Meter Readers — Tips For Residential Customers (closed caption)

“It’s a jungle out here . . . and reading
your electric meter correctly is our way of making sure you pay the right amount for the
power you use. City Light is owned by you … we’re able
to keep our rates low because we’re publicly owned.
To keep power costs among the lowest in the U.S., we need to make sure everyone pays for
exactly what they use. That’s my job…to read your meter accurately.
But it’s not easy if we can’t get to your meter. I need
at least 4 feet of clearance around your meter, and
please, no dogs— no matter how friendly – so I can get my job done for you.

One thought on “Meter Readers — Tips For Residential Customers (closed caption)

  1. The title is misleading– it implies that this video contains tips for reading my meter. I was not looking for tips (2) on helping the meter reader do his job…

    So as to prevent the wasting of 54 seconds of everyone ELSE'S lives, the two "tips" presented are:
    1) maintain 3 ft of clearance in front of meters, and
    2) no dogs in front of your meter – no matter HOW friendly

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