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Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV Concept: Why Not? The Ultimate Luxury Concept won’t hit assembly
in the near future, but in the long run, who knows?. Mercedes-Maybach managed to stir the waters
at last year’s Beijing Auto Show when they unveiled the Ultimate Luxury Concept. Basically a weird mix between an SUV and a
sedan, it was nothing more than a study, which the company had no intention of putting into
production. Remember that word, ‘had’, because it
seems that they might have changed their mind sometime during the past 12 months. Andreas Zygan, chief of SUV Development, gave
a disturbing answer when asked by AutoExpress if the Ultimate Luxury Concept could be greenlit:
“Why not?” “At the end, it is clear that it’s down
to demands of customers – such a car is driven by customer demand, and we need enough
numbers”, said Zygan. “We have a very intensive discussion about
this, but right now, in the near future, there won’t be such a concept.” We can only hope that the Mercedes exec’s
comments were simply overenthusiastic, and this will remain nothing more than a simple
rumor. The world doesn’t really need an SUV-sedan
with an exorbitant price tag, does it? Carscoops reached out to the automaker with
a couple of questions on the topic, although we have our doubts that they will either confirm
or deny this report. At least the show car didn’t lack on power,
but it didn’t follow the traditional Maybach way either. Thus, it had four electric motors with a combined
output of 739 hp (750 PS / 551 kW) and an 80 kWh battery that gave it an EPA-estimated
range of 200 miles (322 km), and 500 km (311 miles) in the NEDC cycle. The top speed was electronically limited at
155 mph (250 km/h).

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