them? It’s going to be
close! This will also be a photo finish. Great start for the O’Rangers. Raspberry Racers dead even with the
Hazers and all of a sudden, that speed starts to come on. Neck-and-neck across the line. We’re going to need that camera again,
and it will be the O’Rangers. 2 milliseconds is all. They will advance, great job. Just getting that victory. Heat 4 of 4: Crazy Cat’s Eyes, the
Thunderbolts, the Chocolatiers, and the Oceanics, Chocolatiers out to a
big lead. Oceanics trying to fight back, they can’t,
Crazy Cat’s Eyes on the top lane, they’re going to get the win! Or will they? Officially, this will be a photo finish,
another one. Look at how far behind Crazy Cat’s Eyes
are and then they start clawing it back. Keeping it off the walls as best they can. They… do not get the win! Wow, photo finishes for both 1st and 2nd
and 2nd and 3rd. 4 thousandths of a second. The Crazy Cat’s Eyes do not get the win. So there you see the bottom half of the
order 9th to 16th. Savage Speeders, dead last. Could the tables be turning? Slightly. Mellow Yellow, Chocolatiers, Team
Galactic, and the Hazers. Everybody pretty darn even, Hazers trying
to gain some ground, Mellow Yellow out in front and they’re going to advance! Yellow and Smoggy are both going to get
there. As it is the top 2 who make it to the final. Everybody all within a length of each
other at this point. A little bit of a challenge from Lane #2
there on the top side. Lane 1 comes across. Watching in Lane 4 as well, who did get
the win? They’re both enough it’s just for pride, and
it is Smoggy from the Hazers. Another race that came down to that third
decimal point. 1 one thousandth of a second. Semi-final B: Indigo Stars, O’Rangers, the
Green Ducks, and the Crazy Cat’s Eyes. [*gunshot*] Crazy Cat’s Eye, big lead, Green Ducks,
right with them though. Now Green Ducks take the lead, can they
hold on for 2nd? Yes, they can. Green Ducks are going to come across to
win this heat and advance to the final along with Crazy Cat’s Eyes. A great second half to that race and the
Green Ducks. Billy doing it; 6.107. 5 hundredths ahead of 2nd place. 5th to 8th. You see them up there, Indigo Stars,
Chocolatiers, Galactic, and the O’Rangers. But now, on to the final. The Green Ducks,
the Hazers, Crazy Cat’s Eyes, and Mellow Yellow. Mellow yellow with a slight lead. Crazy Cat’s Eye in Lane 3 bounding off the
walls trying to catch him. Now, Hazers with a big lurch. But it will be Mellow Yellow, keeping it
mellow for gold! They led start to finish, Crazy Cat’s Eyes
right with him and then watch the speed just scrub off, and it increased for the
Hazers. Down they come, and Crazy Cat’s Eyes are lucky to get a bronze out of that. Smoggy from the Hazers, 57 thousandths
behind the entire field separated by a tenth of a second. It’s exactly what you expect from the 5-
meter Sprint breathless from start to finish. 25 points for Mellow Yellow. The Hazers and the Crazy Cat’s Eyes are
rounding up the podium for receiving their medals. Congratulations to our competitors as we
look at the crowd still abuzz over everything. And with that finish, the Hazers are now
catapulted to the top spot of the MarbleLympics standings in front of the
Savage Speeders. Green Ducks in 3rd. Next up, the Relay Race. Until then, I’m Greg Woods. Be sure to subscribe for more and we’ll
see you next time. So long, everyone.

86 thoughts on “Marble Race: Marble League 2019 E5 – 5 Meter Sprint

  1. I’m disappointed in my savage speeders. I really thought they would do it this time. Poor performance from the speeders

  2. I’m a bit late but I had to watch from the beginning! Green Ducks are my team❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. You should definitely get a faster camera, it's just about the only thing stopping these videos from being legendary lmao.

  4. Green ducks is back baby!! Woot woot!!!
    Wait what? !!! Damn green ducks needs to work with their stamina.

  5. I don't watch sports… My husband is now very confused at my loud cheering and shouting at my cellphone.
    Heck, I'm confused!

  6. Another VERY disappointing racing event for the Savage Speeders – now I'm REALLY getting worried about our change in training philosophy. I know, I know, we can be stronger when we're more well rounded; and we've proven that in the start of these games, but they aren't called the SAVAGE SPEEDERS for nothing!!!

    Not losing faith though – it's about winning the MarbLympics, not just the races

  7. Savage speeders really don’t do well in sprints.. and what happen to limers? 😭😭 they are so good in sprints

  8. Is it sad, I have already watched this whole thing and yet I am still sitting here rooting for a team who will not win…They look so good.

  9. Damn. The production job is top notch. The atmosphere you transfer is amazing. The smooth animations, background noise, even an outdoor loudspeaker which you hear in the background, every team has it's own logo, I could tell so many more things. You do an absolutely fantastic job!

  10. Is there a posibble way to make a team in the marblelympics? Anyways why the minty maniacs did not participate? #MintCondition

  11. found roldo 1:16 the second group from left front row 3rd from the aisle (also Mellow Yellows are corporate shills just saying )

  12. I feel bad for the Oceanics. They're just putting on a terrible showing. Ah well. #QuackQuack, the Green Ducks will come out on top.

  13. My favorite teams in this season from most favorite to least

    Jungle jumpers
    Pinkies (theyre og ok)
    Team Galactic
    Midnight wisps
    Orangers (again theyre og)
    And Crazy Cat Eyes

    The ones i left out are the ones i dont rlly like c:

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