Measurement Conversion: How to convert mixed units of measure – Measurement Chapter Sect. 1

Measurement Units Section 1: Converting
Mixed Measurement Many times you will see English units written in
combination with other English units. Let’s see what it takes to convert mixed
units like these. One of the reasons for converting mixed units is that the
arithmetic is easier. And here’s an example where we have a diagram given in
mixed units, feet and inches, and the question is what’s the overall length. Much
easier to convert these mixed units all into one unit of measure and whether you
convert them into equivalent inches and then add them all together or whether
you convert those mixed units all into feet equivalent measurements of feet and
add them up is going to make the task of finding overall length much easier. Here’s an example of converting mixed
units. We have four pounds five ounces and we want to find an equivalent all
pound measurement. While the four-pound portion is already in pounds
so no attention is needed for that however we need to convert the five
ounces into an equivalent pound measurement. We will take that value
express it as a fraction with the denominator of one. We’re going to
multiply it by one our conversion factor fraction where the arrangement of
those values equivalent values will be such that ounces are canceling out one
another and leaving us with a unit of pounds. When we’d look up the
relationship we find that 16 ounces is equivalent to one pound. The 16 ounces
goes in the denominator with the equivalent one-pound in the numerator.
There we have our fraction value equivalent to one. Multiplying then we
cancel out common values in the numerator and the denominator
multiplying numerator values next we get a five. Multiplying denominator values
we get a sixteen 5/16 to replace the fraction with a decimal equivalency
we end up with .3125 pounds. We now can take that equivalent to the
five ounces combine it with the four pounds to give us a final single unit
measurement that’s equivalent to the given of 4.3125 pounds. For additional
practice look in your text book on page eight.

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