Meet The Man That Ran 100 Miles Out West

100 miles now that’s almost four marathons back to back how do you even prepare for something like that my name is Ryan cents I’m an ultra distance trail runner from South Africa and I’m gonna be heading to western states to run the hundred mile er there it’s a big thing to say you want to go back and and and win western states it’s the very first hundred mile er it’s the original race in 2012 or won every race they entered then I ran the best rest of my life at Western states 2012 western states and erm I’ll install the base and Ramallah I’ve had like this race just in feelings and stuff just the whole day just flowed really easily and I came sick and to be honest I thought I was gonna come back the next year and like one that I was I’ve got this and right at the first time I went was easy like Nick next year I’ve got it waxed and yeah things didn’t quite according to plan and 2013 actually I’ve passed up my ankle but two months out had to change plans and 2014 came came back here probably did like a bit too much racing I overcooked it a bit the race was a lot harder like I had much higher expectations and ended up finishing fifth and then I came back 2015 kind of on the back of glandular fever and could feel like I was about it like fall over so I just just said like no I can’t do this basically glandular fever head was like early stages of overtraining syndrome after spending a good six or seven years of running hundred miles now I know it’s it’s not not that easy it’s that kind of one goal I’ve really set my kind of mind to achieving and that I haven’t achieved I want to go there and win it but at the same time I just want to go out there and just have that ideal race again my grand training is has been really carefully planned to try and mimic the western states I suppose I’m also not getting any younger and the guys are getting faster so the challenge is getting even hotter best altitude I can get is is by being a top of Table Mountain which is just over a thousand meters so it’s not really ideal for for training so I’ve been doing some training on a white bike with altitude moss on my face conditions have cool down so doing some some heat training is been really key I spent a lot more time than normal at home in Cape Town I feel most comfortable when I’m running along the mountain and I can look down and see the ocean that just keeps me in a happy set in space and I’m close to my family [Music] having max was you know it’s been really liberating as an athlete because yeah he doesn’t really care about winning or losing or success what he will look back on one day is if I was a good father or not max just throws it all upside down and like the chaos is sometimes good because I don’t actually think about the race too much until you start running and there’s not a hell of a lot to think about with running you just got to try and get to the the finish line and kind of follow your gut like it’s simple I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself in the past which I think has affected my performances but being a father has given me a different perspective you can’t prepare how to % like this you can only give yourself the best chance a lot of guys kind of come and go and just seem quite quickly and maybe guys a thought off to my glandular fever and stuff that I’d kind of gone off the scene or not and I was done been doing this for a while now sir I think I know I know what I’m doing I know obviously there was a lot of hype before the race uh but Jim I guess I’m I’m just cruising on the radar you’re looking to be out there for anything from like ideally just under 15 hours but if things go badly you can be out there for as long as 30 hours [Applause] [Music] [Applause] if you look at a race acquiescence states the sports really progressed a little now when you’re kind of racing from the gun [Music] I wasn’t too too worried about Jim I realized that he was either gonna be something pretty magical or that’s gonna go up in flames I just got into a nice rhythm and was feeling really good and I thought our miles will kind of make up as much ground before it gets too hot but you ran through the canyons and something just brutal about you get these like hot pockets of air like to just come I don’t know when I can just suck it with it I mean every time I thought I was on top of the race it just came back with another like kind of punching in the face I need to get you something really quick 12 hours and 12 minutes elapsed and no runner through that means walmsley is blown up [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] in 2011 ultrarunning legend Bruce Fordyce wrote a message to me saying to a future western states chat you wrote that before I ever ran the race and he believed in me before I believe in myself if we’re sensation 2012 if I had won it I would have never gone back there again and I wouldn’t have had all the other experiences I heard around it [Music]

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  1. This is so weird my favourite sports are cycling and running and Mark Cavendish (professional cyclist) had a ankle injury and glandular fever and this year I broke my ankle and had glandular fever and now you who's pretty much a professional runner has glandular fever and an ankle injury!

  2. Your videos are very interesting, but I'm French and I would understand better if the videos were subtitled in English, please subtitled your videos in English and you will have many more views ??

  3. We've met and filmed some amazing runners in our time … this was an exceptional production about an exceptional runner – nice work 🙂

  4. Ah man…for the last few minutes all I could think about was how bad he must smell and cringing every time someone touched him lol

  5. I can't even imagining running 10k let alone 100 Miles

    Is beyond my understanding how anyone can do this

    Ultra marathons runners fascinate me there is just mind blowing

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