Meteor Alien Attack – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Motu my friend, have a look at my new invention, UFO telescoping gun. We can look at the space and attack the aliens before they attack us with the help of this telescope. We can stop them there before they come to the earth. Wow! This sounds amazing, big brother, show me. Big brother, I can see only the things on earth, I’m not able to see the space. Oh my brother, open the right eye through which you will see the space, close another one. Oh sorry. Wow! Dr. Jhatka, look the meteors are moving, are they not aliens? They are shaking. Hey Motu! What have you done? Get aside, get aside. The aliens on earth have attacked on us, we will have to give an answer to our enemies. We will have to attack those aliens on the planet, boys come on attack and destroy the target. May all medicines goes in your mouth, Motu! What have you done? Run away from here, the aliens have started attacking on us. Oh my lord! I haven’t seen the aliens attack in my twenty years of experience. Let them come, we aren’t afraid, see, I have this gun. Hey! What are you doing? People should learn how to invite troubles from you. Now let’s go from here, we can’t fight them. Aliens? Yes, we are aliens. Which Planet? Pumpkin Planet. Nice meeting you. Nice, meeting you. Motu, have these samosas fast, then you can fight with the meteors. Hey tea vendor, give me as much samosas as you have, give me all. What happened Motu Patlu? Why are you both so worried? Hey brother, who are you both looking for? Motu, get ready! The aliens are coming. Yes! I am ready. Single line formation. Ok! All guns. Patlu, they have guns, run, now the samosas won’t work. What troubles have you both brought? Target isn’t matching, move forward. Where to hide? Patlu, find out a place to hide fast. I’ve already found a place to hide. Look there, attack!! It seems like they went away. How come suddenly there is so much light? Patlu, please do something. Boxer brother, please save us. Hey! What happened? Why are you both running? Boxer brother, we will tell you later but please save us now. Don’t worry, nobody can harm you when I am here, tell me what happened? Boxer brother, look at those small round aliens coming towards us. My one punch of mine is enough for them, take this. Hey! What is this thing? From where did they come, behind you two. Boxer brother please give us a punch. What are you saying? Once you tell me to save you then you ask me to punch you. Decide at once what you want. Boxer brother, please punch us to save us. Ok as you wish, take this. Thank you Boxer brother. Oh my god! What is this? Why do you always come by air? There is a door in front. Chingam Sir, the meteor aliens have attacked us, please save us. Don’t worry, why fear when Chingam is here? Hera Pheri, come, let’s go. Remove your guns to shoot the aliens, fight. Chingam Sir, you are a canon, you are India’s hope. So many! Now there is no other way, we need to fight, how long will we run? Yes! We will fight, Hera Pheri attack!! Pheri Lal, attack! Chingam sir, attack! Oh my god! My order came back to me only. Patlu, my mind does not work on empty stomach, please think something. Idea! Chingam Sir, if they are firing, then, even you have a gun, fire when they come here. Yes! Even I have a gun, come here, it is impossible to escape Chingam’s trap. Chingam Sir, come fast, these aliens are dissolving in coconut water. Ok, I am coming. Chingam Sir, you have to break the coconut on their head. Retreat, let’s go back, we can’t fight with their weapons, run. Hey aliens, where are you all running away? Remember my name is Chingam. it is impossible to escape from Chingam’s trap.

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