Matt presents the Itron Aquadis + Range of Water Meters

Hi guys. My name’s Matthew Rose and I’m from MWA Technology and I’m here today to talk to you about the Itron range of
water meters. They were a Rotary Piston water meter, made mainly for
the utility meter market. We supply them into fiscal metering applications and
also secondary metering applications. These meetings come in two types,
you’ve got a hot water meter version and you’ve got a cold meter version. The cold meter version is a composite, plastic body on a 15/20 mil sizes. Any size above 20 mil
will be brass bodied. On the heat side of things you only have a 15 and 20 mil
available and there both brass bodied. These meters are MID approved,
with an R ratio of 315. Very highly accurate meter, used by all the
water utility companies in the UK. The units come with different modules,
different communication modules available. You can have a wired M-Bus, you can have a pulsed output, you can have a wireless M-Bus. With that as well,
they’ve actually brought out an EquaScan module, which will allow you to read
the meters via radio frequency and that’s exactly the same on the hot side
of things and the good thing is with the communication modules for Itron is
they’re interchangeable between the meters and so if you have an Itron water
meter and you have an Itron gas meter the modules are interchangeable between
the two means it’s easier on-site when you install them and you don’t have to
worry about different modules for different types of meters and so ease of
use, plug and play technology. The face of the meter has a very easy to read dial
which allow you to directly read the meter but also has the capability of
giving a communication output whether that be Cyble, Pulse, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus, radio frequency. Also as you can see from the display, from the dial here.
There’s an MID stamp which proves the MID classification, but also the ‘R’ ratio, which is R315. A highly accurate utility meter. The rotary piston technology allows the meter to sit in any orientation whether it be horizontal vertically index facing down.
A lot of other meters on the market, especially MultiJet meters, can only be
putting the horizontal with the index facing up. One of the other key
advantages to the unit is the Cyble Pulse output, which doesn’t work like a
standard read switch, it’s actually an electronic pulse which
means that it will show leak detection it will show any back-flow that goes through the meter. As you can see, this the face of the meter it’s got the MID approval stamp, it’s also got the ‘R’ ratio down here. Along with a very easy read display and the inductive pulse unit
here. The actual bit that you can’t see is a Copper Can Register, which
is a lot different than a lot of meters on the marketplace at the moment which
actually stops any water ingressing into the index head which will stop failures
further down the line. And the meter also has the capability of spinning the index
which will mean that you can read the meter in any orientation so when you’re
actually putting the meter into pipe work that’s vertical with the index
facing down or in any orientation you can still read the meter. The index,
itself, is manufactured in such a way where you can actually use different
modules; different pulse, radio frequency, M-Bus modules, and they’re interchangeable throughout its life-cycle. So if you started with a pulse output you could
quite easily go and change it over to a wireless system if that’s what’s the
thing demand. The meter has the best function which is its windscreen wiper here. If
any condensation does find its way into the index of the meter you can wipe the
screen and it will allow you to read the index with no issues at all.
For more information on the Itron range of meters please speak to our expert sales
team or visit our website. Also we have an accredited CPD presentation on the
pitfalls of metering. If you’d like to learn more about rotary piston
technology, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for watching.

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