Marshmello Helmet / Mask Turtorial Complete with Steps

How’s it going Youtube, today i’m going to be showing you how to make a marshmello mask out of, everyday household materials. So first of all you’re going to start with your tools Your main tools are going to be the saw, sanders and spray paint. Spray paint you’re going to need for the
outside you’re going to grab sealer as I just showed. So I provide for you some templates in the downloads as I’m cutting out right now. I have the eyes. You really need to cut one because you
can just copy over the other side. And there’s a new updated mouth template that i have also included on there since the first one didn’t fit on the sheet of
paper There’s a new one shown right there, so, After you have these cut, out, grab your bucket, and take your bucket, so this is just a 5 gallon bucket and you’re gonna measure out, on there going to measure out a centerline, and you’re going to take the tape around the bottom because we’re going to be cutting that bottom chunk off because it looks sloppy. So measure (I think it’s 10
inches down 10 between 10 and 10 1/2) and that’s where the tape is going to line up perfectly. It just so happened the masking tape is your line. and you’re gonna
make three parallel lines like that the The parallel lines going to be 3/8 from the center line you’re going to draw in either direction, and then you’re going to trace the eye which is about 3 1/2 by 4 tall. As shown there,
and then there’s about 2 1/4 Inches from the top of the
eye, to the top of the bucket. So then you can just trace the two eyes as shown right there now you’re going to trace the the mouth so basically just line up the
mouth, and i think it’s i don’t remember exactly, I think it’s 3/4 from the
bottom of the unit but you can see what looks best It’s not exact, so then cut the bucket with a saw very very easy just make sure you take your time and it line up. After the bucket is done being cut so that’s this is when you’re going to first be sanding the top part. since the marshmallow top is very smooth on the sides, your going to want to take off that rounded edge on the top. So, I took a metal cutter cuz it’s very sturdy, and I made some indentions in
there and I just cut around the outside. So it’s going to be pretty sloppy at first
so just get it cut and know that you’re going be sanding it later and also along with that that ring at the top and the text on the side it’s all going to be gone in the end. I would not try standing
it right away or using a knife because it will scratch the helmet which I messed up on the first one. So here’s a sander you may not have that sander, you just take your time with hand sander but, this is the one I used because it sped
up a lot but hand sanding works fine too. As you can see there’s the paint still
on there, and the top is very smooth now so that’s what you’re going to want to see. So your gonna want to get the top clear of all indentions. Alright so, you finish sanding, now is
the time to cut the eyes and the mouth so, you can do it with a knife there’s another tutorial on youtube with the guy does it with a knife its takes a long time and it’s hard on your hands
but I mean it’s very possible if you don’t have a dremel tool, but a dremel
tools what I used; i’ll show you a little later. But anyways I got the power
sander you can see to the left of me in my right hand. I’m going to be
standing the outsides, just got to smooth everything up because you’re gonna be
wearing on your head and you don’t like cut yourself with the rough paint. And you
just want the overall appearance look if you’re going to be taking the time to do
that so I did the combination knife blade and sanding to get it really smooth
along the top and along the bottom. As you can see here and then this is a this
is the time where I started taking away at the paint as you can see right there. and it’s gone. So i put the bottom of the bucket back on to kind of give it support when I was cutting the eyes, This is a good idea you can also cut the eyes before you take it apart. but then the sawings kind of hard. So as you can see i’m taking the dremel and I’m dremeling it out very carefully. I sped up like
twelve hundred percent or something like that just to speed it along and keep this video shorter. As you can see i’m taking off the eye and I’m kind of checking with other eye, you don’t have to be a hundred percent exact because you’re going to be sanding, but you want to be pretty straight on with what the
template is because the template images are pretty accurate. I took it from actual
picture scaled up and size to properly in photoshop. So now you want to be taking your sander and just standing around the cuts you just made to make them fairly smooth. they don’t need to be super smooth yet, because we haven’t even
started painting but you can either stand with your hand or you can take a dremel and throw a
sanding unit on there and sand around which I did which made a lot quicker but
you can also use sanding paper. I’d recommend 80 to like 120 grit for now. Lower the grit, harder the sandpaper is, higher the grit like 1000, that’s what you want to use your final thing. So here’s the final mask with no paint on it yet or no eye shields at all to give the black look. So now i’m going to be painting. So first layer you can really do any color, I just did white because I bought a bunch of white paint. Make sure you get it completely clean before you do it, As you can see here i’m standing off the paint first layer. I did five layers on this four white paint, and one for the gloss layer you see here. The gloss gives it a nice look and it’s also like a sealer so it won’t get bumped around when your music festivals or any other place like a party or something. Because obviously I’m gonna be
wearing this on halloween because it looks really good. So you can see the shine that you can see it start to take form there’s still a couple imperfections but those will be fixed in the end. So this is where you want, I bought some window screen. you’re only going to need about I guess 12 x 36 of
it, it’s not a lot i paid like $6 for that total. And you need a small
chunk I think I did one, so I did one layer right here so you hot glue it. But make sure you don’t get around the eyes because the hot glue will seap through the seams in the eyes and It’ll make it have a very bad appearance, and you just
cut around. I did one more layer of that and as you can see here I’m cutting like a see-through cloth. Make sure you get a see-through cloth you see through but that’s not like stretchy like morphsuits where you can’t see through them. This is overall is really good with the screen and also this. So one layer this and one layer of the screen works and also I think I did two. So here’s the foam. I just got like a foam
thing and just started like molding it to my head around the inside of it. Put the foam on. Scaled it it’s really like how big your head is. I have a very small head so, I used a bunch of foam at the top just make sure it sits nice. The hat thing I saw doesn’t work very well. But this stays on as you can see
i’m going to be shaking my head around right here. It stays on really nice and youcan jump around music festival and it’s actually really comfy. So thanks for watching guys, and I hope you have fun making your Marshmello masks.

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  1. [✖~✖] u won't be able to make it for Halloween cuz I'm getting galaxy s10 before Halloween so I won't be able to buy the materials..

  2. Hey up Mr. Tuttrup. Is there any way I could get you to make a marshmallow helmet for my kid ? Watched loads,tried loads and had fun trying but my efforts were nothing short of crap. I’ll pay you whatever I just want to stop throwing money up the chimney. Take care Squarebear. 💚☘️🙏🙏🙏 here”a hopin’. 🤞🤞🤞

  3. The hat didn't work for you? I think that would be a lot less hot than all that foam. Also dude, you're going to destroy your lungs if you don't wear a mask when spray painting.

  4. Got inspired so I created a video series on how to create a LED mello helmet. Check it out here:

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