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Well, it’s officially fall, which
means mother nature decided to take the thermostat just go BRRRRRRRTTTT [Brrrr] But luckily I have an Art Snack box to give me warm thoughts. Anyway, let’s open this guy up. Find out what’s inside. [Slice] And then make some art with it. [Click] [Box opens] ♪ Alright, let’s take a look inside our bubble wrap bag. [Gasps] These are like – We’re just gonna have to look at this first. I’ve always wanted one of these! So this is a Rendr sketchbook. They’re
sketchbooks made specifically for handling markers and having no show through on each of the pages. I have never tried one. [Paper wobbles] It has like a – It has a smell to it. I wonder if it has a coating to help with the no-show. If you don’t know what that means, here’s my regular sketchbook that I’ve been using. So if you use markers on one side of the page, on the other, it will show through and what’s special about these sketchbooks, is they’re not supposed to do that and they’re a little bit on the pricey end. I’m really excited. You can use with all media. All media! These
are one of those things that like I’ve always wanted but I could never justify myself buying. So [Giggles happily] Aw. Kind of smells like candy. [Laughs] It feels premium! [Laughs, deep inhale] Alright now on to the art supplies. Now that I’m done geeking out over the paper. Oh! It looks like we’re in a special… Inktober themed box since it is October. Inktober is a really fun challenge, if you want to try and draw everyday and practice your line work and try using inks in your drawings, if you don’t use them regularly and I like how they themed the little menu. to be a little spooky. This is the menu for all of the Art Snacks box items and then this menu is for all the items in the art snacks… Plus box, which one of them is that Rendr sketchbook. Let’s just look at the actual items. Oh we got some black ink. [Whistle] This is the abstract acrylic ink by Sennelier…? I think I’m saying that right. So you unscrew it, has a little eyedropper. That’s exciting. Next thing I see oh, this is a big boy. What is this thing? [Shake, shake] Take a closer look. I’m weirdly excited about this box. [Packaging crinkles] I haven’t even seen half the things in it. Oh, ah! There’s something in here. It has a little extra nib, I don’t know if that needs to be added to this. Wait a minute. [Beads rattling inside the marker] Is this empty? It is empty! [chuckles] So it’s
the Daler Rowney FW empty mixed-media paint marker. It’s a three to six millimeter round nib. To use it, we have to fill the barrel with ink, then you do the same old, you know, shaky-shaky, like you do with most paint markers and pump the nib. I’ve never seen the inside of a paint marker! This is actually really cool. I wonder if that’s how they always look. Oh and there’s like a – Hmm-mmm. I don’t know what any of this stuff is but very intriguing. Huh. Oh and there’s our little – OH! Little beads. If you were
ever interested about the anatomy of a paint marker. That’s actually really cool. So those go in there. [Beads drop in] It allows the paint and the wet media to shake about and then we have this little springy, coily doodle-da thing. Which goes in here. Oh wait. No, I think it goes this way. Like this, that way when you push on the nib, it pushes up on the nib, which pushes in on this, Which opens up this little slot and allows ink to pour down in there! Okay. Exciting That
was another one of the Art Snacks Plus exclusive items. [Bubble wrap bag rustling] We also have this snack for this month Art Snack. This is a good box! Let’s see if it can take it all the way home with the rest of the art supplies. [Gasps] Mmm! I’m like speechless. Okay. We have two Copic original markers. It looks like. They are square. Caps fit on here – Ah come back! [Mouth pop] One second. Alright, so we have two [Laughs] Copic original markers. They vary from the Copic Sketch and the Copic ciao in that I don’t believe they have brush nibs? So there’s a bullet nib on one end and a chisel nib on the other. My personal favorite is the Copic Sketch markers because they have that brush nib But they don’t have a cap that fits on the other end. So it’s like, Can we just have a marker that delivers on all ends? [Laughs] Although these don’t really fit, If I’m going to be completely honest. They just – Oh, oh! Nope and I got the color B00 or Boo! that seems appropriate. And then BV23, which is the color grayish lavender. So we have frost blue and greyish lavender. I don’t think I actually own those colors yet. If you don’t know Copic has a very large range of colors and
