Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent

We are here with the Marmot Tungsten 2P tent.
This is an excellent tent for two campers or backpackers who are looking for a tent
that will be great both for just weekend trips at the campsite to backpacking to anything
else you can throw at it. This is a relatively light weight tent. It is a great value for
the price and it has got a lot of features that give a lot of interior space, a lot of
comfort inside and we will take a closer look. The pole design of this tent is really easy
to use and really smart. There’s innovations here that give you a lot of livability inside
the tent. And it is technically two poles. So there is your main poles for the main body
of the tent. These cross over each other. It is techni-cally a hubbed pole design so
it is considered one pole, but they are really easy to just compact down and for the small
pack size of this tent. There is also this brow pole right here. It is a different color.
And that just goes right on the ridge of this tent, so you get more livability, more space
above your head. So it makes these walls of the tent a lot more vertical. So instead of
a typical A-frame style, you have got more vertical walls and, hence, you have more livability. On the corners of these cross poles here you
have pre bent knees on the poles, which is something I don’t see in a lot of tents,
but it really creates a lot more space right above your head and down at your feet when
you are laying down or when you are in the tent. And, you know, if you have the traditional
style poles that cuts down on a lot of space in the corners of your tent and it is usually
kind of an unusable space. But with the design Marmot uses on these pre bent knees on the
poles, specific clip placement on each of the poles here, it really gives a lot more
space. These are high quality aluminum DAC poles.
So you get a lot of durability there. There are two doors and two vestibules with this
tent, so you have either two access points into the tent or I like to use one door as
kind of the back door, store all my gear there and then the front as the access point in
and out. But these are really big D shaped doors. You can see how wide that opens, really
easy in and out. And as I kind of sit in the tent, you can roll back this door with some
really easy toggles here. So if you want a lot of ventilation in and out, again, really
big D shaped doors and the peak height on the tent is really nice for the style of tent,
for a camping backpacking tent. You have got some interior pockets here to store gear.
You have a nice clip at the top. You can hang a light here or other gear that you want to
store inside the tent. But all in all the livability in here is really nice. You have got some privacy here with this kind
of taffeta material that comes up about half way and then you have a lot of really breathable
mesh in through the top so on hot summer days you have a lot of ventilation with this tent. I am putting the rain fly on and this is a
really durable completely waterproof seam taped rain fly. It is 68 D polyester material
so you do have a lot of durability there in that ma-terial and, like I said, fully seam
taped. It is a full coverage rain fly, which just means that all corners of the rain fly
come down around the tent down to the ground. So in a storm it could… you know, the wind
blowing if it is a bad storm, you are definitely covered there. Like I said before, you have two vestibules
and you do have a vent on one vestibule of this rain fly. And on the other side you don’t
have an extra vent, but you can definitely just pull the two way zipper on the rain fly
down a little bit from the top. You have a real-ly nice storm flap over top of the zipper
so water can’t get in. So if you are experiencing a light rain and you do need to just vent
the tent a little bit, you can pull that zipper down half way or just a little bit and have
a lot of breathability, a lot of ventilation in the tent. There are guide out points on this tent and
the tent doesn’t come with all of the necessary stakes and the guide out lines for every single
guide out point on this tent, but it definitely gives you enough to pitch the tent in a really
good way. Some of the guide out points here are actually
reflective. So if you are using your head-lamp to find your tent at night it is going to
reflect back to you. It is a really nice feature there. Orienting the rain fly is really easy. I find
that is one of the hardest things about setting up a tent is knowing which side goes where
when you finally put that rain fly on. But with Marmot you have color coded clips. So
on the front here this one just has green webbing on both sides of the clip for the
rain fly. The other side of the tent there are two little red webbing pieces. So all
you have to do once you have the body of the tent set up you get the rain fly and find
those two little red pieces and the two little red webbing loops and just connect those on
that side. So super easy set up. The doors here are also really easy to get
in and out of. I have this side of the vestibule kind of rolled back on this side. I can roll
this side back as well. You can do the same thing on the other side, so if you want a
lot of ventilation, a cross breeze in your tent, you can do that as well. With all of the features, the durable materials
and the full coverage protection and all those little details that Marmot has put into this
tent, you have got the perfect camping and backpacking tent for two campers all under
five pounds. It is the Marmot Tungsten 2P tent.

