Mom Shares How She Lost 113 Pounds

amazing sexy, Man alive In my opinion well Derek what what do you want to say or [what] can you tell [us] about your wife? She’s amazing. She’s worked very hard This [has] [definitely] been a huge journey and huge transformation as you guys can see and I’m just super proud of her everything she’s done and she continues to work hard she continues to just be an Influence really wherever she goes if you got around her for any bit of time you’d see that she begins to kind of infect you And you start beginning like you get kind of passionate about? Eating ride and living ride and doing those things so she’s she’s always been sexy to me, but she’s sexy now I love that because It’s so important that buy-in from everyone and what what I want to ask you now Is how you did it because this wasn’t about some overnight success story? Lost all this weight in one night. Which you know we tend to hear these stories, and you’re like No, I could never do [that] This was truly a journey And we have these mystery boxes over here as part of these these this tells your story about. How you [accomplished] your goal, right? Yes, it does So well you know for me. I lost 113 pounds and it comes with a lot [of] different ways So I get to lift this up So what we have on here is we have plates to represent the different times that I eat And I have all my clients eat this way so 7:00 a.m.. We have [9:00] a.m. We have 12 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.. And then lastly ending with another meal at 7:30 p.m. I eat five to six times a day you’re eating five times more often absolutely well Not bad five times more food just know this is about you’re not worried about your staying satisfied You’re eating healthy [meals] throughout the day Which is great? Everything’s healthy everything is a combination of a lean protein a good complex. Carbohydrate like a fruit or vegetable and healthy fats [I] cut out all the junk I cut out all the fake food all the crap I just cut it out and I eat real food. I don’t [dye] it. I don’t count calories. I didn’t starve myself skinny I focused on getting healthy. What is this other trick okay? So the next one? We have to shoes because Whether we like it or not if we’re gonna be healthy we gotta get our butt movin we got to get off the couch We got to put on our shoes We got to get moving It doesn’t mean we have [to] go and spend hours in the gym or be a crazy Workout king or queen what I did is I started walking [cuz] that’s all I could do at 247 pounds [I] could not even walk [up] the stairs [without] seeing stars so I just started walking And it was great because I could take my kids And it helped me break a really bad habit that I had had I Had this really bad habit of every night after [I’d] eat dinner We’d go get a milkshake, and I have milkshake and french fries, and [I] dip it and it was horrible So in order to break that habit I mean I craved it so more place and unhealthy habit with a healthy one exactly and then it creates a cycle of good health good Decisions right and [it] doesn’t require a massive. I didn’t want that stupid milkshake anymore It’s I’m [so] I’m so glad that you told people that and last but not least you have okay one last secret for us What is this? Oh? That’s my boys. I have three little boys and for me I used to I used to use them as my excuse as to why I would be Unhealthy as to why I didn’t have time to work out or time to eat healthy And I really fell into the mom rut [I] fell into the mom ray of eating eating their goldfish eating the macaroni doing quick easy foods And I gotta tell you if people want to lose weight if you want to lose weight [if] you want to get healthy stop Using your kids as an excuse if you have to just step out and say they’re not gonna be my excuse They’re gonna be my motivation cuz that’s what it was for me Before we close. I [think] this is an important Takeaway This isn’t just about the way you’ve transformed your physique the way you’ve transformed the way your family eats and lives this is about Illness and no longer having a diabetes saying goodbye I mean listen to this right that right there to me is what makes your story, so spectacular? I’m I’m not only so proud of you. I’m really excited because you can see Christina featured in people Magazine’s annual Half their size issue on stands this month. I want to give you [a] hug because you

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  1. The husband seems kind of overwhelmed and somewhat jealous now that he is not the hotter one in the relationship and he has to work harder to keep her rather than having to keep an obese wife with low self confidence, who will easily stay anyways.

  2. The only fault I can find here is the multiple meals she eats . It keeps your insulin levels continuously high , and insulin is the fat storage hormone . She is lucky she’s not insulin sensitive , or the weight would not have come off like that . Most overweight people are insulin resistant , or even type 2 diabetics .

  3. Eating 5 times a day is so so so so unhealthy. Spiking insulin too much. . If you look healthy on outside it doesn't mean you healthy on inside. Our body needs 4700mg of potassium. Our body need a break from eating. So fasting and doing keto is healthy. . Wait til she gets to fiftees this shit diet will never work anymore cause she would become insulin resistance from. Eating very 5 times a day.

  4. किसी को भी मल्टीलेवल मार्किटिंग कम्पनी में काम करना हो तो फ़ोन करें।
    एक फ़ोन आपकी जिंदगी बदल सकता हैं।


  5. We started Keto Dec 1st 2018 and have been doing weekly blogs on my channel, so far so good and my husband and I are losing weight and feeling good! Subscribed

  6. Omg I need to do this !!! Make it a habit for me !!!!! I can eat my biggest weakness is soda my mind just tells me I need a dr pepper with everything!!’

  7. So glad she said that. Stop using your kids as an excuse. If your not ready your not ready but dont blame it on the “I am too busy” you can make time if you want to make time and still be able to spend time with them. If you watch tv, if need be, thats your workout time. You have to make your health a priority!

