Math Calculations & Conversions : Converting Pints to Gallons

Hi I’m Steve Jones and I’m going to show you
how to convert pints into gallons. Now we are all familiar with our one gallon is eight
pints so from that we can work out a table and the table covering one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight pints and of course in gallons, well one pint is .125 gallons,
two pints is a quart of a gallon or .25, three pints, .375, four pints is half a gallon,
.5 and so on so those are your decimals and obviously converting pints to gallons is as
simple as dividing by eight because one gallon as we said is eight pints. So let’s have a
look at that eighteen pints. We are obviously are very thirsty today so we are going to
have eighteen pints of milk and our milkman will have to deliver eighteen pints but how
many gallons? Well as I said eighteen pints, let’s divide it by eight and this will give
us immediately the amount in gallons. Well eighteen divided by eight, well we know two
eight’s are sixteen so it’s two and there is two pints left. Well we have already done
the calculating here, two pints is .25, .25 gallons so our 18 pints, gallons, 18 pints
turns into 2.25 gallons. Well this is a very straightforward way of converting our pints
into gallons if we wish to do so.

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