Mass Flow Meters from Alicat

How can I receive accurate and detailed flow
measurements in the blink of an eye? Alicat’s Mass Flow Meters are some of the
world’s most efficient flow meters, delivering thorough results and the fastest flow measurements
possible. Alicat Flow Meters can measure mass flow,
volumetric flow, line pressure, and line temperature, all at the same time, giving you the most
informative readings possible for your process. With a 10 millisecond response time and no
warm-up required, your measurements are available with NIST-traceable accuracy almost instantaneously, saving you precious resources and time. Available for many different flow ranges and pressures, with portable devices available as well, Alicats are ready to fill in the needs of your process. Fast, accurate, and thorough flow measurements
for any of your processes. From Alicat, the fastest flow controller company
in the world.

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