Mastech MS6702 Digital Sound Level Meter Review

Hey guys, welcome to Meterics, today we’ll
be taking a look at the Mastech digital sound level meter, this is the MS6702 model to be
exact. So this is a type 2 sound level meter, meaning that is has both A and C weighting
frequencies on it. So I’m just going to quickly show you how to use it. And first thing we’re
going to do, that is after putting the batteries in at the back, which uses some standard triple
A batteries, is push the power button here. And in a matter of seconds, screen turns on
and we get to see there’s an analog bar up top, we have temperature readings here, relative
humidity and below it, the largest bar we can see. Here, these are the sound level recordings,
so we’ll quickly go though the buttons and see what they do. Here we have two yellow
buttons which are arrow keys up and down with the level. What they do, is they get you the
option to choose what range you would like from the spectrum from the bar up here. Right
now we have 40 to 90. If we push that we have 50 to 100, 60 to 110, 70 to 120, 80 to 130,
so just quite a number of ranges. You get to choose them using these arrow keys. If
you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s fine. You can just turn the meter off by pushing
that button and turn if on again and it automatically chooses a range for you. So you don’t need
to bother with those. Below those two, we have the back light key here, and push one
push, it provides green illuminating background, so it’s very bright and very easy to see in
the dark, and what this button does it also changes the measuring units for temperature,
whether you want Celsius or Fahrenheit. Right now we’re on Celsius, push that for about
two seconds and it changes to Fahrenheit and you do that again it changes back to Celsius.
So it’s pretty easy and that’s what it does, changes the units for the temperature. Then
we have a fast and slow button and what these do is they control the regulations of the
meter, right now we’re on fast, we can see there’s a fast indicator there. So the resolution
right now is 125 milliseconds, and if we push this, turns it over to slow and it slows it
down to a second. So that’s with just the resolution. I prefer having it on fast. Next
we have the A and C button, and what these do is they basically give you an option to
choose what frequency you would like to use. If we’re doing A, right now we can see we
have a little A over there, so we’re on the A frequency and then if you turn it to C we
get the C option. So that’s basically what that button does. The last button we have
is the max button, now what this does is, once pushed it will show the highest reading.
That’s it, you know the louder the sound goes, the higher it gets. That’s all you get from
the max button, and you push is again and you’re back to normal spontaneous random measurements
at the time. So that’s it, about our meter, to turn it off just push the power button
and it’s off. That’s all from Meterics, I hope to see you again next time.

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