there are some enthusiasts that like to collect them all. I’m pretty happy with my current batch. I’m glad to see that’s neither of these overlap what I already own. but I should double-check about the Boo. Boo here, boo, boo, boo-boo. Oh, sweet! I don’t. These are the two closest I have. I have two Copic Sketch markers I have B000 and B01. Okay. Hehe, I don’t know, today’s going well! We have the (Art Snacks) sticker. It’s a little squashed. It’s very, very cute. It’s purple with a little white ghosties! I really like that one. We also have a pencil. The Generals semi-hex drawing pencil number 497 in 2H Very pencily and then lastly, da-da-dah. This very shiny metallic – It’s the Royal & langnickel, Zen series, 83 watercolor brush in the size round 4. Ooo. Smancy lookin’ I like the little chisel on the end. Kind of an interesting touch I’ve never seen before. I am very happy with this box. I don’t know how I’m gonna use all the supplies together because – so we’ll have to test that out. Make sure… You can put Copic markers on top of this ink, before we make a whole illustration. Here are all the art supplies inside the Art Snacks plus October box. I’m really excited about this. Kinda wanna go ahead and – I don’t know where to start, I’m so excited. I saw a lot of people drawing Medusa for their Inktober the other day and I kind of attempted to draw her in my own style or a character inspired by Medusa. I haven’t been following the Inktober prompt list. I just – I don’t know. None of the words really inspired me and I didn’t really feel like suffering through that [Laughs] So I’ve kind of just been drawing whatever. Oh wait, I totally forgot. This video is actually sponsored in part by Arts Snacks So if you’re interested in finding out any information about their subscription service, I will have a link in the description where you can check them out. I also have a special 10% off code for your first purchase of either the Art snacks or the Art Snacks Plus box, if you use the code “waffles”. I’ll have everything neatly listed in the description below. Anyway, [Crash] lets do the art. Clear some space so we can get a little messy. I don’t want to swatch in the Rendr sketchbook because I’m pretty sure these are expensive little puppies. So I guess I’ll just do it in my own sketchbook. You gotta love the ink quality of a Copic marker. Very nice. I like that they’re square It’s kind of funny. Try the ink. I’m a lil’ nervous about this. [Pop] Gonna start by just emptying the eyedropper and just drawing with it. Oh, it’s acrylic ink. ♪ Practicing my cursive! It looks a little thicker than India ink right off the bat. I still have a little India ink left in here. I should go wash that. Nah, it’s fine. I’m gonna try diluting it. I’m gonna add like one drop and two drops and three drops. Some water. Now, this is acrylic, So I’m gonna guess you don’t want to let it… Dry in here. It’s splattered all over the place. I usually add the water first. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m in love with this little… Floral palette thing too, by the way. I think I saw Kasey had one or something. I don’t know, I’ve seen them on YouTube a lot And I’ve just always wanted one and I’m finally using Inktober is an excuse to get it. Whoa, that’s significantly darker, but it probably will dry lighter and then we have our darkest It looks very similar. But again want to see how it dries. Okay. I like this brush a lot more. Let’s see if we can get some detail. There’s our lightest. There’s our mid-tone, our dark. Okay. I’m seeing some variation a lot better in that and then we have this guy, which I guess it depends what color we want. Do we want this to be solid black? So that we can fill in large areas with solid black or… Oo, I don’t know. [Laughs] Maybe I’ll wait and see how my drawings going and see what I’m looking for to fill in large areas. Like what specific color and then I’ll fill this with that tone that I want for my illustration. I’m going to start by – While waiting for the some of the ink to dry before I test the Copic markers on it. I’m going to go ahead and start sketching some ideas for what we might want to draw for a finished illustration. I mentioned
earlier I wanted to do like something Medusa. You try something kind of fluid. I don’t know, some kind of line of action. Somewhere. I picture Medusa being kind of… Curvy but not very fleshy. Does that make sense?, You know, kind of like a snake is very slender and squirmy looking. Be very sketchy with it Kind of try to find a composition that I like and then of course, we’re gonna need those snake’s coming off of her head. They can come in- I mean if they have their own muscles, they can probably be in any shape we want. We’ll have one of the arms coming up. Kind of like a snake like slithering. [Laughs] I don’t know. Going to try and make every element about her kind of slender for character design purposes. I want to have her like looking at the snake that’s giving her a little cheek hug. Okay, I want to try this again. It feels a little too flat and forced. I want it to be a bit softer. Let’s try and – I’m trying to make it look upwards. Which is kind of a difficult pose. So we got to bring the nose up and the mouth up and elongate the chin for that kind of forced perspective. Her hair’s – Her arms up here. Kind of similar pose to that but from a different angle. Oo, maybe it’s like slim fitting around the sleeves until the end and then it’s just a huge bell. Oh, maybe we’re going a little bit more modern. Give her a zipper. Kind of give it that snake-like appearance, even though she technically has legs. You won’t be able to see them and I’d like that to kind of look leathery. Well, snakes aren’t leathery. Are they? They’re more scaly. I wonder if there’s a way to make this look scaly. But then she’s gonna be looking like a mermaid won’t she That’s not really what I’m going for. What’s
