Hi guys, today’s video is on a weight
loss detox drink to lose up to five kilos in three days (5kgs in 3 days). It’s a very powerful drink and will help you get rid of excess water, bloating and toxins, prevent
fat absorption and reduce weight by boosting your metabolism. It’s a 3 day
course and you need to follow few guidelines to get desired results. So
let’s get started. To make this weight-loss drink, we would need castor
oil. Castor oil is easily available at most of the pharmacies and retail stores.
This oil is rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, minerals and monounsaturated
fatty acids & antioxidants. It also has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and
antibacterial properties. Castor oil is known as a powerful laxative but do you
know that it also has ricinoleic acid which boosts your metabolism and works
towards weight loss. To make the drink, take one cup of warm water. Instead of
warm water you can also use green tea or ginger tea. I recently published a video
on how to make ginger tea and it’s video link is in the description box. I also
have a detailed video on green tea so make sure to watch both the videos to
make them right. Now add 1 tablespoon of castor oil and stir well. Drink it on an
empty stomach for 3 consecutive days. The drink works like a cleaning detergent
inside your stomach. It will clean your intestines, help get rid of toxins and
detox your body completely. This process also cures irregular periods, cholesterol
problems and hormonal issues. You might have to visit washroom a few times as
body would be going through a cleaning process. Few guidelines to follow to get
best results are : Use a good quality castor oil like a cold-pressed castor
oil. Do drink a lot of warm water green or black tea or green or black
coffee these 3 days as it will stimulate your body to burn more fat. Avoid eating
out plus don’t have refined sugar, meat, processed carbs, artificial sweeteners
and full-fat dairy including butter, ghee, full-fat milk, etc.
Rest of the day be on a healthy and clean diet
and eat foods like fresh fruits, vegetable salad, oatmeal, soup or khichdi
which is a salty porridge made with vegetables, lentils and rice all cooked
together. Try adding Himalayan Pink Salt instead of regular white salt. Do not have
chapatis (flatbread), bread etc. Use brown rice, oats buckwheat or quinoa to make porridge.
Don’t use white rice. This weight loss drink is not for pregnant and nursing mothers
or someone allergic to castor oil. Castor oil has conjugated linoleic acid which
causes breakdown and oxidation of fat especially stubborn belly fat. Following
this process for three days will slim down your belly, detox your liver and
eliminate extra water weight. I’ll also try coming up with a diet using this cleanse.
Do try this drink and share your comments, hit like, subscribe to my
channel if you still haven’t and I will see you soon with a new video till then
drink right to stay light… Bye Bye

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