MMS / Millimeter Scanner – Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the fourteenth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide. In this episode we’re covering the MMS, or
Millimetre Scanner. A futuristic optical gunsight that makes its
debut in Black Ops 2, the MMS is unique in that it offers a glimpse of enemies through
walls. In real-life, a similar technology does exist
in the form of full-body scanners, such as those employed at security checkpoints at
airports and other sensitive locations. They employ EHF radio waves to form a three
dimensional image of a subject, capable of seeing through thin materials such as clothing
to reveal contraband beneath. Quite some distance from Black Ops 2’s depiction,
with the small sight unit of the MMS emitting energy sufficient to penetrate multiple layers
of brick and concrete. In-game, the MMS is available for the Assault
Rifles, SMGs and the shotguns. As an optical option, you won’t be able to
use any other sights on your weapon – but beyond this, combining FMJ is forbidden as
well. This is presumably to limit your ability to
kill quickly through walls, and this will mean with the lower-penetration weapons such
as the Shotguns and SMGs you will be unlikely to kill an opponent through thicker cover. The attachment’s effects are twofold: as an
optic, the MMS behaves in a similar fashion to the reflex sight. The only real difference is that the MMS provides
a lower default zoom than the reflex, at just 1.1x magnification. This will preserve a larger portion of your
peripheral view while aiming, but may slightly harm your longer ranged ability. In addition, the larger viewfinder will leave
you vulnerable to EMP grenades, as the loss of your reticle might make it difficult to
aim. This is rectified with Hard Wired, although this occasional threat is perhaps not quite
enough to justify the perk’s selection. The second effect of the MMS is far more interesting:
a pulsing wave of energy will reveal stationary enemies when looking through the sight. Pulses occur every couple of seconds, and
will reach out up to 25 metres, giving you sight through cover thick or thin – including
obscurants such as smoke. Toss a smoke grenade into the fray and your
enemy will likely be left blind, leaving you all the time in the world to take aim at their
sillhouette. Not all enemies will be visible, however:
only stationary enemies will be detected, so you won’t be alerted to foes on the move. In addition, the Cold Blooded perk will render
your opponent invisible – so it’s wise to not trust the MMS entirely when clearing buildings. Still, any warm-blooded camper will light
up as clear as day, and you might catch a glimpse of a mobile enemy pausing to resupply. The Millimeter Scanner is an entirely usable
optic with the unique ability to see through walls – and while the latter trait is rarely
useful, it can sometimes divulge your enemy’s location and prevent your death as a result. The low zoom means it’s a great choice in
conjunction with the Adjustable Stock, as you can move swiftly while aiming, retain
much of your peripheral vision – and receive notice of stationary enemies lurking ahead. It’s also a natural pairing for weapons with
good wall-penetration ability: the assault rifles and KSG perhaps the best suited to
shooting through walls. It only really works within an aggressive
role, however – the low zoom means an alternative optic would be a better choice for a longer-ranged
role. The MMS is also arguably of lower utility
on the weapons with poor penetration characteristics, too: while knowing where an enemy lurks will
make your life easier, entering their domain to eliminate them still poses a certain risk. Still, it remains an interesting alternative
to the reflex sight, and has few downsides for a close-range build. Should your enemy lurk like a skeleton in
a closet: with the help of this x-ray vision… …you’ll fracture such brittle defence. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me for the next attachment guide, when
I’ll be covering Rapid Fire. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “MMS / Millimeter Scanner – Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide

  1. Not a very useful attachment in my opinion due to the fact that your missing out on so many other attachments which are much more useful

  2. The MMS is only good to spot people who are to lazy ( A.K.A. campers. ) to move. So, this attachment is an anti-camper tool.

  3. Yeah I noticed that after I build my class. I never liked the MMS and found out when you throw smoke and your teammate runs through it…you cant figure out the enemy from your teammate which resulted in me being kicked from team killing >.<

  4. I don't understand why you can't pair up fmj with just makes common sense..but I guess that's why treyarch won't implement it, waaaaaaay too much common sense.

  5. Actually the MMS could even see a moving enemy through a smoke grenade. The only time the MMS does not pick up a moving enemy is through a wall.

  6. It may also be because it actually zooms less then the iron sight, making it more difficult to hit…

  7. Because those stats are mostly bullshit. I suppose they include those stats to give a general indication of HOW the attachment affects a weapon, but the actual performance of the weapons and attachments are generally different from the in-game stats.

  8. Why blame it on Treyarch? IW started the whole thing. I mean, they're the cause behind people thinking FMJ actually increases bullet damage against enemies…

  9. That's incorrect. View kick is the visual movement of the gun, but that's only part of a weapon's recoil. Each gun also has a pre-programmed amount and direction of recoil that's independent of view-kick. While most guns DO tend to visually follow the programmed recoil, others do not. The Blops 1 AK-47 has a purely visual up-and-down view-kick, but the gun actually kicks up and to the right. I don't remember the exact terms, but Ahoy did a video on this subject during MW3.

  10. Okay, so i got the terms backwards: my bad. If you read my comment, I specifically said that I couldn't remember what the specific terms were 😛 Anyway, what I was trying to say is still technically true, but since what you said is also true, let's just forget I said anything 😉

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  12. Weird, because I feel like it cuts out a ton of recoil recoil on the scar and eliminates it on the m27

  13. I use this on the Type 25 with Extended Clip and QuickDraw since the Type 25 is more suited for short to medium range engagements, plus it looks awesome with gold camo.

  14. For My Dragunov SVU i usually use variable zoom, fast mags and laser and for my mp-7 i use fast mags , the MMS and laser

  15. To me, it feels like Black Ops 2 was the least strategic of all the CoD's.
    It's like the just want everyone to run around and shoot rather than actually have a plan.

  16. No of course… so how come i meat headglitchers every game and shooting throught cover takes like 10 shots? -_- if it ever goes throught it…

  17. This attachment is godlike on Hardcore gamemodes when paired with Smokes. By far my favorite attachment in-game (always at least one class build per set with it per class set for me) and I find it to be very under-rated/appreciated.

  18. can anyone give me a list of guns to put the mms on i already have it on the fal but im not tooo good with it

  19. I like how none of these comments are complaining about it yet everyone bitches about tf when this is way more OP… Ah, autistic ass CoD kids.

  20. A must if you have a set anti-camper build. Usually run my anti-camp build with this on an AR (I prefer an M27 or SCAR), the Grenade Launcher, and the Adjustable Stock. Flak Jacket or Lightweight, Scavenger (for throwables), and Engineer or Dead Silence, then I usually pack a frag grenade (useful for bouncing off doorways and scoring that easy kill) and an EMP grenade (works well with engineer, especially since they lose any electronic sights.

  21. Back when I played BO2 I used M27 and the MMS,paired with smoke. I was unstoppable but it was kinda op and unfair lol

  22. I still remember how everybody bitched over the target finder, but I've never seen everybody complain about the goddamned WALLHACK sight. I mean, yeah, you can't use FMJ with it, but it allows you to pre-aim around corners.

  23. It should've allowed you FMJ, but shouldve had a 1.0X zoom. That wouldve been a much better balance in my opinion. An anti camper sight, but not an all purpose one

  24. Oh my God. I was watching this and I just started up Black Ops 2, and you know when you start up you put on the sunglasses? Well, just as it did that, he said the punchline, and I swear it was like CSI:Miami.

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