Minute Flow Tip: NIST Flow Meter & Controller Calibration Standards

(techno music) – Hi, I’m Jim Oswald, and
I’m Tech Support Supervisor for Sierra Instruments
in Monterrey, California. I’m just gonna answer
a few questions today about our line of scientific
controllers and meters called our 100 SmartTrak series. By the way, in the back here, are some examples of our 100 SmartTrak controllers and meters. We have a big one here,
we have some smaller ones. How reliable are our
calibrations, you might wonder? And why do we, at Sierra,
take it so seriously? Let me explain NIST a little bit, and why we’re so
confident in these meters. NIST is the National Institute
of Standards and Technology, and they have, in their
possession, all kinds of standards that everybody looks to, to measure. They have a clock that is
perfectly set up, atomically. They have gasses, they
have links and weights, and all those standard type measurements. And so when you want to
make sure your instrument is reading correctly, well, you
have to reference something. So we offer a calibration that’s traceable back to all of those primary devices. So you can be sure that
when you are measuring some kind of parameter, you
know that it is lined up with the National Institute
of Standards and Technology. I think this gives you
a lot of flexibility, a lot of accuracy. And if you have any questions, you can call us here
at Sierra Instruments, or you can contact us by email, and we’ll be glad to explain more to you. Thanks for listening in today. (techno music)

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