MISSING VOLUME – ENGLISH – Why does some volume disappear?

this is a strange experiment in which when
you mix two liquids its volume will increase. you will require water and isopropyl alcohol.
now fill a 25ml cylinder with 25ml ordinary tap water. you see its up to the mark 25ml
and then pour it in a transparent glass.once again pour a similar amount of 25ml of isopropyl
alcohol which is almost like spirit. take 25ml of alcohol, measure it exactly. you can
see that alcohol is filled till 25ml mark. and then pour this alcohol in glass containing
25ml of water. now stir the mixture of water and alcohol well. and then when you pour it
in a which has a capacity of 5oml. its a 50ml measuring cylinder. pour the contents of the
glass in this cylinder and you will be surprised to find that the volume now decreases. it
is no more 50ml but it reduces and just become 47ml. where has the missing volume gone. this
is because water has an open structure like ice and the tails of the alcohol molecules
go and lodge in the water molecules.

2 thoughts on “MISSING VOLUME – ENGLISH – Why does some volume disappear?

  1. how do you calculate the volume loss?  and not just for a 1 to 1 ratio, add 23ml of ethanol to 100ml of water what is your new volume and thus density of the new solution??

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