Hola torros! Me number is Randy Santel
“Atlas” muy muy contento de esta aqui con me amigo Joe Burger
Challenge, Surprise! We made great time in driving from Lisbon, Portugal to Madrid
today after my challenge earlier but it is still dare 21 final day 21 I’m going
for win number 23 in Spain and Portugal plus we never really did a goodbye
challenge with Joe, we are back in Madrid, Spain we are at Kilometers De
Pizza, we’re taking on their Metro Pizza Challenge we each have a metre long
pizza we had to go with two gourmet specialty topping options, we’ve got
calamari over here and then a tex-mex here and then to be healthy he went with
all vegetarian but we’ve got one hour to finish, if we fail it’s going to be 60
euros but if we win we’ll get our pizza meals for free and we will get whatever
we want afterwards, drinks, dessert whatever appetizers for free so are you
ready I am more than ready all right let’s get this challenge started! By our friend Raina Huang has the record
for this challenge and it is just ridiculous, and there’s no way of beating
that and I’ve been eating very fast all of the previous challenges
especially the two in Portugal, so I am going to enjoy this one, you ready? I am
ready! All right let’s dominate we’ve got 100 dos tres going for overall win
number 649! We are Ocho minutes in or eight
minutes. Alright I’m 12 minutes and 15 seconds in
both of these pizzas are just amazing love the tex-mex, love the
calamari and basically squid on here is some cheese with in on this one,
there is cheese obviously then there are nacho chips there’s sour cream I think
there’s a couple different meats but it’s amazing, but gonna keep on going get
this pizza down, if I had to choose one definitely this is my favorite! We’re sixteen minutes in – Joe gotta start
from reading articles on whatever he’s doing
is not on their. I’m trying to keep the pizza warm,
to preserve the heat. I’ve just been notified that this is the first time of
this trip that I’ve been wrong but this is not cheese on the pizza, it is
basically a garlic mayo or garlic aioli but it is delicious
getting the rest now I’m gonna get the win! We’re twenty five and a half minutes in
one of the rules one of secret rules we didn’t know about but Joe did, they
allow you to reheat some of the pizza so they’ve taken some of his back to reheat
because it’s got a little bit cold and hard, but it’s gonna be back and while
he’s waiting and finishing the rest of his I’m gonna finish mine! Really enjoyed the choices that I went
with especially the tex-mex but my first time having squid or calamari on a pizza
it was amazing but Joe’s got plenty of time still let’s go Joe, dominate! I don’t even believe in myself.
oh my god that looks like the best pizza I’ve seen today! I wish I would’ve gotten that pizza,
Really? Yeah you should eat it! All right everybody it’s 42 minutes in
Mr. Joe Burger Challenge has decided to in this case, throw in the black napkin,
he’s not going to be able to finish I know we enjoyed at least half of the
pizza to ask him about the other half, we won’t do that, but I know I enjoyed mine
this is just one of the curses of doing challenges with me, but he’s actually
beaten this challenge before, but he lost this time, thank you to Mr. Joe
Burger Challenge and then our friend Sezar Blue, they did so much for us
these three weeks, and then the weeks before during all the planning and
everything. thanks again to Joe thanks to Sezar, thank you to you guys
for following all of the challenges that we did in Spain and Portugal, and we
appreciate all of our friends in Spain and Portugal supporting our channel but
here’s to you guys, the next video will be in the Czech
Republic Adios hasta luego!


  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! This was the final of 24 videos we filmed while traveling around Spain and Portugal with our friends Joe BurgerChallenge and Sezar Blue. Big thanks to them for all their help planning and executing this trip!! Wednesday's video will feature a burger challenge in the Czech Republic with our friend "Steel Rod" Radim!!

  2. Hi Randy ! BBig Fan from India. Here is my channel. Just started. Need support

  3. WARNING! What I'm about to say, may turn you off,specially on a food channel. If you are easily offended, don't read any further.

    You always see people comment about what happens when these guys go to the bathroom. Well, I am a big eater too. Last week I went to an all you can eat place. In one hour, I had more than 3 kilos (Nearly seven pounds) of meat and everything else. When I went to the bathroom afterwards, let's say I was lucky that the toilet didn't overflow when I was done and flushed it. It was a real possibility and I am not kidding. Be careful if you do this.

  4. Te extrañaremos :'v en el canal de Joe, suerte que me veo los videos asta al final y se que volverás <3 :v

  5. Epic video bro I smashed like button I'm huge fan can't wait to see next video this was awesome great job randy

  6. Hey, Randy! Lisboa is pronounced "Lis-bon" in Portuguese. Did nobody correct you the whole time you were over there? They let you go around saying Liz-bow-ah and OON for "one" in Spain rather than OO-no?" Shame on your hosts. Great job on the challenge, though!!

  7. 8:37 who's your real God then?! Jesus Christ is mine 'n He really I mean seriously wants to save u too. Actually He loves u so much amen. God Bless:D P.s. John 14:6 'n Acts 16:31 cause He's the only Way to Heaven indeed. Hallelujah! Maranatha in Jesus Christ name 'n in His Holy blood amen!

  8. Man congrats on the pizza but it really wasnt that big look good tho ill sub and see what else you can eat I'm a big fan of furious Pete Matt stone and Molly shumocker so could be your fan keep eating

  9. …sorry Randy.
    Joe burger challenge is a flop.
    Thank the lord its the final one with him.
    Lazy Bitch !
    Stay in Spain, Niggah !!!!!!.

    Sorry…that was the THUG in me

  10. A half meter of calamari pizza? Sign me up! I'm booking my flight to Madrid TODAY. I love calamari, I love pizza, so a calamari pizza must be awesome. One thing I noticed on their menu is that they make their dough in-house, and it has a 40% water content which makes it easier to digest and therefore healthier.

  11. OMG — I am man from around the World …….so many things wrong about this . Eating is Life , why take the piss on so many levels. ……..awesome dude. Greedy wankers for Fun . GYF . GYF. GYF. GYF > Fuck off

  12. Not sure if I have ever seen such amazing and delicious looking pizza anywhere like there. Man they look good

  13. if you ever come to chicago land, you should go to a place with a deep dish pizza challenge. id love to watch and learn which places have such a challenge lol.

  14. Randy is a real good guy. I like how he tries to speak the language of the locals. Great job dude! 👍🏼👍🏼

  15. congrats on the win! that looked awesome! as a vegetarian it is always awesome to see vegetarian options. no clue why anybody would put zucchini on a pizza. pretty clear the creator of that pizza is not a vegetarian ha. offering a vegetarian soggy zucchini is the equivalent of offering bath water to a non drinker at a party as a drink substitute. ha, sorry for the long rant. love the vids!

  16. I want to visit Europe so bad… I’m a 32 year old American and I love and appreciate all cultures. I’d love to be able to see Europe even one time.

  17. Randy I’ll bet you have to work out like a total beast to stay in shape lol. By the way your pizza with the calamari and Tex mex looked amazing!

  18. I should never watch these videos when I'm starving. Especially the big juicy steaks. Love your videos though. Power eating at its best!

  19. I challenge u go to the heart attack grill again and order all the menu and eat it all in one setting without timing .. that's the real challenge

  20. I love the way u start ur challenge and role ur cap before start…and ur smile i just so awesome..and ur way of talking is just incradibal..i love ur style…

  21. You killed it Randy I love this eatting show my it is my favorite keep it up. Btw I soo want the cute as hell bear. Love and support from Australia 😊

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