Meet ‘Hulk’: The Giant 175lb Family Pit Bull | DOG DYNASTY

COMM: The pit bull terrier is renowned for its strength and power and at this kennel
in New Hampshire they breed them as protection dogs. MARLON: If he bit down on somebody’s arm with full power he would snap your arm like
a toothpick. COMM: But despite the breed’s often fearsome reputation, they show a softer side around
the house. KID: I want to get on Hulk. LISA: You want to get on? Alright. LISA: I don’t think its irresponsible at all for people to have pit bulls and their children, I mean they’re dogs just like any other dog and no matter what the breed it’s all completely
on how you raise them. MARLON: We do dogs for you know basic, from the average family person all the way up to high
profile celebrities, billionaires, doctors, lawyers, bankers… I do dogs for the police,
I do dogs for the Feds. We have all kinds of clientele. MARLON: Yeah, he bit his tongue. He bit his tongue. COMM: Dark Dynasty Canines International train the dogs to work under extreme conditions
– making them an elite breed, sought after for their temperament. MARLON: Realistically it’s testing who they are. It’s challenging them. We are constantly
going to throw challenges in front of them because creating that fearlessness is what
makes a good protection dog. JEFF: I’m gonna try to hijack this car and be sitting in the back seat. I’m running
away, he’s going to send a dog, the dog’s going to jump through the window and come
attack me, he is going to have a muzzle on, he is going to fight me. MARLON: Come out the car sir or we’ll send the dog. JEFF: I’m not coming out! MARLON: These dogs are absolutely fearless because they are trained to be one hundred
percent fearless. They fear nothing. And that’s the point, they know no defeat. COMM: Marlon’s prize dog is Hulk, a 17-month old pit bull who weighs in at 175lbs. He captured
the world’s attention earlier this year when a YouTube clip of him had over one million views
in a week. MARLON: The Hulk is probably top three biggest pit bulls in the world, not probably, is. Top three
biggest pit bulls in the world. No question, and he is the youngest by far and he is
the prettiest by far. MARLON: A dog like Hulk can cost you anywhere from $2500 to $25000. I have one of his sons
who possibly might be sold for $30,000 just based on who he is and what he does and who we are. MARLON: Come on buddy! MARLON: No, I would never consider selling Hulk, I’ve been offered $100,000, $250,000, $500,000.
You could throw ten million in front of me and I’d throw it right back at you. The dog
is priceless. Period. COMM: But despite the awesome power of Hulk and other dogs, three-year-old Jordan has grown up
with them within arms reach. LISA: I have no concerns about any of the dogs around my son. They are amazing family
dogs and with the training that they go through they are used to going against grown men, and
multiple grown men, and loud noises and they go through extensive training. So the little
things a kid might do to startle a regular dog isn’t going to phase ours at all. They’re amazing family dogs. MARLON: Well for the people that say their dogs just randomly flip out, they’re not paying
attention because that doesn’t actually happen. There’s something that’s going on throughout that dog’s life that is constant and he’s just got to a breaking point or something like that. COMM: And the family is proud of its reputation for producing some of the best protection
dogs in the business. MARLON: Good boy! MARLON: The main difference between us is the level of care that we put into these dogs
you know, we are dogs, we live and breathe this world every single day so the amount
of care that goes into it is like nothing else like nowhere else in the world. It’s
very, very, important what I’m doing…. most people don’t realise where they live.
I live out here in New Hampshire, there’s no crime out here I’m not worried about
that kind of stuff. But I’ve got clients in Granada, I’ve got clients in Africa I’ve
got clients in terrible, terrible places. They don’t don’t live in Candyland, they
live in fear. And why should somebody else live in fear when they don’t have to. So that’s
my job is to help alleviate fear from peoples lives by giving them a family member as well.

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  1. I have a pit bull that is the nicest dog you’ll meet there may be nicer like hulk but she is such a good dog

  2. Me: hulk sit!
    Hulk: what? You sit!
    Me: ok
    Hulk: that’s what I thought…
    Hulk: don’t worry I’m still sweet…
    Me: hmmmmm I’m sure

  3. I just got out of prison in April after doing 4 & 1/2 years and I had anxiety about being out in public … my parents and I went to the local shelter and I adopted a 2 year old xl red nose his name is Diego but he is great I don't have anxiety anymore and we have formed a huge bond ….. but what's up with getting a ddk going out here in cali

  4. if you feed a dog with body-builder's steroid and other proteins, that's what you get.
    For me this is animal cruelty.
    They don't deserve to be famous for a massive dog that was fed with all that crap.

  5. Hi Barcroft TV subscribers – please take a moment to look at this

  6. We have a friend who has a pitbull that is HUGE!!! Moose just may knock hulk off that world's largest pitbull. Moose chews right through the mesh on tractor tires like it's nothing.

  7. Pit bulls make up only 6% of the dog population, but they’re responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths since 1982, according to research compiled by Merritt Clifton, editor of Animals 24-7, an animal-news organization.
    For the 32 years they been recording, there has never been a year when pit bulls have accounted for less than half of all attacks. A CDC report on dog-bite fatalities from 1978 to 1998 confirms that pit bulls are responsible for more deaths than any other breed, but the CDC no longer collects breed-specific information.

  8. Чему вы радуетесь? Даже самая добрая собака может временно проявить агрессию, а тут челюсти как пресс, дождетесь однажды.

  9. Why is it that pit bull owners tend to have no higher education. People always talk about the way a dog's raised… I would argue that DNA also has an influence on a dog's behaviour

  10. Allowing a dog with this much power to be around small kids is like giving a loaded gun to a baby. They’re not gonna mean to hurt anybody but accidents happen.

  11. Child services should be sent to that house immediately to take that kid away. Unbelievable! How stupid can people be?

  12. i want one ! i have two huskies & one other pitbull & my dad raised them all for me with discipline & respect & they would never hurt me or anyone near them . i want a giant pitbull noww ! its so pretty 😍😭

  13. My pit bull brutus was just as big as this dog he got up to 170Ib but my vet kept telling me that I was overfeeding the dog and that he was going to have major hip and health problems once he got older so we put him on a diet and he's doing great at 15 years old, these people are feeding there dog waaaay to much food all that raw hamburger and powder protein is not a healthy diet for this animal in the long run.

  14. Can you bring the Bulldog yeah I want to see because I love although my address is that Belize please come down 108 West Street just by a reporter tell them the boss taxi front of water taxi ocean ferry

  15. Hiciera de sus perros están muy grandes y poderosos pero yo no voy a pedir una bebé para que pueda diciendo ciento te ataca no muerdas juega no ser agresivo con mi sobrino pequeño que se llama yo me llamo Sofía mi hermana se llama Paula mi hermano se llama Mateo pero va estar bien grandotes perro te lo voy a entrenar en la gris muerda voy a dejar estos Light señor

  16. This what you call a sh!t bull because this is not a Pit Bull!!! The Guy is using the Pit Bull name for money and lying to people who don't know better!!!

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