Another diss track has dropped and firstly, guys I want to say sorry. I want to say sorry because I have been doing a lot of reaction videos on here and I know obviously a lot of people don’t want to see them but the sad fact is a lot of people do and I do enjoy doing them So I promised you guys that soon I will be returning to regular content I’m not going to lie to you guys while it’s there I want to do it Sounded weird Today we have Wroetoshaw He’s dropped a video called KSI Exposed This is in retaliation to ‘Little Boy’ from JJ Now it’s Harry’s turn Harry obviously goes very savage and then JJ has replied with an equally savage tune and now it’s Harry’s turn to up the levels I don’t want to know I’m actually kind of scared about this Oh, here we go At least he gave the Parental Advisory warning Okay, and he apologised to his mum Everything in this video is straight facts I will be the judge of this Okay he’s gone back to his pyjama ways That guy, by the way, just to clear this up The guy behind the mask, by the way, Paris He’s the guy who like produced all the music Genius. He’s a genius Alright. Here we go. No? Oh he’s really letting us wait I mean, how long is this video? This video is 2:46 and he hasn’t even started. Alright Carry on His first line! Oh my God Bro Alright I’m going to be honest so far, right Harry’s going hard in terms of content The flow is questionable He talked about tongue twisters and nursery rhymes But this is That is a nursery rhyme It’s still good don’t get me wrong I mean I’m just a bystander right now I went to the same school I ain’t saying anything I ain’t calling anyone posh Tell you what, Harry went hard with the video Like he’s got a full on green screen and everything And he’s also got a room full of this Like a room full of pictures Harry, good effort on the video Why is that a bad thing? I never went to Ibiza. I was not with them at this point I don’t know what they’re talking about I think I need to lie down this is honestly getting too much I’m back but I had a second to think about it and I’m back Mad You know what? I’ve actually heard this song and I don’t think it’s bad It’s that stupid boy you love and hate Always had our issues but then after we would fornicate Honestly this song is not bad It’s a very deep song But okay that’s a bit harsh Oh my god Oh my God Well I mean I mean it’s out there we might as well talk about it now, right? I mean, that is my name That is my Whatsapp I’m going to be honest with you guys I did fuck up at this point Obviously I have nothing against JJ But I did send this I know it says ‘Today’ That is a lie This was screen shotted on the day Yeah, I’m not going to lie I was kind of there Like ‘Oh, he doesn’t like the Sidemen’ You know? I admit, I fucked up And I apologise to JJ now so yeah I’m sorry I have no words Except for thanks for fucking baiting me out, Harry Anyway, carrying on with the video Oh my god His flow is like It’s like Going in and out of okay Is he going to end with a banger? Oh I was expecting a little bit more for you know, the last line Um, what? Guys, I don’t know what’s going on but I got involved accidentally Harry just asked me for the picture I sent it to him I’m sorry and that is… yeah That’s me done. I’m out of this My hands. They’re not clean But I’m wiping them clean, okay? I don’t know, JJ will probably send for me now I don’t know but I’m not reacting I fucked up Whatever I mean, that’s it. That was a lot of information to take in I think I’m going to go have a nap And just think about what has been said I’m out. I’m out That’s me done I’m out of the rap game Forever. Peace Although, Deji might reply to me so I’ll probably react to that too But, peace


  1. Your a liar simon you went to ibiza bc ethan uploaded a video called we are in ibiza and you slept on the couch with ethan and you guys had a certain way to tell who got which room so youre a liar

  2. Anyone else think his name was miniMETER for the longest time until they actually read the channel name…

    No just me ok <3

  3. 2:43 Simon Mate you sure you never went to Ibiza? What about the video on YOUR Chanell “Sidemen in Ibiza”

  4. Who is watching this in 2019 summer and still thinks, why simon sayd that hes the one sending the pic to harry about jj cum cuz i didnt even realize

  5. Here’s the thing Harry doesn’t give a shut whether it’s good or not because he is just trolling and messing 😂. Ksi is proper thinking tho😂

  6. Simon in this vid: that’s harsh
    Simon in sidemen karaoke diss tracks: singing along and laughing the whole time

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