the difference between snakes scales and fish scales? Probably their patterns? What if it’s got a slit in it? Oh because I don’t want to look like she has a tail. That’s not the kind I’m trying to draw. So if I have her leg coming out, Of a slit of some kind. I probably change up the pose for this. Kind of like that. It does break up the shape. Some kind of like snake shaped hands. There you go. Yeah, I need a softer pencil. I’m like screwing up my wrist! Feel like she needs some kind of belt. Kind of just hangin’ here. It kind of mimics the illusion of a snake too with these double buckles. I’ll have to figure out how to dress snakes along the way. I’m not committed to the bell sleeves, but I do like… The rest of her little outfit. I’m kind of digging her design. Just trying to draw snake here again. There we go, I am liking this one a lot better. I definitely learned a lot more about her character design and how I might want to… Approach that and I kind of want when I go into the sketchbook here. I want to go try and fill the entire page. So I should think of the shape of the paper when I’m designing this final pose. I’m gonna give her a bit more of a powerful… Looking down on you kind of stance. ♪ Hands on hips maybe. Maybe just cut the bell sleeves down a little. I like this one better. I feel like there’s just a lot more action going on. What if we try making your look down because looking up just doesn’t feel like it’s working. Go ahead and just draw outside of this, to kind of get a better idea of where the foot is going. Okay, I am digging this pose a little bit more. ♪ Haven’t finalized the face or anything but maybe this hand can be kind of like petting one of these snakes. Okay, something like this. Oh, I like this. It’s kind of cute. She has personality! I’ve got a dig that. [Laughs] Has an unrealistically high slit in her dress. I just want to practice drawing the snakes right before I go in and move to the sketchbook Probably
make sure they’re all kind of the same breed of Snake. What about the around the crown of the head? Where do we put – maybe just hide them. I’m actually excited about this. Okay, you know what? I haven’t done yet. I haven’t tested putting Copic markers on top of that. Hey It actually does kind of work. Huh, Nifty. I might have to hold on to this. Go ahead and just add a little bit of tone here. Just play around with how I might do it. Just figure out how they might look. her little finger-less gloves. Hate waiting for things to dry. Who’s with me? High five. Going in straight with the acrylic black ink. Oh look how beautiful that is. I can easily go overboard with this. Probably should use a little bit more white somewhere for contrast. I think I just went a little heavy on it with the tones. We should probably move into our sketchbook. Try not to spill anything. Got our supplies. Pencil, eraser, paint brush. Thumbnails are up there,. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Face. What’s important when you’re transferring the thumbnail to another piece of paper, is that you do it nice, quick, light. Make sure you don’t draw dark. and just try and make sure all the elements fit on the page. Can’t decide if I want her to be cute or not. Probably should just go cute ’cause that’s what I usually draw, isn’t it? If something doesn’t fit, you have to decide if you want it to be that way or not. I kind of think this is where I want everything. Feel like it’s fitting pretty nicely. Make sure you can see up the nostrils if she’s supposed to be looking up. That might help with the illusion. I like to draw this V shape around the crotch because it kind of helps me figure out where the legs go. Very, very helpful. I’ll get a reference when we get closer to it but this is how I kind of get the gist of the shape that I got. It was like a big bulge which is like the wide – I don’t know. I am seeing a problem where the head is really big. So I might have to just enlarge in the bottom half here. I wanted one coming down this way, where her hand would be kind of lightly petting it. I kind of like the swooshiness of the hair. I think I got that pretty good. Very spy looking shirt. [Pencil tapping] Yeah, I’m having that problem where the top half of the drawing’s a lot larger than the bottom half. I wonder if I just need to like stand up when I draw, so I can see from up here. It’s just a really big head. But I really like the way it was drawn. So guess I’m just gonna have to accept that. Nothing wrong with a big head. Maybe she just has a big head. Kinda like that small upper lip big bottom lip. Actually kind of looks like a tongue sticking out. Let’s give her a split tongue. Oh, ooo. ♪ Probably the snakes could be Blue on their underbellies. Ha, underbellies. Maybe around their heads too. Are they lighter near their heads? Their bodies. So then the snakes are kind of like blue. Kind of like that I can put marker on top of the ink. It’s not super obvious, but I like it. I like the way it looks and it brings a little bit of more attention towards the snakes because I do have a dip pen that I can use with this ink and I can get a little bit more control. Just because I am very sloppy with a brush. Let’s do that. Then I’ll let it dry. Then erase some of the pencil and then we’ll start adding in like our washes. Oh, wait, I don’t even know how to – [Pssh] I’m not ready. Wait a minute. I didn’t like finish this snake. [Laughs] Look at him! There we go. There we go, I like this better. See what a little reference can do? Crisscross pattern. And they get kind of bigger. This one doesn’t need too much detail ‘Cause
