Meter reading 101

As a Western Power customer, you’re used
to seeing us drop by and check your household meter.
But why do you receive a power bill from someone else, like Synergy?
Western Power reads the meter on behalf of the retailer – who processes your data
and sends you your bill. Our meter readers require access to your
property to undertake a reading. Some factors may stand in our way.
If we can’t access your property because of a locked gate… a dog…or other factors, we’ll leave a card explaining why. If we can’t reach your meter, no problem.
Your reading will be estimated based on your historical usage patterns.
Your retailer will then bill you on this estimation.
If you wish to be rebilled based on an actual read, please contact your retailer directly
to arrange it.
Our meter readers will continue to visit your property every two months to read
your meter. If you’d like to self-read and submit your
own meter reading online, or if you have any questions about your electricity or
meter reading, simply contact your retailer.

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