34 thoughts on “Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent

  1. Nice explanation of the design details and layout.  Would like to have seen the tent being pitched and/or broken down (even if just in time-lapse), as well as an image of the tent stowed for packing to get a sense of how big it'll be in your backpack.  Otherwise, keep up the great videos!

  2. Thanks so much for the info.  I have the Tungsten 3P and was a little confused about the rainfly and the third pole.  Thanks for clearing it up.  Love the vid and love the tent.

  3. such a great job showing the tent. Im going to pick one up today they have them at my local store. I would have liked to see how the tent looks packed down.

  4. You are a great spokesperson! I bought this tent last year for solo cycle touring. It's a bit on the heavy/bulky side for my needs, but I'm just about to head on a 4-month weather-variable European trip and the combination of durability, value and space makes it a pretty good choice. My dog tours with me and she certainly appreciates the extra space – keeps her off of my sleeping bag too! Will come back here after the 9 country tour and let you all know how she fared.

  5. Is there enough room to use a military style cot in this tent? I have an XL cot I want to use since I'm not too sure about sleeping on the ground. I won't be using this tent for backpacking yet, but for the campground.

  6. The rain fly sits fairly high on the side wall of the opposite of the vestibule. I am a little hesitant having that much tent wall exposed to the elements. Is it an issue with this tent?

  7. Also the floor seem sits really low to the floor. That also raises concerns for how waterproof the tent may be. Has there been any issues with either concern I have raised.

  8. Nice clear explanation of the tent features. Could you start showing an end or panoramic view of the tents you review? Images from only the longest side of the tents don't give a very good perspective of the actual tent volume.

  9. I did notice that the taffeta wall is mentioned as to give 'privacy'… But I highly suggest you explore this shape of inner walls, because of its ventilation/protection capability. As I mentioned in the Limelight tent video, it is a very convenient caracteristic of this tent model of Marmot.
    I highly suggest you take anvantange of that in more of your tents!
    On february and march I camped in a sultry summer camp in Brazil, and the breeze sleeping with my head to the short tafetta side did help!
    And now I just came from a trail where I slept in a windy peak, getting to 23F, and the wind didn't bother me when I was laying down in the higher side of the taffeta against the wind. Once again, thank you for your time!

  10. Hi
    why the marmont's tents have low levels of mm of rain on their fly and floor? i have seen some tents like ferrino that for the same price have 5000 mm on their fly and floor.
    i hope you can help me because i'm from the south of Chile and here rains a lot.
    (sorry for my english)

  11. Very nice, professional-level video review! Nice audio, great overlays, great information, well done! BTW: I just bought one of these from you guys!

  12. How does this compare durability wise to the Limelight? Also, how would this compare durability wise to the REI Half Dome 2 plus. I'll be bringing my 42lb dog; this will be used for camping and intro to backpacking. Thanks!

  13. Great job but in most of your vid's there is no finial pack out of the tent. I would like to see how big the tent is in it's carry bag.

  14. Thanks for this video! I'm a newbie and really looking forward to my first backpacking experience. Color coded clips is a great feature. Is this too heavy for a solo woman backpacking trip? Also, this tent looks amazing. It's on sale at several gear spots. Anyone know why it's so much cheaper than other Marmot tents? Is there something wrong with it? LOL

  15. Looks nice and I like the reflecting pieces for at night she was talking about. Making it easy to spot them. I hope one I ordered is liked as much as this

  16. A bit too expensive for 1500 mm waterproof rating. There are cheaper and lighter tents that offer better waterproof values (e.g. Vango Blade 200 – even if it sacrifices a bit of space, it's still better with its 5000 mm flysheet and only 2 kg/4.4 lbs)

  17. Why not showing the pockets in the tent?? when you go in a trip for several months pockets are one of the most important thing in the tent

  18. I think the cross bar goes over the main support poles.. I just bought this tent, used it once. it's great

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