I think I want that one solid black in the background Just to give it some depth and
look like there’s more snake heads than I actually drew ♪ Some thing got lost. Some thing got lost in translation. Oh, that might be it. Never drawn a hand in this shape before. I’m not sure if it makes sense, but I really like it. So I’m gonna keep it. Alright, start at the top! I’m a little nervous because I kind of like the way the sketch looks. What is a sketch without line work? It’s Inktober after all. Ooo. [Gasps] I dipped this in too far! Dipped it in too far. Trying to absorb. [Laughs] Right at the beginning! If it was a little higher, it would have been exactly where it needed to be [Growls] Dumb dip pen! Don’t dip it in so far ♪ Gonna just try and enjoy this. [Phew, heh, he he he he] There’s like a little blob on the end of this. I’m kinda trying to make the… Change from skin to snakes a little bit more subtle. ♪ I could also continue the pattern down their forehead, a little Star Trek style. I keep gathering a little bit of paper. This paper doesn’t love my little nib here. Because it keeps grabbing the paper and I have to like clean it off, Or it draws really, really wide. Which isn’t really the look I’m going for. ♪ Now I’ll try to fix it when everything is dry. No! Not on the face. Why? Getting a little frustrated and it’s not even the art supply’s fault. It’s my fault. I mean it’s turning out better than if I was to use the paintbrush for the line work. ‘Cause I know [Laughs] For a fact, I would not be able to get it to look this small Hey! I don’t think I messed that one up. Yes! I’m very happy about that. So I think I’m gonna change up this sketch. Finished the top half! I think that’s
probably the part that’s gonna have taken the longest. ♪ Think i’ll use a paintbrush to fill in some of these. It’s just too large to filling with this nib. With the dip pen. Alright, let’s switch over to the paintbrush. It doesn’t really quite look like snakes. Kind of just looks like boxes. Okay, I think it’s all dry now. I can go in – Wait a minute. Where did this come from? What!? What was that!? Was that on my hand? [Long exhale] Everything’s going so well. I like the art supplies. I like what I’m drawing. Me. The problem is me! That’s what I’m confused about Inktober, It’s supposed to be like a daily thing, where you use inks, but if you use like actual inks they take forever to dry. Which makes each Inktober an all-day thing and some of us have lives! I don’t know how people do it. Well while the top half still has a little bit of wet bits. I can start working on this bottom half. So I wanted to use the markers, these ones. I’m gonna use the light blue for any light sections of the snakes and then I want to use this color for the dark section of the snakes. Actually, wait a minute. I think I wanted to color this in first. He have our paint brush. It looks like I used the lightest wash. Used this wash right here for skin. Oh, it dries so fast on this paper, wait! Wait for me. Okay. The color is way darker. Yikes, ew, it doesn’t even really work. Why is everything going downhill? Okay, it must be the paper. I should have swatched it on the paper. ‘Cause that’s my lightest wash and then this was supposed to be the darkest. Yeah, it is. That’s really hard to get a flat tone with this. Okay. I’m gonna have to add a lot more water. Well, this throws a wrench in my plans. At least it’s the legs. I don’t know, not something you’re gonna look at too much. Yeah, this paper seems to just grab it! Grab it! Oo and it also bleeds outwards a little. Well then. It’s funny how you can be having so much fun and then something so small, can make such a huge difference and ruin it for you. Look how much it like spreads. That was inside the thumb and now it’s like everywhere. Yeah, you can’t really get a flat even tone which is something I really like about inks is that you can do that. Kind of nervous about how the Copic markers are gonna act on this . That’s not really going to work. So I’m gonna go ahead and start using the marker and see what happens with that. Don’t do the same thing. Don’t do the same thing! It definitely looks significantly darker… Than it did – See that’s completely dry and it’s smudging. I tested it before. I wonder if it’s the paper Guess I should have used everything together. See how much lighter… That blue looks on the illo sketchbook compared to the Rendr sketchbook? It’s so much darker. What happens when you layer it up? Why is it smudging!? I tested this and it’s completely dry. There goes my good day. Well things were going well. Can’t forget the good times just because they’ve flipped on their side. I’m gonna be careful not to hit the lines anymore. because