  8. She is so cool and that's weird for me to say coz she is so hot but when you see where she came from its like i would like to be your friend. You know. She's cool

  9. Some parents mostly excuse of being fat bcoz of their children.being healthy plz dont say ur bc bcoz I had alot to do with my kids.thats laziness style

  10. Hi all !! Weight loss is really challenge for all of us Getting best diet is another fact to get fit Must check this out—>

  11. Hello, How are you doing? So, i have been struggling with my weight for so many years since i was about 13-14 years old, i'm 30 years old, so that can tell you i've been struggling for a long time. It's horrible because i was struggling as it is hard to lose weight. But my weight isn't from eating too much or anything like most people who are over weight, my weight is because of medication and i starved myself on and off from when i was about 15 until i was in my 20's i mean i don't even eat much i don't understand how i'm not 120 lbs honestly. Please help me! I don't know if it's my thyroid or if it's something else that could accommodate but i have been on so many diets, and weight loss programs even going to the gym it helps a little but still not much at least it doesn't seem like it is, I'm not sure what's going wrong. Please whatever you have for options i'm open minded and will try just about anything to lose weight. I'm not HUGE but i do need to lose weight to be healthy and i have lost about 50 lbs so far or maybe a little more, but my weight fluctuates so rapidly too i don't get it, but i still have some to go!

  12. To me, seems like Travis was very impressed with her advice (really great advice by the way) and the husband is feeling insecure b/c now his wife is HOT!!!!

  13. She is so inspiring and beautiful!!!!! I wish I could follow her but they didn't give her information 🤔🤔🤔

  14. I'm probably the only person to say this but I liked her better before, I think she had a softer and kinder looking face. Congratulations to her for losing the weight but I think she looks a bit too plastic in the after shot. She was more natural in the before shot. She looks way older than him in the after shots. It also looks like she had her boobs done as she was a lot smaller on top in the before shot.

  15. I love this girl the only thing that I worry about with this diet or this lifestyle change is how often she's eating if she's eating more often everytime you eat you spike your insulin response so the least often you eat is more healthier or more stable for your insulin? I've heard from dr. Burg on you tube

  16. She looks great, but the picture they use of her holding the pants….u can see that she gained some weight back…. if she stays at this weight she will be good….

  17. My new commitment and modus operandi, for 2019 and onwards…

    1. to Prioritize how I feel above every other thing!

    2. to always be moving closer to fully realizing all my greatest and healthiest desires.

    3. to become aware of, and to integrate ALL fragmentation and denial.

    4. to always be staying in alignment with self and the people I love.

    5. to act FAST on inspiration.

    6. to consistently practice being completely present.

    7. to become familiar with the sensation, the feeling of peace/rightness;

    the internal yes;

    the feel of expansiveness.

    8. to always be scanning for, and becoming aware of, all synchronicities; being in the flow.

    9. daily meditation/introspection.

    10. life long daily practice of flowing in the flow-state; realizing nothing in this universe is static.

    11. follow my joy.

  18. She looks fantastic, you know you have to do what is going to work for you. I started back in July doing Keto lifestyle ( and I never looked back ) I’ve lost over 40 pounds and losing still, I started walking every single day, I make it a goal to do at least 5 to 7 miles a day of walking. And I feel fantastic, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m not doing this for anybody else, I’m doing this for myself. You have to make yourself a priority.

  19. Then several months later her husband's like , "I want a divorce, I just love fat girls". LOL Jesus, I hope it doesn't happen that way but life's a bitch that way…LOL

  20. Doctors dont like healthy people because they can bill medicaid.Additionally, he was scared she told us how to take care of ourselves.

  21. I didn’t even realize I use my kids as an excuse… but I totally do. Wow, I needed to hear that . I need to start using them as my inspiration and motivation instead of the reason I’m overweight. Eye opening

  22. need help as i cant sleep without eating…any suggestion
    believe me i tried everything,but nothing is working,,anything to reduce my diet plz??

  23. Honestly I think calling her husband sexy on a show about weight loss is a little uncomfortable. The audience even seemed uncomfortable. I understood saying he's great and supportive but the sexy comment was a bot much in this forum

  24. The filibuster needs to be less on eating 5 meals a day because 70 percent will fail but eat the amount on that small plate when your hungry. The world said America is fat because of our portion size not because we eat three times a day or skip breakfast. That’s why fasting works also.

  25. What an amazing journey!! The love she and her husband share. He was so proud of her transformation!! He's a keeper. Supports her all the way! You could tell he was very proud of her accomplishments!!! Good interview, though the Doc could have let her speak without interruptions.

  26. I have 1 week eating healthy I also foumd out I am diabetic type 2 and it sucks but at the same time it motivated me to do something with my self

  27. Please stop cutting people off & making them feel rushed to talk faster…outputting i really wanted to hear her get into her experience.

  28. When I gained a lot of weight after having my son, my hubby wasn't supportive the way this woman's hubby is and that really destroyed me. I had insecurities I thought I never had, I wanted to lose weight all for the wrong reasons (to make him attracted to me again) and I pushed myself so hard I injured myself . Even tho I was losing the weight, 2 years of built stress was so bad because there was no real self love. I ended up have hypertension for those two years, I was always exhausted physically because mentally I was drained. But now I truly learnt to love myself, second bubs on the way and I am more prepared than ever. My hubby has learnt his mistake and is working on being a better hubby but at the end of the day, it's for for own health. Start with your mental health. 100% mindset, 80% diet, 20 fitness

  29. She's such a total fake. Fake hair, caked on makeup, fake eyelashes, fake teeth. She'd never be famous if she hadn't spent thousands of dollars creating this fake beautiful persona. I feel sorry for her husband. She's not the men he married, and I wonder how he really feels about her.

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