MIL-DTL-17 High Reliability (Hi-Rel) RF Cable Assemblies from Pasternack

obviously there are a lot of different
applications for high rel cables can you talk a little bit about it how you’re
going to build out the product line in terms of the different models and types
of cables and so forth we started with product that is already part of the Mil
DTL qpl product we added a series of six different coax types and they’re all
Mil DTL RG style cable these perform generally up to 12 gigahertz and
we have four basic connector types available there BNC type n SMA and TNC
in the next phase is what we’re going to do is we introduce high performance
cables that will take this further into maybe reaching up to 18 gigahertz and
the way we’re doing that is we’re adding a high performance low loss cable line
but these are not Mil DTL product so typically customers would require a set
of standards be met and also some operations such as thermal conditioning
to make sure that this cable is not going to change in performance over time
so we’ve added those criteria and we actually thermal cycle all of the coax
prior to assembly so the product line will continue to expand but right now we
have this offering of about nine different coax types and about six
different connector types

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