Membuat Aquascape Tanpa CO2, Filter dan Pupuk (30 L)

tank 16″ x 10″ x 12″ (8 gallons) dirt took it from my garden I use only the top soil dried under direct sunlight sifted with a strainer put it in the tank neatly add water stir it to remove bubbles clean the dirt on the glass I use mixed white and black sand as the top layer substrate with the ratio 3:1 this layer is important to seal the dirt I prefer to use inert sand with small grain this top layer should be at least 1.2″ (3 cm) to avoid leak I use this kind of stone as the hard scape this stone is also from my garden obviously we need to wash it first setting these stones as creative as possible I’m satisfied with the result fill the tank with water wait until the water becomes clear it’s clear already suck the water out leave as few water as possible planting start from the fore ground I use helanthium tenellum as the fore ground plant continue with the mid ground I use cryptocoryne wendtii to fill the gap between stones this small bolbitis are only for aestethic, they don’t help with filtering lastly, I plant the back ground fill the tank with water I use mix of RO dan tap water I want to keep some soft water fish also, the plants in this tank prefer slightly soft water that’s why I use RO mixed with tap water the water is crystal clear, probably that’s because of the RO water add floating plants to absorb the ammonia and nitrates we can’t put any fish in this tank yet I’ll wait until the plants were settled first may be it will take 4 weeks or more don’t forget to subscribe to follow the update thank you

100 thoughts on “Membuat Aquascape Tanpa CO2, Filter dan Pupuk (30 L)

  1. klo tanpa co2 tanpa pupuk mungkin masih bisa hidup tapi klo tanpa filter sangat di ragukan, paling tahan tanaman 1 minggu, seterusnya busuk dan airnya bau

  2. Man your video quality is so good, i was kinda suprised you were from indonesia haha (gw indonesia he)

    Its good that you present your content to a global audience, about time indonesians should do so

    And your english is also good so yea kudos man

  3. Mau nanya nih solusi untuk mndapatkn tanaman seperti itu bgaimana?
    Masalahnya disini tdak ada yang jual!
    Beli lewat online jasa pengirimannya hanya reguler!?
    Apakah ada benihnya??

  4. Gan gunanya isi air trus kuras lg sampe 1/4 knapa gan?dan kalo untuk menanam tanamannya harus konsisi becek2 bgitu ya?mohon info

  5. Hi, I have a 5 gallon tank. First time fish keeper with live plants. I set the tank yday but skipped the step where u let the water stand for 24hrs. Instead I added plants and started to cycle it without fish. Is it OK to drain the water tomorrow and replant?

  6. pengen bikin gini, tpi sering luar kota lama..takut gak keurus sama ikannya mati kalau gk dikasih makan :'(
    bisa gk ya bikin yg seakan jdi real gitu, jadi ada ikan,udang,siput jdi biar ada siklus alaminya..kalau tak tinggal lama n gak tak kasih makan ikan/tumbuhannya gk mati?

  7. I was wondering. If. Those. Garden rocks are safe for tropical. Aquarium. I have. A lot. In my yard always. Wanted. To try them

  8. Bang tumbuhan kan butuh cahaya dan CO2… kalau tanpa ikan.. CO2 dapat dari mana ya ? Dan berapa minimal daya lampu untuk tumbuhan dapat subur

  9. Mine also low budget aquascape too…i use river sands…thank God we were surrounded by beautiful nature…so i could use various type of aquatic plants…beautiful…

  10. Bro what a fish tank and thks for sharing with us but I see more end result after few days later and including various fish you like

  11. My pet store lady recommends you soak the rocks in water for 24 hours before adding them to the tank. Everything else is beautiful!!! (You technically did this with the water change but just saying for those who just want to throw a rock into an already established aquarium)

  12. Hey can u tell me which light u r using for 8 gallon and what should be its hight.. and what to consider before light selection for planted aquarium…

  13. Love your Aquarium styles.Im in Saint Augustine Fl,follow Green Aqua.Have you ever heard of Green Aqua?It started in Budapest ,and now some tank distributors sell there productes.

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