there’s something wrong with this paper. Yeah. Gotta love this guy. He’s always cooperating with me. That’s why I like digital art. One small mistake can’t ruin your whole drawing. Maybe that’s the lesson of Inkober. I don’t know. It’s not gonna stop me from making (traditional) art. Haha. Just do it in small sections ’cause it does seem to dry really fast! And I can’t get too close to the lines because then it bleeds outwards. Yeah, I don’t recommend inks… Like this in a Rendr sketchbook. Maybe you’re just not supposed to dilute them. You’re supposed to use them full blast at all times. I mean that could be – Probably turn out better. Getting lot better results now, kind of figuring it out. But it’s still – it’s not working the same way… It worked in the illo. So I should have swatched it in this sketchbook. It’s a good lesson to learn. Yeah, I definitely didn’t color over that zipper section and it just bled Interesting. Ah, look how much it’s bleeding down here. It just went Yeah, that’s, that’s sloppy. That, that’s really bad. Well, I won’t be doing the rest of Inktober in this sketchbook, but I do want to save it for marker stuff. Although it is kind of interesting the way the colors appear darker on it. It must be whatever… Chemical or material is being used so that… The markers don’t show through on to the other side. Okay, and the last thing I need to do. I think I do want to add just – Well, I don’t know. I don’t want to ruin it more. It’s kind of already betrayed me. I just have to use a white gel pen to clean up these darn edges. That’s gonna be kind of hard to blend that out. Because
the chisel nib and this paper absorbs stuff really good So I’m gonna have to just settle with… Interesting shape of blush like that. I think I wanna go around the eyes too. Make them look a little more mysterious and then I’m gonna use… Our grayish lavender. Oo, I like that name. To add some blue to our snakes. Don’t have to worry about smudging Copic marker! One of the great benefits. Yeah, markers are way more my thing [Laughs] I don’t understand. I tested them on my illo and everything acted completely different so. Lesson learned I guess. This is just some Dr. PH Martin… White India ink. I could probably add some like slime. Slime shine… To some of these Snakes. Oh, I need to add blue down – Whoa, look how much it bled right there. Yeah. Then the last thing I want to fill in the background black So I guess what we could try to do, Eyedropper some. One. Two. Five. Six. I don’t know, how much do you want? Hehe. Then make sure you put this in properly. The right way. Give it a good shake. [Shakes] [squeegee, squeegee] [Shakes] Now that I know how these work. I can kind of jiggle it. [Laughs] It’s kind of interesting knowing the inside workings… Of this marker. Well, we made it to the end! We have a little nib. Oh, yeah, that’s way easier than using that paintbrush. Think I’m gonna need to use a paintbrush for these sections up here. It’s a little tight. It doesn’t dry quite as smooth as I’d like, I wonder if I should go over it with another layer. Give it some time. I think I’m gonna let that dry. And then add a white border around it to make it stand out a little bit more. I had other plans but after seeing how these are interacting with it, I just – I decided to fill in the whole background solid black. Now I’m walking away from this a little bit frustrated, but I had a lot of fun up until a certain point. [Laughs] Then it felt like it all just like Urgh! I’ll pop
in and show you what it looks like after the white gel pen But for now, I do want to thank you guys for watching. I hope uh, it was a fun journey. [Laughs] I’m glad it’s over. I still really like this sketch right here. I think that one’s kind of cute. This one. See these are the colors I was expecting to have and these are the ones that I ended up with. See how much darker it is? It’s a little bit harder to work with. Yeah, I definitely do want to go in with the white gel pen and I’ll pop in and show you that Once it’s dry, but for now, I wanna thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week. I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! ♪

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    You inspire me to keep going and don’t give up! There’s always a way to fix it! God bless you Rin~??????

  23. when i thought the render sketch book said redrum and im just liek "well at least we're in the holiday season for that"

  24. I LOVE Crescent Rendr sketchbooks!!!! You can use markers, paint, SPRAY PAINT and nothing goes through. The smell is sweet indeed – it's a combination of the cover's material and the portion of the paper sandwiched inside (the bit that keeps it from bleeding). Freakin' amazing.

  25. Aw man. I loved the idea and sketch for this so much, but …. oof. The end result is still cute, but I would be so frustrated. I'd really love to see this snakey lady make another appearance later with, perhaps, more predictable drawing supplies 🙂

  26. Where do you get your sketch books?! I’ve been watching (and loving!) your videos for a while now and I’ve been wanting one but I can’t find one like it at any craft store!! ♡ ♡

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